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No.30 February 2000
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Arlene Amaler-Raviv & Dale Yudelman

Arlene Amaler-Raviv & Dale Yudelman
A Meeting Place
Oil enamel and ink on canvas and aluminium
200 x 100 cm
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Claudette Shreuders
Claudette Shreuders
Burnt by the Sun 2000
jacaranda wood, enamel, paint
1.2m tall (lifesize)
(selected by Paddy Bouma)
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pm inc.

pm inc. Wraps
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Michael O'Donnell

Michael O'Donnell
Witness 1936, Berlin
On Show at the NSA Gallery in Durban
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Senzeni Marasela
Senzeni Marasela
Our Mother (detail)
mixed media
100 X 150 cm
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This week's updates:
LISTINGS CAPE TOWN: Egon Tania; Inge du Plessis; Group show at Hanel; Art parties at Gauloise Warehouse; The 'Enigmatic Image' at the Sanlam;
JOBURG: Sale at the Goodman;
PRETORIA: 'Body Beautiful' at STAG; Danish painter and Suzani textiles at the AVA;
DURBAN: Tech students open at the NSA;
REVIEWS: Sue Williamson on Raviv/Yudelman; Kathryn Smith on Doris Bloom; 'Emergence' curators interviewed
NEWS: Overview of South African Art in the nineties - Part VII
EXCHANGE: Five new listings

'Emergence' is the largest show around the theme of the last 25 years of South African art production to be seen in this country. Kathryn Smith concludes that the show has come into its own in the Standard Bank Galleries in Johannesburg, and in this week's review section, interviews curators Julia Charlton, Fiona Rankin-Smith and Marion Arnold on their working methods. The three throw light on how they put the show together - and draw interesting comparisons between their own approach, and the way such a show might have been handled by a foreign curator.



Both artists contribute interestingly on the Arlene Amaler-Raviv/Dale Yudelman show at the AVA.


Get the big picture on South African art by viewing 25 years of it on 'Emergence' at the Standard Bank Galleries.


Michael O'Donnell's powerful installation 'Witnesses' is pulling them in at the NSA.


Curators Lauri Firstenberg and John Peffer present Translation/Seduction/Displacement in New York, and Candice Breitz opens at the Chicago Project Room.


22.02.00 Sue Williamson reviews Amaler-Raviv/Yudelman show at the AVA

22.02.00 Doris Bloom's show puzzles Kathryn Smith

22.02.00 'Emergence' curators interviewed

Four new reviews this week: Three from Johannesburg, one from Durban.


15.02.00 Overview of South African Art in the nineties, Part VI

08.02.00 Selections announced for Dakar Biennale

08.02.00 pm inc. reportback

Greatmore studio launch in Cape Town

Tracey Rose at Pace


Vita nomination date extended - and more art related information.


Hard Way by Matthew Ritchie


Senzeni Marasela


New websites reviewed - and lists of links.


Viewers e-mail ArtThrob


Access to old ArtThrobs - and a search machine

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