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Paul Edmunds edits comments and queries from readers

From: R. Barnett
Subject: Axis Gallery

I was pointed to your site by Axis Gallery in New York and have been trying to see a New York Times Review of the "Postcards from South Africa' that is displayed in your website. Can't find it, though. Could you help please?

Also, is there a way of linking the site below to artthrob? I am featuring a Millennium calendar, African Renaissance Children, on it.


Rodney Barnett.

Rodney Barnett
Specialist Black and White Photographer
Represented by South Photographs
TEL\FAX: (27 11) 618 28 66

The review you mention appeared in ArtThrob in August/September. To look up old issues, go to the Archives section, and find the appropriate month. Alternatively, go to 'Search' and type in 'Axis' and all the different references will come up and can be clicked through to. - Regarding your site, as it is particularly topical, we will put it on websites this month

From: Alfredo Simone
Subject: Italian Committee Against Slavery

I'm an italian journalist and I work with the Italian Committee Against Slavery: at the moment I'm working at the first issue of our magazine and I'm looking images for it. I would like have pictures of painters engaged against slavery. Could you help me?

Thanks a lot,
alfredo simone

Presumably you mean images around the issue of slavery, not images of painters fighting slavery. Can anyone help Alfredo?

From: Susan Merrell
Subject: Submissions

Dear Curator, I like your site! Are you reviewing portfolios to show on your site? If so, I have work samples up on: and

I would also be happy to send samples from a different series. Thank you, and Happy Holidays.

Susan Merrell

Since ArtThrob is a site on contemporary South African art, the material which appears on the site is related to current exhibitions and events. We do however, look at submissions of interactive projects for our Project Page. The websites which feature on our websites page are of particular interest to those interested in South African art, or of more general interest - for example, information on museums, or projects designed especially for the web.

From: Beynon, John J
Subject: In search of a local artist

Hi there, This is a strange request perhaps, but I am trying to locate the whereabouts of a local artist of whom I last saw and heard of in 1984. She used to work under the name of Kim Gray (Grey). Would you by any chance have any details of her whereabouts and information about her? I would like to get into contact with Kim on any of the e-mail, telephone or postal addresses that she may have.

If you could help I'd be enormously appreciative. Many thanks

John Beynon

Tel: 00-27-11-636-9588 (w)
Tel: 00-27-11-447-9565 (h)
Fax: 00-27-11-636-5740
Cell: 00-27-83-307-8310

Anyone heard of Kim Gray?

From:: Andre Truter
Subject: Artbios

Hi, Can you tell me whether you have had artbio's for one of the following artists?

- Diane Victor
- Gordon Froud
- Hanneke Benade

Thanks very much.

Not yet.

From:: Sean O'Toole
Subject:: CONCRETE from Japan

I would like to send ArtThrob a copy of my project entitled Concrete. It is a once-off, self produced publication cum project that is basically a rumination on life in rural Japan. The project focuses on notions of identity and is an artefact of daily life from the "concrete state" (a term generally used to define Japan's unique form of social democracy). The package includes a includes the 'zine as well as a free 7" (MiniDisc is optional) and original artwork by Akiko Niu. I will be in SA as of 19 December, departing 8 January. I would like to hand deliver, alternatively post it. Please help.

Sean O'Toole

Dear Sean

Your project sounds very interesting. You can deliver or post any material for ArtThrob to me, Paul Edmunds (Feedback Editor) or Sue Williamson (Editor) at the following address:

4th Floor, Hills Building
152 Sir Lowry Road Cape Town 8001 or, you can call me on (021) 462-2095 from January 5, and we can arrange to meet.





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