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  • 'Triumph Prosthetics for the People'

    'Triumph Prosthetics for the People'

    Peter Mammes

    NiROX PROJECTS at Arts on Main

    Peter Mammes’ investigation of the fluid nature of civilization, the underlying nature of how events really were and how circumstances would probably be perpetuated regardless of what we were meant to learn from history. An elaborate...

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  • 'Glimpse'


    Alastair Whitton

    Barnard Gallery

    Barnard Gallery, in conjunction with MOP6: Cape Town Photography, Film & New Media Biennale is pleased to present  'Glimpse', a solo exhibition of photographs by artist Alastair Whitton. Drawing on cultural  sources including...

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  • Photographer Thabiso Sekgala 1981-2014

    It was with great sadness that the staff at ArtThrob learnt of the death of the photographer Thabiso Sekgala.The Goodman Gallery has released this statement:It is with deep regret and sadness that we learn of the passing of Thabiso Sekgala...

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  • The Shelly Monster and Other Art Objects of Chris van Eeden

    The Shelly Monster and Other Art Objects of Chris van Eeden

    by Mitchell Messina Chris van Eeden

    Brundyn Plus

    Webster’s Online Dictionary defines 'open' as having no enclosing or confining barrier, accessible on all or nearly all sides. Urban Dictionary defines it as someone who is easy to fuck. I forgot the point I was trying to make with t...

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  • 'prints, drawings and a table'

    'prints, drawings and a table'

    Christian Nerf

    Warren Editions

    Warren Editions presents a body of work that investigates the cause and effect of intent. The intent being the technology of movement, prescribed actions abided by diligently. This procedure of making is recorded in a series of works execu...

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  • Brett Murray by Brett Murray (Jacana, 2014)

    The black and white poster for Brett Murray’s first solo exhibition ‘Satirical Sculptures’ in Johannesburg, held at the Market Theatre Gallery in 1989 and long a fixture on my bedroom walls afterwards: presented a sculptu...

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  • The uncanny distance of Kirsten Lilford and Sarah Biggs

    The uncanny distance of Kirsten Lilford and Sarah Biggs

    by Alice Gauntlet Kirsten Lilford & Sarah Biggs

    Salon 91

    The exhibition ‘Distance’, at Salon 91, showcases the works of two promising Cape Town artists, Kirsten Lilford and Sarah Biggs – both former UCT Michaelis graduates. On the opening night I was asked to review the show. T...

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