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No.32 April 2000
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Fernando Alvim

Fernando Alvim
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 3200

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Christopher Mew

Christopher Mew
Six Thousand Rand

Download a quicktime clip from the event (800K)

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Wilma Cruise

Wilma Cruise and Marcus Holmes

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Zwelethu Mthethwa

Foto Biennale Rotterdam 2000
View of works by Kendell Geers and Zwelethu Mthethwa

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Jo O'Connor

Jo O'Connor
Installation view of the show 'Muscle'

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This week's updates

LISTINGS CAPE TOWN: 'Cycle of Fives' at Greatmore Studios;Clare Menck at Harris Fine Art
PRETORIA: Paul Emmanuel at the Open Window
DURBAN: One week only - Andries Botha and Greg Streak at the NSA
REVIEWS JOBURG: Kathryn Smith reviews Norman Catherine
CAPE TOWN:Paul Edmunds on Jo O'Connor
NEWS: Emma Bedford previews the The Dakar Biennale of Contemporary African Art
FEEDBACK: Estelle Jacobs of the AVA takes ArtThrob to task

The Dakar Biennale of Contemporary African Art (DAK'ART 2000) is scheduled to open on May 5. With the sad demise of the Johannesburg Biennale, Dakar remains an important venue for contemporary art on the continent and one that is devoted almost exclusively to African art. This week, Emma Bedford, who will go to Dakar and report back for ArtThrob, gives a preview of the event.



Garth Erasmus and visiting Scots artist Susan Leask collaborate at Greatmore.


Read the book, see the show: Norman Catherine at the Goodman.


Boston and Johannesburg printmakers collaborate at the S.A. Association of Arts.


Greg Streak and Andries Botha collaborate on 'Divine' at the NSA


25.04.00Kathryn Smith reviews Norman Catherine and Paul Edmunds writes on Jo O'Connor.

18.04.00: Kathryn Smith considers 'Artichoke' and Sue Williamson revidews Tom Cullberg.

12.04.00Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees reportback from Kathryn Smith.


Don't miss this month's special Book Review Section.


All-expenses paid working visits to London for two young artists; a landscape workshop in the Karoo; a photographic competition to enter; a job opportunity - take your pick.


African American artist Colette Gaiter creates a website reflecting her first experiences of South Africa.


Andries Botha


Redeye goes online - and lists of great links


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