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Archive: Issue No. 40, December 2000

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Cape Town
12.12.00 The annual MCQP Costume Party
12.12.00 'Allsorts' at Bell-Roberts Contemporary
12.12.00 Boogie Lights 4
12.12.00 'The Container' at Rust-en-Vrede Art Gallery
05.12.00 Holland South Africa Line Project at the Cape Town Castle
05.12.00 Michaelis Student Show
28.11.00 'Cast', work in bronze at The Bronze Age Foundry
28.11.00 Broad selection of work at João Ferreira
28.11.00 Jeanetta Blignaut at DC Art
28.11.00 Cross Pollination at the Hänel
21.11.00 Steve McQueen at the Michaelis Gallery
21.11.00 'Transparency' at the Chelsea Gallery
14.11.00 The Caution Horses at Picto
14.11.00 The Maputo Corridor Photographic Exhibition
01.11.00 Hoerikwaggo- Images of Table Mountain at the SANG
17.10.00 'La Lumiére des Origines' at the SANG
12.09.00 Musuku: Golden Links with our Past at the National Gallery
12.12.00 New Acquisitions 200 at the US Art Gallery
Nieu Bethesda
28.11.00 Christine Dixie at The Ibis Art Centre

Kevin Brand

Kevin Brand
Witness (detail), 1998
Acoustic tiles, shellac, pigment


'Allsorts' at Bell-Roberts Contemporary

The Bell-Roberts is holding a group show over the festive season entitled 'Allsorts'. Work by Kevin Brand, Lize Hugo, Theo Kleynhans and Paul du Toit make up this rather odd collection.

Wednesday December 13 - January 7

Bell-Roberts Contemporary, 199 Loop Street, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 422-1100
Fax: (021) 423-3135


MCQP party pack
Collect 'em and try your hand at Black Jack

The annual MCQP Costume Party

It's that time of the year again, and this time around the theme for the party is 'Toy Box'. Cape Town's annual queer celebration provides opportunity for everyone to let their hair down and blow off all the steam which has accumulated since last year's 'Heavenly Bodies' event. Partygoers come in teams of two or more, dressed to the teeth in the most outrageous festive garb. The Mother City Queer Project mentions in their flyer "titillating toys, fabulous fairy tales, gay games and naughty nursery rhymes" which is all very much open to interpretation. Whatever the case you can certainly expect toy boys, boy's toys and goodies for the girls. The party will be replete with DJs such as Krushed and Sorted and DJ Ice music spanning genres from "Lollipop Lounge" to "Wendy House".

9pm - 7am, Saturday December 16, tickets cost R100 at Ticketweb or R120 at the door.

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The Good Hope Centre, Sir Lowry Road, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 426-5709

Boogie Lights

Collaborative wall lamps from sculptor Brett Murray and Bittercomix co-founder Conrad Botes

Boogie Lights 4

For the fourth time, conveniently just before Christmas, Cape Town artist Brett Murray and Conrad Botes of Bittercomix fame have teamed up to produce a series of wall lamps. Murray's familiar stained glass-like lamps combine with Botes' seemingly endless repertoire of angels, devils and various family members to create unique and affordable art for the walls. Remember, as they say, "Kontant is koning".

The opening party takes place at 7pm on Friday December 15, and the show closes on December 23.

The Bijou, Lower Main Road, Observatory
Tel: (021) 447-2492

Veronique Malherbe

Veronique Malherbe
'bandshoots' series

'The Container' at the Rust-en-Vrede Art Gallery

Under the rather general title of 'Container' a number of well known artists including Lien Botha, Lyn Smuts and C.J. Morkel are showing a selection of current work. Veronique Malherbe's contribution is a new image in her 'bandshoots' series, in which she directs photographs of imaginary bands, using this as a vehicle to explore shifts in cultural fashion. This one moves right up to date and is entitled Trance-fusion, satirizing, says the artist, the way in which spiritual symbols have been appropriated as fashion symbols.

The show runs from December 8 until December 21

Rust-en-Vrede Art Gallery, 10 Wellington Rd, Durbanville
Tel: (021) 976 4691
Gallery hours: Monday - Friday 08h00 - 16h00; Saturday 08h00 - 14h00

Steven Maqashela

Steven Maqashela
Photo credit: Leonard Shapiro

Holland South Africa Line Project at the Cape Town Castle

The Holland South Africa Line Project is an exchange programme between seven Dutch and seven South African artists. The first part of the programme took place Amsterdam in July and August this year when the South Africans stayed there and produced work which was shown together with that produced by the Dutch group during the same period. Currently, the Dutch artists are in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town producing work for the show which will take place here in Cape Town. The South African artists are Bridget Baker, Kevin Brand, Nadja Daehnke, Abrie Fourie, Isaac Nkosinathi Khanyile, Dorcas Mamabolo and Stephen Maqashela. Their Dutch counterparts are Tiong Ang, Paul Bogaers, Clea Daiber, Femke van Heerikhuizen, Judith Krebbekx, Jurgen Meekel and Sandra de Wolf.

December 20 - January 31

William Fehr Collection, Castle of Good Hope, Darling Street, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 469-1160 or 462-3751
Or email Jedithja de Groot, the co-ordinator of the project in the Netherlands or Mrs. Mirjam Asmal in Cape Town.

Martine Jackson

Martine Jackson
Beadwork piece

Michaelis Student Show

Being one of the country's top art schools, it is always worth a look at the annual student show to see just who the up-and-coming young stars are. Fourth-year, post-graduate and Masters' students will be exhibiting their work, and, for the first time this year, there is an accompanying catalogue which sells for a mere R30.

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Michaelis School of Fine Art, Hiddingh Campus, 31 - 37 Upper Orange Street, Cape Town
Tel/Fax: (021) 480-7114


Invitation image for 'Cast'

Work in bronze at The Bronze Age Foundry

'Cast' is a slightly unconventional exhibition of work in bronze by a group of young artists. The exhibition serves to launch a new exhibition space in the old manor house adjacent to the Bronze Age Foundry in Simonstown. Most of the artists on the show do not normally work in this traditional material and the exhibition intends to showcase a fresh engagement with the medium. The group includes both well-established artists and others who are widely regarded as up-and-coming. Kevin Brand, Julia Clark, Brendhan Dickerson, Paul Edmunds, Justine Mahoney, Brett Murray and Doreen Southwood from Cape Town will be joined by Ilse Pahl from Gauteng for the show.

December 16 - January 31

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Bronze Age Foundry, King George Way, Simonstown
Tel: (021) 786-1816
Fax: (021) 786-2237

Dorothee Kreutzfeldt

Dorothee Kreutzfeldt
From '26 Acts of Balance'

Broad selection of work at João Ferreira

João Ferreira is showing a collection of work by a variety of artists. Although some has been seen before, there is fresh work which will receive a first showing. Dorothee Kreutzfeldt has sent down some new paintings from Johannesburg, which will hang alongside work by William Kentridge, Stephen Inggs and Justin Anschütz.

The show opens on December 6 and will run until the end of February.

João Ferreira Fine Art, 80 Hout Street, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 423-5403 or 082 490-2977
Fax: (021) 423-2136

Jeanetta Blignaut

Invitation to Jeanetta Blignaut's new show

Jeanetta Blignaut at DC Art

Blignaut began her art education in Pretoria but completed both her undergraduate and Master's degrees at Stellenbosch, where she has since lectured in History of Art. Her exhibition is entitled 'Life Bound' and consists of an installation piece and a set of prints presented in book form. She explores the universal themes of love and life, but negotiates their seriousness with humour. She has exhibited in various group shows around the country, but this will be her first one-person outing.

Monday December 4 - January 13

DC Art, Riebeeck Square, Cape Town
Tel: 423-6939/ 082 679-0603
Fax: 422-1768

Cross Pollination

Karin Dando and Günther Obojkovits
Cross Pollination

Cross Pollination at the Hänel

'Cross Pollination' is a collaborative show between wife and husband Karin Dando and Günther Obojkovits. Although apparently very different, the exhibition reveals common threads in the work of these two who have produced the exhibition on their farm outside Tzaneen in the Northern Province. Obojkovits has made sculpture from found objects which he assembles and composes to produce new objects open to various interpretations. Dando has produced large black-and-white prints of farm workers. Obojkovits showed a body of work at the Hänel last year and Dando's work was last seen at the AVA, also last year.

December 10 - January 25

Hänel Gallery, 84 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 423-1406
Fax: (021) 423-5277
Gallery hours: Tuesday to Friday, 11am to 5pm; Saturday 10am to 2pm.

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen
Exodus 1992/97
Super8 colour film/ video transfer/ silent/ 1'05"

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen
Five Easy Pieces 1995
16mm b&w film/ video transfer/ silent/ 7'34"

Steve McQueen at the Michaelis Gallery

A visit to Cape Town by British Turner prizewinning artist Steve McQueen will provide a rare opportunity to local audiences to view McQueen's compelling video works. The programme over the three week exhibition period will include Dead Pan, Bear, Five Easy Pieces and Exodus.

In a catalogue essay, curator Tom Mulcaire writes, "Steve McQueen works primarily with flickering or moving images, which are shown in gallery or museum situations under very deliberate measured conditions. Projected to fill the walls of darkened spaces, these films are usually silent, or when they are accompanied by sound, the sound runs like a score. The floors are polished to reflection. There are no chairs.

"McQueen describes the specific perceptual conditions he imposes on the viewers of his work as an attempt to induce a 'kind of blanket effect in which you are very much involved with what is going on. You are a participant, not a passive viewer.'"

In Bear, first shown in this country on the 2nd Johannesburg Biennale, McQueen casts himself wrestling another protagonist. Both men are nude, and as the camera circles the jabbing, dancing combatants, the viewer is drawn directly into the conflict. Deadpan finds the artist standing with his back to a wooden house, one small window space on the wall behind him. The wall falls towards McQueen, the artist holds his ground. As we anticipate, the window space allows the wall to fall right over the artist, but somehow this advance knowledge does nothing to alleviate the tension. The action is repeated, filmed from a number of points of view. One finds oneself standing very still as the wall falls as if the slightest movement might endanger the artist ...

The exhibition opens on November 29 and closes December 22

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Michaelis Gallery, Hiddingh Campus, 31 - 37 Upper Orange Street, Cape Town
Tel/Fax: (021) 480-7114

June Te Water

June Te Water
'Mandala' Venus
Mixed media

'Transparency' at the Chelsea Gallery

This group show includes work by a fairly large collection of artists, some better known than others. The term 'transparency' here is taken in the broadest sense to mean clearness, lucidity, simplicity, intelligibility, honesty, translucency and obviousness. Participants are Hardy Botha, Lien Botha, Arabella Caccia, Jean Campbell, Gail Catlin, Tay Dall, Natasja de Wet, Alice Goldin, Margaret Gradwell, Erica Hibbert, David Koloane, Judith Mason, Judy Moolenschot, Michele Nigrini, Diana Page, William Parkin, Amy Schoeman, Jaco Sieberhagen, Eris Silke, Hugo Slabber, Lyn Smuts, June Te Water, Nico van Rensburg, Wiebke von Bismarck and Jane Young.

Tuesday November 28 - December 22

The Chelsea Art Gallery, 51 Waterloo Rd, Chelsea-Wynberg, Cape Town
Tel: ( 021) 761-6805
Fax: ( 021) 761-6805
Gallery hours: Tuesday to Friday: 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.; Saturday: 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Stan Engelbrecht

Stan Engelbrecht

The Caution Horses by Stan Engelbrecht

Stan Engelbrecht has recently returned from Namibia where he spent some time photographing the wild horses of the Namib Desert. Photographic shows have been rare of late. This one, held in a vacant garage, is sponsored by Picto.

Monday, November 20 - December 24

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105 Bree Street, Cape Town (opposite Riebeek St Parking)
Tel: 082 928-6586

Steve Hilton-Barber

Steve Hilton-Barber
Maputo Muscle
colour photograph

The Maputo Corridor Photographic Exhibition

The National Library of South Africa celebrates its first birthday in November 2000. The Cape Town Division (formally the South African Library) marks the occasion with the opening of 'The Maputo Corridor Photographic Exhibition' by Steve Hilton-Barber. Commissioned by the Maputo Corridor Company, this travelling show has been seen by more than half a million people in a diverse collection of exhibition venues, including the Lubombo Border Post and FACIM- the annual trade fair in Maputo. It is designed to put a human face to post-Apartheid economic development linking the communities of the Corridor. The exhibition sets out to popularise the Maputo Development Corridor, comment and reflect upon the various issues of the Corridor and simply to produce a contemporary document on the people and communities that live and work there. Ultimately it is hoped that the show will assist in developing the potential of the Corridor.

The exhibition runs for two months, opening on Monday November 13

National Library, 5 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town
Tel: 424-6320

Nicolaas Maritz

Nicolaas Maritz
Untitled, 1991
enamel-paint on wood

Hoerikwaggo- Images of Table Mountain at the SANG

Comprising a diverse collection of images and objects from the collections of Iziko- Museums of Cape Town, this exhibition explores the very familiar icon of Table Mountain. Travel pictures and maps from the 17th and 18th Centuries will be shown alongside more recent landscape paintings and other articles. The exhibition has apparently taken a lot of organisation and arrangement and will remain on show for a long time. Considering that this was one of the reasons we won't be seeing Steve McQueen's Turner Award winning show in Cape Town, it ought to be something special.

November 25 - April 1, 2001

     See News for a review of the catalogue

South African National Gallery, Government Avenue, Company Gardens, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 465-1628
Fax: (021) 461-0045

Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall
David et Bethsabeé,1956

'La Lumiére des Origines' at the SANG

Marc Chagall is widely regarded as a master of 20th Century European modernism, and this extensive and important collection of his work will be the first such exhibition in South Africa, where it is split into two, with the paintings hanging in the Standard Bank Galleries in Johannesburg, and the tapestries and lithographs coming to the National Gallery. Chagall's life was characterised by loss, exile and rootlessness, but his spirit was revived in 1948 upon his return to France. It is this period which the show, two years in the planning, documents. For a show of this size and cultural significance to travel to South Africa, considerable organisation and funding is required. Initially a project of the French Insitute, the show is also suppported by the French Embassy and the Standard Bank.

Opening October 18, 6 p.m.

October 19 - January 14

South African National Gallery, Government Avenue, Company Gardens, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 465-1628
Fax: (021) 461-0045


From Heritage Day, Mapungupwe's golden rhinoceros will be on display

Musuku: Golden Links with our Past at the National Gallery

Curated by Carol Kaufmann, this exhibition celebrates the achievements of three satellites of a major trading empire situated along the Limpopo River and the north-eastern reaches of southern Africa. Musuku is the Luvenda word for gold, which was mined, worked and traded over vast distances by the Vhavenda and their ancestors for over 1000 years. Wealthy and powerful trading communities established themselves at sites known as Mapungubwe (c. AD 850 - 1250) Great Zimbabwe (c. 1300 - 1750) and Thulamela (c. 1350 - 1750). The inhabitants built complex stone-walled settlements and traded extensively with Indian Ocean merchants. They imported luxury goods from as far afield as Egypt and China, but most significantly created exquisite prestige objects for their own use in ivory, ceramic, stone and metals including some in gold.

For the first time the South African public will be able to view a selection of these works, including a newly proclaimed National Treasure - the golden rhinoceros from Mapungubwe. The only original soapstone bird from Great Zimbabwe remaining in South Africa will also feature on the exhibition. The opportunity to present these African icons results from a long-standing collaboration involving the SANG, University of Pretoria, the Venda and Shangaan communities, and Anglogold.

From September 24

South African National Gallery, Government Avenue, The Company Gardens, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 465-1628
Fax: (021) 461-0045

Robert Hodgins

Robert Hodgins
A Beast Slouches 1986
Acrylic on Canvas
122 X 173cm


New Acquisitions 200 at the US Art Gallery

This exhibition comprises a selection of approximately 80 works of art (from a total of 219) which the University Museum has acquired during the past year. Most of these works are donations and include the bequest of the late Dirk J. La Cock of 19 paintings and drawings by Cecil Higgs. The SA Akademie vir Kuns en Wetenskap recently decided to donate 55 works from its collection to the University and these will also be seen on the show. Artists whose works feature in this collection include Erich Mayer (1876-1960), Enslin du Plessis (1894-1978), Jean Welz (1900-75), Maud Sumner (1902-85) and Gregoire Boonzaier (1909-).

More recent and contemporary work acquired in the last year, and on show here, include pieces by Robert Hodgins, Leon de Bliquy, Marion Arnold, Nico van Rensburg, Cecily Sash, Piet Grobler and the well known Czech artist, Oldrich Kulhánek.

November 22 - January 10

University of Stellenbosch, Fine Arts Building, Victoria Street, Stellenbosch
Tel: 021 808-3052

Christine Dixie

The invitation image for Christine Dixie's latest show at the Ibis Art Centre


Christine Dixie at The Ibis Art Centre

Following on from her previous shows 'Fronttears' and 'Tracks', Christine Dixie explores the territory of our place upon the land. She uses as a starting point a letter written by her great-grandfather, an early Eastern Cape farmer, detailing the many crops he was unsuccessfully trying to grow. As a result, he and other settlers turned to stock farming. Cattle theft and losses sustained in the frontier wars eventually lead the farmers to sheep farming. Cape wool became the colony's principal export commodity and by the end of the 1830's, wool production was the primary source of wealth and political influence. Dixie explores the confluence of memory, history and landscape in these events. In exploring ownership, labour and surveillance and how they are marked upon the land, she draws a parallel with the modern-day counterparts of these - security, surveillance and armed response.

Hide will be opened with a verbal installation by Robert Berold and the artist at 18h00 on Saturday December 16. The show closes on January 27

Ibis Art Centre, Nieu Bethesda 6286
Tel /fax: ((049)8411623