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No.29 January 2000
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Tito Zungu

An early piece by artist Tito Zungu, who died on January 11
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Lisa Brice

Lisa Brice
Score (brands), 1999
bicarbonate of soda, mirrors, snow-spray
29 X 7cm
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Dana Hoey

Dana Hoey
The Boardroom 1998
Hoey is one of the exibiting artists on 'One Night Stand'
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Dorethee Kreutzfeldt
Doretthee Kreutzfeldt
Detail of a painting from '26 Acts of Balance'
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William Kentridge
William Kentridge
'Sleeping on Glass'
Video Installation
Still on view at the AVA as part of 'Artery'
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Christine Dixie
Christine Dixie
Cape to Cairo
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This week's top story: Death of Tito Zungu

This week's updates:
LISTINGS: Durant Sihlali at the Goodman; 'Emergence' at the Standard Bank; 'Emotions and Relations' at the Sandton Civic; Student shows at the Open Window and the JHB Art Foundation; Redeye starts again
NEWS: Art Night; Overview of South African art in the nineties: Part III

This week, ArtThrob notes with sadness the passing of one of the country's most celebrated artists, Tito Zungu from KwaZulu Natal. A person of infinite charm and immense dignity, Zungu originally rendered his exquisite drawings in coloured ink on envelopes for his fellow workers. These are now sought by museums worldwide. Virginia McKenny writes an obituary.



Karin Dando opens at the AVA as part of Art Night in Church Street, and the Greatmore Studio launches its opening exhibition.


The Goodman Gallery starts the year with new work from Durant Sihlali.


Advance notice on Redeye at the Durban Art Gallery.


18.01.00 'One Night Stand';

18.01.00 'Wrap the World' reportback

18.01.00 'Democracy's Images'

18.01.00 'The New Linoleum'

11.01.00 Project Conflux at the AVA

The Human Rights International Print portfolio reviewed


25.01.00 Tito Zungu dies

25.01.00 Art Night

25.01.00 Overview of South African art in the nineties: Part III

18.01.00 South African art in the nineties: an overview, Part II

11.01.00 Curator's New York reportback

11.01.00 SA Art in the nineties: an overview. Part I

Pm inc. performance report back

Seventh Havana Biennale back on track


Calls for work: Sculpture for China, webart for Montreal. Nominations for the Vitas and BASA


Dar es Salaam in Delft Blue


Dorothee Kreutzveldt


New websites reviewed - and lists of links


Viewers e-mail ArtThrob


Access to old ArtThrobs - and a new search machine

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