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18.04.00 Opportunities for Young South African Artists

The Royal Over Seas League Visual Arts Scholarship for 2000 enables a South African artist, up to the age of 35, to make two all-expenses-paid visits to the United Kingdom in 2000 and 2001.

Since South Africa rejoined the Commonwealth on becoming a democracy, South Africans have again become eligible to join the Royal Over Seas League and artists are again able to enter for the ROSL Arts awards which are made regularly to young visual artists and musicians. This year's travel scholarship offers an artist five weeks in Britain between July and December 2000. The prize consists of return airfares, studio and accommodation with full board for a month at Hospitalfield, a small estate outside Arbroath on the east coast of Scotland, a place of study for students from all over the world between July and December 2000. A cash award of 500 pounds and a week's accommodation in London or Edinburgh is given in addition to this.

Artists eligible for this award should be South African citizens, up to and including the age of 35 at 31 December, 2000 and currently resident in the country. They may work in oils or comparable media, water colour, drawing, mixed media, monoprint or semi-relief. Free-standing work, multiple edition prints and photographs are not accepted for the award. The winner of the scholarship and of similar scholarships offered in other Commonwealth countries, will participate in the ROSL Annual Exhibition 2001, a group exhibition at Over Seas House, London and Over Seas House, Edinburgh from June to September, 2001.

Submissions should take the form of slides of up to six works completed since January 1999, with a CV and statement. The closing date for submissions is May 6, 2000.

More information about the Royal Over Seas League can be found at and application forms from

18.04.00 FOTO' 2000 Photographic Competition

This is the final reminder to enter the 9th annual Photographic Competition - FOTO 2000. The competition, which prides itself on high standard and much prestige, is sponsored by the City of Tygerberg and is organised by the Arts Association of Bellville. A prize of R1000 will be awarded to the overall winner and prizes of R500 will be awarded in each of the following categories: Best Colour, Best Black and White, Best Photoseries and Best Photograph in the Open category.

All photographers, both amateur and professional, are welcome to participate. Entry forms for the competition are available at the Arts Association of Bellville and the closing date for entries is May 31 at 15:30. Judging will take place on June 1, 2000.

The prizewinners and the selected photographs will be on exhibition in the gallery from June 7 - June 29.

The Arts Association of Bellville, Library Centre, Carel van Aswegen Street, Bellville

Tel: (021) 918-2301

18.04.00 Erik Laubscher Karoo Art Workshop, Prince Albert

This workshop will be led by Erik Laubscher and is designed to extend experienced landscape artists working in oils or acrylics.

The landscape surrounding Prince Albert in the Karoo offers the artist an unsurpassed painting experience. Dramatic lighting effects and expansive vistas provide inspiring and challenging subject matter for all levels. The majestic Swartberg Pass with its unusual rock formations is a subject that is worthy of hours of study. The Karoo Art Workshops are organised by two Prince Albert artists, Christine Thomas and Elzane Steynberg, and provide a means for them to share their passion and knowledge of the area with other artists.

The workshop takes place from Monday May 22 to Thursday May 24.

Tel/Fax: (023) 541-1492
Cell: 083 463 7059

18.04.00 Call for Participation

This call for participation is addressed to visual artists, institutions, authors and other individuals in the fields of art, culture and sciences and public relevance.

A Virtual Memorial - - A Memorial Project against Forgetting and for Humanity by author and artist Agricola A de Cologne.

A counter point for the fast running and changing environment of the internet will be created, intending to provoke an (artistic) discussion about essential questions of human existence. Guilt and flight from responsibility are often enough reason for repressing problems; forgetting means elimination of being (and vice-versa); remembering offers the chance to for sort oneself out. Certainly one of the most persistent examples of this is the Holocaust, whether from the view of the victims, the culprits, the fellow travellers or the outsiders or the later born; not comparable in their dimension, but comparable in the consequence of human behaviors, with the genocide in Kosovo, civil war in Angola, Apartheid in South Africa and the situation of homeless people here and anywhere.

Forgetting and repressing are the basis of the publishing media and public meaning, the latest news becomes old and worthless while being published; human destiny is only relevant if the viewing figures are on the high, and only when connected with material profit. The heart of a computer is called memory. The mass of continuously incoming information and data are beyond the limits of the available capacities. Data has to be deleted. The dimensions may be small connected to the PC at home. But what about the coordinating points where the relevant decisions are made in matters of administration, sciences, politics or economy? Who is allowed to decide, what or who is worth saving, or what or who has to be changed or manipulated, or has to be deleted? What about all those people standing outside of that kind of responsibility?

This call is addressed to visual artists, who are invited to make an artistic statement on the subject by creating an object of art in form of a webpage, or to submit already existing projects or webpages related to the subject. In principle, all submitted homepages will be included in the project by installing links. Also, will function as a server and will be able to integrate homepages directly, already existing or created for the Memorial Project, with certain selection criteria applying. Sufficient saving capacity is available.

Authors from the fields of art, culture and sciences and persons of public relevance, are also invited to make statements on certain aspects of the subject, which will be stored in the TextObjects section. Institutions in the fields of art, culture, sciences and public relevance, are invited to cooperate, networking and support this initiative. Visitors to the website will be able to contribute and comment too. The website will be a forum for the exchange of information and associations intending to create an image or memorial inside the viewer or visitor. Furthermore, it is the author's intention to realize the project at a later stage in a real exhibition environment.

For more information email Agricola de Cologne at,/a>

18.04.00 Assistant Wanted

I am a professional photographer and also run a photo library (Ark Images) which has been running for the past 12 years. I am looking for someone who has initiative, can be assertive, who has a good speaking voice with good interpersonal skills and who can manage my diary. This person will be trained to run the digital photo library and the day to day duties of this business. If you feel you can be part of this business and have the following:

- An ability to deal with people at all levels on the phone. - Computer literacy on Mac and PC as well as a willingness to learn new packages. - Enjoy lots of filing and can work methodically and systematically. - Ability to assist with promotions and marketing. - Own car and drivers licence.

Tel: (021) 794-7571 to leave a message.

03.04.00 New Signatures and Kempton Park/Tembisa Competitions

Competition melt-down approaches with the Atelier well underway and the New Signatures and Kempton Park/Tembisa approaching rapidly. Both offer a fairly substantial purse, so it's well worth entering. Although perhaps premature, early announcements of impending competitions may provide enough warning to raise the general standards of these events.

Works for the Kempton Park/Tembisa competition can be submitted between June 6-8. They must have been produced within the last 12 months. The show opens on July 1 and offers R12 000 to the first prize winner, R 7 000 to the second prize winner and R 5 000 to the third prize winner. For more information, please contact Micha Birch on (011) 391-4007.

Closing dates for the Sasol New Signatures 2000 are Tuesday 18 or Wednesday 19 July between 10:00 and 16:00 at the Pretoria Art Museum, where the final show will take place. First prize is R10 000, followed by two Judges Awards of R5 000 each and a People's Choice Award of R2 000. You need to be at least 18, and you may only enter work if you have not had a solo exhibition. The final exhibition runs from July 26 until August 17. For further details, please phone Nandi Hilliard at the AVA (Pretoria) on (012) 346 3100.

21.03.00 Sculpture Competition

Do you want to pursue a career as a sculptor ? The AJAX Soccer Club is providing you with an open platform to be as creative as you can and make your name as a professional sculptor.

AJAX is a well known, international soccer company. They would like to comission a vibrant sculpture for the entrance of their Cape Town premises. The sculpture may be in any material and roughly life-size. The sculpture must be a representation of permanence. It can be abstract or figurative. The look is sleek and sophisticated - as befitting a soccer club of international standing.

Should your design be accepted, the exposure received would be invaluable to your career. The winning design will be awarded a R30 000 grant with which to make the piece. Any money left over after the cost of materials has been covered, will be the property of the artist.

Submit your designs to:
João Ferreira Fine Art
80 Hout Street, Cape Town, 8001
Tel: 4235403
Fax: 4232136

Designs must include prospective measurements and a brief explanation ( not more than a page long) that states :
1.) The concept behind the design
2.) Why it would be the best choice for AJAX

Please ensure that your personal details are included with your designs :
name, age, education, nationality and contact details

No more than three designs may be submitted by one artist.
The best drawing will be selected and its creator will be asked to make a model of it prior to building the actual sculpture.
Deadline for all entries is: 17 April 2000
Good Luck !

21.03.00 The FNB Vita Craft Now Millenium Awards National Exhibition
Reminder: Closing Date for Entries

The FNB Vita Craft Now Millennium Awards Exhibition opens at The African Window Gallery in Pretoria on Saturday, July 15 2000. This is the fourth FNB Vita National Craft Exhibition held in collaboration with the National Crafts Council of South Africa.

Craftspeople from all over South Africa are invited to submit works for this prestigious exhibition. Prizes totaling R 25 000 will be awarded.

The closing date for all entries by slide or photograph only is Friday, April 14th 2000.

The aim of both the regional and national FNB Vita Craft exhibitions is to build on our unique South African tradition and heritage and to promote public interest and appreciation in the various areas of the crafts.
The selectors are looking at encouraging the creation of works of fine craftsmanship and design across all major craft disciplines such as wood, metal, fibre, glass, recycled materials and more.

Craftspeople may enter up to three original works. The entry fee is R10 per item for NCCSA members and R15 per item for non-members. All works on exhibition will be for sale and may not have previously been entered into any other competition.

Remember, the closing date for photographs or slides is Friday, April 14 2000.

For information and entry forms, please contact Wendy Goldblatt on tel/fax (011) 728 3070 or e-mail

21.03.00 Art Academy for Carfax

Rumours of a potential art tuition/resource centre at Carfax have been circulating some for some time now. Billed as 'emerging', the centre is offering formal drawing classes hosted by Wits and UNISA graduate Robyn Sassen. She will aid students in mastering figure drawing from a live model; compositional skills; how to handle drapery and still life; and experimenting with diverse media, including an introduction to printmaking.

Classes will be small and tailor-made for individual needs. They are geared to cater for all age groups and are offered mornings, afternoons and evenings. The first course is scheduled to begin at the beginning of April. Past experiences at Carfax would indicate that potential students should liaise directly with Sassen, as the Carfax crew are notoriously difficult to get hold of, and rather disorganized.

Contact Robyn on 011 616 1019 (tele/fax) or email

14.03.00 Plastics People Exhibition

Plastics People are looking for artists in Cape Town to assist in the design of a three week educational exhibition at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. The focus of the exhibition is awareness of the harmful effects of plastic bags. The exhibition would coincide with phase one of a campaign to introduce canvas bags-for-life, launched by The Big Issue's existing distribution network. Media, environmental dignitories and other relevant parties will be invited to the Kirstenbosch exhibition to launch the larger campaign. The final aim of this many-tiered campaign is the elimination of plastic bags in South Africa. Plastics People are a non-profit, voluntary organisation. There will be no remuneration for this project, but participation will bring extensive media coverage and unlimited creative space.
Tel: 424-2655

14.03.00 Opportunities for artists

the S.A. Association of Arts in Pretoria secretary Nandi Hilliard has recently been promoted to the post of gallery manager after director Roena Griesel left at the end of June 1999. A decision was made not to appoint a new director. Hilliard has made a list of international residencies available to Artthrob readers. For more information you can contact her on (012) 346 3100.

1. Residency in collaboration with the Federal Chancellery, Vienna
Austria (3 months)
Disciplines : Photography, painting, graphic art (conceptual art)
Dates : Between September 2000 and June 2001
Deadline for applications : 30 April 2000

2. Residency in collaboration with the Philippe Charriol Foundation, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China (3 months)
Disciplines : Painting and Sculpture
Dates : Between September 2000 and June 2001
Deadline for applications : 30 April 2000

3. Residency at the Cimelice Castle, Czech Republic (2 months)
Disciplines : Visual Arts
Dates : August to September 2000
Deadline for applications : 30 April 2000

4. Residency at the Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland (3 months)
Disciplines : Painting, photography, video, mixed media, music (performers)
Dates : Between May and September 2001
Deadline for applications : 30 April 2000

5. Residency at Darat Al Funun Art Center, Amman, Jordan (one month)
Disciplines : Painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation
Dates : June or July 2000
Deadline for applications : 30 April 2000

6. Residency at the Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi, India (3 months)
Disciplines : Painting, sculpture, pottery and ceramics, photography
Dates : 1 January to 31 March 2001
Deadline for applications : 30 April 2000

7. Residency with the Cemeti Art Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (3 months)
Disciplines : Visual arts
Dates : Between July and October 2000
Deadline for applications : 30 April 2000

8. Residency at the Paa Ya Paa Arts Center, Nairobi, Kenya (3 months)
Disciplines : Visual arts
Datees : Between September 2000 and June 2001
Deadline for applications : 30 April 2000

9. Residency with Cooperations, Wiltz, Luxembourg (2 months)
Disciplines : Visual arts
Dates : September to October 2000
Deadline for applications : 30 April 2000

10. Residency at the European Ceramics Work Centre, 's-Hertogenbosch,
The Netherlands (3 months)
Disciplines : Fine art, design
Dates : October to December 2000
Deadline for applications : 1 April 2000

11. Residence at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam,
The Netherlands (12 months)
Disciplines : Painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video/film, computer, graphics.
Dates : January 2000 to December 2001
Deadline for applications : 1 April 2000

12. Residency at the Nordic Artists' Centre, Dale, Norway (3 months)
Disciplines : Visual arts, crafts, design
Dates : Between August 2000 and June 2001
Deadline for applications : 30 April 2000

13. Residency at the National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan (2 months)
Disciplines : Miniature painting, contemporary painting, printmaking, ceramics
Dates : February to March 2001
Deadline for applications : 30 April 2000

14. Residency in the framework of the Bienal de Cerveira project, Vila Nova de Cerveira,Portugal (2 months)
Disciplines : graphic art
Dates : Between March and June 2001
Deadline for applications : 30 April 2000

15. Residency at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand (3 months)
Disciplines : Painting, sculpture, printmaking and media arts
Dates : Between October 2000 and September 2001
Deadline for applications : 30 April 2000

16. Residencies at the Gasworks Artists' Studios in collaboration with the Institute of International Visual Arts, London, UK (4 Months)
Disciplines : Visual Arts
Dates : April to July 2001
Deadline for applications : 30 April 2000

17. Residency at the 18th Street Art Complex, Santa Monica, California, United States of America (2 months)
Disciplines : Painting
Dates : January to April 2001
Deadline : 30 April 2000


Craftsmen working in wire have become a familiar sight around Durban, producing with great skill a wide variety of useful and decorative items. In an attempt to elevate their craft and encourage more creative use of their material the NSA Shop is holding a WIRE COMPETITION. Inspired by a wonderful shoe made by Cephas Kachitigu out of chicken wire decorated with marbles, wire-workers have been asked to produce shoes and suitcases using wire as a component which any other material may be added. The entries will be exhibited on the mezzanine floor of the NSA SHOP and will be sold on behalf of the artists. Prizes of R250, R150 and R100 will be awarded for the three winning entries. The competition will be judged by Ingrid Shevlin of the Sunday Tribune and NSA Gallery curator, Storm Janse van Rensburg.

Entries must be handed in at the NSA Shop by 12 APRIL. For more information please contact Gloria or Gail on (031) 202-3686.

NSA Gallery
166 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, Durban 4001
Tel/ Fax: +27-31-202-2293

07.03.00 International Postgrad Art Residency Opportunity

Janwillem Schrofer and Gertrude Flentge of the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam are visiting South Africa to aquaint senior students and emerging artists with the Rijksakademie's programmes. The Rijksakademie combines in a unique way the special qualities of artist-in-residencies, research-centres and postgraduate institutes at the level of 'best international practice'. It accepts up to 15 new non-Dutch participants annually.

Their programme is of one or two years duration and will be of interest to young professional artists, or advanced students, who wish to work in a 'cutting edge' environment, both in terms of facilities and in terms of exposure to leading theorists and arts practitioners.

Consequently you are invited to attend a briefing in the main lecture theatre at the Michaelis School of Fine Art on Monday 13 March at 13.00. The briefing will be conducted by Dr Schrofer.

To book your place at this session, please contact Carmen Perez by fax on 021 424 2889 or by email to (no telephone calls please).

Gavin Younge
Michaelis School of Fine Art
University of Cape Town
Tel: 480 7118
Fax: 424 2889

01.03.00 MAGZ in Rosebank for art magazines

art/text, Art in America, ArtForum, Art Issues, Flash Art, ArtNews and others can all be found at this unassuming magazine, book and toy store in the Rosebank Mews. Focusing mainly on American publications (although art/text is based in Australia, it is published in Los Angeles), magazines are sold by weight unless marked. The most expensive purchase was the Art in America Annual (1998-1999) for R25. Considering a cover price of $15 (just less than R100), this is a paltry amount for an invaluable resource, even if a few months old! Run by die-hard art enthusiasts, MAGZ also specialises in art, design and architecture heavyweights like I-D. Speak to Pam or Joe and they'll put you on their list for personal information on your favourites.

Shop # U13, Rosebank Mews
Tel: (011) 447-4219

01.03.00 Art Historical tour to Italy with Friends of the Pretoria Art Museum
Preliminary date: 3rd week in March

Renaissance scholar Tim Mostert and Professor George Hoffmann (Department of Renaissance Studies (Literature), University of Boston) will be your personal guides on a whirlwind tour of Rome, Florence, Orvieto and Milan, organised by the Friends of the Pretoria Art Museum. Costs are still to be finalised, but interested parties should call Tim on (012) 361-4996 or 082 772 9645, or email for more information.

22.02.00 Annual Manuscript Exhibition 2000

The second annual Manuscript Exhibition takes place later this year and submissions are requested. The first such exhibition was shown at Carfax, Johannesburg in November 1999, and is now travelling to a number of venues round the country in 2000, including the Tatham Gallery in Pietermaritzburg, from April 6 - 30, and the NSA in Durban from May 7 - 12. There will be poetry readings and performances at the openings. Botsotso will also conduct Poetry Performance and Manuscript Making Workshops. Negotiations are currently underway with the Sandton Civic Gallery, the Grahamstown Festival and a gallery in Port Elizabeth. A catalogue is also being being produced.

What is a manuscript?

It can be:

  • A solo or a collective effort.
  • A journal, notes and graphics which either document, add to or run parallel to your life.
  • A combination of a fetish and the ordering of things.
  • An unpublished volume of poetry, collection of short stories, novel or documentary.
  • A thesis or other research
  • Your notes and any other gatherings in pictorial form or otherwise.

Applicants for the Manuscript Exhibition 2000 are required to supply the following information-

Physical address
Postal address
Home and work telephone numbers
Fax and e-mail details
Are you-
an artist? a writer? an academic? a researcher? Or other? (describe).

You must make a contribution of R100 to assist with admin costs on delivery of your work. Deadline for applications is June 30 and the exhibition takes place from September 9 - 23 at Boekehuis, 34 Fawley St, Melville, Johannesburg. There will be poetry and other performances taking place at the opening. A Poetry Performance workshop will be conducted by Botsotso on Saturday September 9 from 9am - 1pm.

For further information contact:
Anna Varney (co-ordinator)

22.02.00 1999 Business Day/ BASA Awards for Business and the Arts

If you sponsored the arts during 1999, you are eligible to enter the third Business Day/ BASA (Business and Arts South Africa) Awards for business and the arts. If you are an arts organisation, you can nominate your sponsor. The closing date for entries is February 29, 2000. These awards, jointly sponsored by Business Day and Business and Arts South Africa, recognise and encourage excellence and innovation in the field of business support for the arts. The awards are open to all companies sponsoring arts events, projects or organisations in South Africa and to all companies sponsoring arts events overseas.

The 1999 awards will relate to sponsorships made from January 1 - December 31 1999. This includes long-term or ongoing sponsorships current during that period. There are ten business awards in ten categories, each of equal value. In each case, a specially commissioned work of art will be given to the winning sponsor. Award categories are subject to change, but may include:

  • Best use of a commission of new art
  • First time sponsor
  • Long term development
  • Strategic sponsorship
  • Increasing access to the arts
  • International sponsorship
  • Single project
  • Sponsorship by a small business
  • Sponsorship in kind
  • Youth sponsorship

BASA will appoint an independent panel of judges, which will evaluate the success of each sponsorship in achieving the objectives of the sponsor and in bringing genuine benefits to the arts organisation. Factors such as location, access for marginalised groups such as the disabled, the size of the sponsoring company and the innovative nature of the sponsorship will be taken into account. All businesses that have sponsored any arts organisation, project or event, in any discipline or disciplines (visual and performing arts, music, theatre, dance, literature, poetry, festival, film etc.) are invited to enter for these awards. In cases where sponsorship has been shared, all sponsoring companies are eligible for nomination.

The nomination/entry form may be completed by the sponsoring company and/or the arts organisation, except in the Strategic Sponsorship category which must be completed by the business itself. A shortlist of nominations in each category will be published in April 2000, followed by the awards presentation and publication of a survey profiling corporate sponsorship of the arts in May. The closing date for entries is February 29, 2000.

Contact BASA (BASA) for more information and nomination/entry forms-
Tel: (011) 784 9994/5
Fax (011) 784 9996

22.02.00 Blackrock opens in Eastern Cape

After many setbacks, Blackrock, in Gonubie, is officially open. We originally planned Blackrock to be a College with set courses, but our ideas are now evolving into creating a holistic environment where artists can feed off working with each other in a relaxed informal environment. We still intend to run 'crit' sessions every week in which artists can bring their work to be discussed amongst their peers. We want to encourage an approach to art practice where people can learn from each other by being practically involved in making artwork. We are hoping that artists will be attracted to this region of South Africa for all of its exciting possibilities.

At present the studio prices will remain low as the studio, albeit complete, is of a basic nature. The accommodation facilities are yet to be built but there is very good camping space (with small ablution facilities) available which is included in the studio price for those who wish to stay on Blackrock premises. The fact that Blackrock wishes to keep its prices down is to the advantage of all serious artists who normally have to balance their free time with other work commitments. Those wishing to be involved should make use of this opportunity. Artists with initiative will realize the challenge of a limited environment and how this can affect the way they make their work. We are hoping to keep studio costs as low as possible and will also be awarding 1 free residence (for a period of 4 months) a year to a South African artist who is severely financially challenged.

The philosophy of Blackrock is one of self-development without all the normal Art School 'support systems'. This means that artists are encouraged to: work without supervision; to share their work process with other artists; to work with basic materials and tools; to develop a personal vision and to challenge their present work ethos. We have chosen the location for Blackrock with these ideas in mind. The natural beauty of the place is just one of the many good reasons. The more important reasons are related to its location- it is just far enough from the city centre to make an unnecessary trip too much of a bother and encourage staying at the workbench. This also presents interesting problems related to obtaining equipment, encouraging lateral and practical thinking for problem solving. To say it simply and briefly, Blackrock is for self-development and creation of honest artworks in an informal and supportive environment. It is a challenge and an opportunity to meet other artists from across the board. Blackrock can only cater for small groups at a time, our present limit is 14 artists and we intend to keep numbers low. Therefore booking is essential. There are a few house rules which pertain to personal space, equipment, residents' and personal safety which need to be adhered to.

We are at present making contact with galleries and art establishments in the area with the interest of creating a network for local and international artists. These include, Anne Bryant Art Gallery; Frontiers Art Gallery & Studio's; Thomas Art Consultants; EL College of Fine Art, PE Technikon, King George VI Art Gallery; Thossie Theron Gallery; Cyprus College of Art; PRESCAP (Preston Community Art Project) and several interested individuals.

To book a place, you need to obtain an application form and send it to us along with a one page CV with 4 photographs (colour-copied onto an A4 is acceptable) to reach us within two weeks of your intended stay. Generally speaking, first come first serve, so don't leave it to the last minute or you may find you can not be accommodated. Artists who are impoverished and wish to apply for the residency need to get a comprehensive portfolio with a written motivation to Blackrock before May 1, 2000 (residency is from June 1).

Our contact details, for application forms and prices of accommodation are:

Blackrock Art, PO Box 518, Gonubie, 5256, South Africa
Tel: 082 320-3201
Fax: 043 740-1894

22.02.00 September Song 2000

September Song, a celebration of modern creativity, will be incorporating into its activities this year an open exhibition and sale of original prints from July 5 - 23. This takes place at The Jersey Galleries, Osterley Park in England. It is a National Trust Property, consisting of six rooms which together offer a considerable area for displaying work. Set in 300 acres of Parkland in Isleworth, Middlesex, it is only10 minutes by car from Hammersmith or by the Piccadilly line tube. The Park is annually visited by over 300 000 people, and the house receives 30 000 visitors.

Artists are invited to submit work in any print medium and these may be editions. All work submitted will be retained for display in one of the six rooms for the duration of the exhibition. We will frame a selection of prints or exhibition and will notify you in writing if your work is going to be framed. Unframed prints will be accessible in bins or display areas.

Closing Date for entries is Friday March 31, 5pm. All work must be accompanied by an entry form. Each entrant may submit up to 5 prints at �15 per print. Proof of posting will not be accepted as proof of receipt. All work must be submitted unframed and prints should not exceed 420mm x 594mm. Work should be submitted in an acetate envelope or other transparent protective covering. The entry form must be visible at the back of each work. Prints may be delivered in person between 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Cheques made payable to refocus NOW Limited.

Only work accompanied with a SAE will be returned. Entries from overseas must be packed to survive transit and will be returned at the expense of the entrant by the same route as they arrived. The entrant should give an unframed selling price and commission on sales will be taken at 45%. The organisers will sell framed work at a modest extra charge but this will not affect the entrants' fee and commission will be restricted to the unframed price. When extra copies of a print are sold the organisers will take their commission and put the artist in touch with the buyer to arrange delivery and final payment.

Accepted entries may be reproduced in various publications reporting on September Song, which may also include the Internet, CD Rom and other electronic media. No copyright will be transferred to September Song in respect of displayed works. Entrants are expected to warrant that-

a) They own the entire copyright or that they have permission from the copyright owners for the uses.
b) If work is commissioned, it is submitted with the permission of the person who commissioned it.
c) All necessary model releases and clearance under the Copyright Act 1956 or the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 or otherwise have been obtained. The entrant undertakes to indemnify September Song Organisers in respect of any breach of the same.

The September Song organisers, and any venue showing the work, shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any entries. Entrants are strongly advised to check that their own insurance covers such eventualities.

To receive an entry form for the exhibition please send a SAE to-

September Song, Penthouse Suite Empire House, 175 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1V OTB
Tel: 020 7 231-9756
Fax: 020 7 232-0168




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