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18.05.00 Lake Vyrnwy International Sculpture Symposium

Arts Connection, which manages the sculpture trail in Lake Vyrnwy woodland estate (in Wales) is seeking three international artists (ie. non-UK nationals) to produce one new piece of work to remain on site for the Lake Vyrnwy 2000 International Sculpture Symposium.

The Sculpture Symposium will take place in mid September 2000, for a period of about 11 days. The working material will be timber - tree trunks and greenwood from forestry work. Food and accommodation will be provided, as will materials and some equipment (artists need to bring their own hand tools). Chosen artists will be paid a sum of �600 (sterling) on the completion of the work.

Interested artists should send a curriculum vitae and examples of work by the end of June 2000 to:

Tom Gilhespy and Andy Hancock
SY22 5EW

Tel/fax: +44 (0)1691 648 929
Email: or:

17.05.00 African internet art

In conjuction with INFOS, Slovenia's largest computer and communications fair, which takes place every October in Ljubljana, we announce a juried competition. We welcome submissions of (off-line) "" work to the INFOS 2000 (off-line) "" contest. The three top entries will be awarded cash prizes.

INFOS is Slovenia's largest computer and communications fair. It takes place every October in Ljubljana. INFOS annually issues a CD-ROM about the fair. This year's CD-ROM will include up to 100 accepted entries of the contest and will feature the award winners.

The exhibition will occur during Autumn, 2000, in conjunction with an international web forum on "Digital Art, from CD-ROM to the Internet and beyond." Topics of discussion will include intimacy and the communication between the art work and the consumer, the new paradigms of the art work, the position of art in information/communication society, etc.


"" or "" has been understood as art work that is produced and seen on the Internet. Most these works tend to be crafted in HTML, with JPG, GIF, FLASH and other multimedia add-ons, and are viewed with web browsers on the internet. For INFOS 2000, we wish to expand this category to feature (off-line) "" that need not depend on the Internet for its display but can be circulated to users and venues without internet access through a CD-ROM, hard disk, or local networks. We seek art works created in HTML (with visual and other multimedia components and plug-ins) that can be archived on a CD-ROM separately from the web.

Up to 100 artists will be chosen for exhibition on CD-ROM and will receive two gratis copies of the exhibit's CD-ROM. The CD-ROMs also will be distributed as an archive of to international media art institutions, academies, and curators. A jury will select three works from the exhibition

All the files of the work should not exceed 2 MB. The work must be done as web sites (HTML), work must be put in one folder and compressed with WinZip. Please put the ZIP file on an Internet server for access by the curators.

Please, please, don't send ZIP files by e-mail !!!!

A bio and short description of the work must also be included; artists' home page URL and e-mail are optional.

For more information, application form, and exhibition license, please visit

Deadline for submissions is 15 June, 2000.

Teo Spiller & Timothy Murray

Timothy Murray
Professor of English
Director of Graduate Studies in Film and Video
Goldwin Smith Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853
office: 607-255-4012
fax: 607-255-1345
Current Curatorial Project: Contact Zones: The Art of CD-Rom:

Please note: I am on leave, Spring 2000, and can be reached by telephone at: 091 607-539-7512

17.05.00 Artslink special offer is becoming South Africa's first niche market Internet Service Provider (ISP). Arts and culture practitioners taking a dial-up with Artslink will not only score an Internet connection backed by The Internet Solution for R89 per month, substantially cheaper than most competitors, they will gain free access to many of the facilities offered by, the hub of South African arts and culture. Further, Artslink is the first ISP to offer "pay as you go"; so clients are not bound into a contract; they can opt to take the service for as little as they can afford a month and renew as they choose. There are also Artslink's unique add-ons. An artist or performer taking a dial-up for only R89 per month can also choose to receive Acemail (media releases on arts news of their choice sent to their e-mail address), worth R15 per month; they can list themselves in the Artslink database, including pictures, e-mail addresses and hyperlinks, worth R1500 per year, and they can send up to two media releases per month to Acemedia, Artslink's e-mail database of arts and culture journalists country-wide, thereby saving R300 per month. Publicists who chose the Artslink dial-up will pay an extra R50 per month for access to the Acemedia system. This is half of the present publicists' registration fee - and includes the saving on their dial-up.

"We believe the arts and culture world needs to be connected," says Artslink webmaster TJ de Klerk, "This is one way of making it more affordable. There will be more advantages for those who choose to join the Artslink family. For an extra R10 per month, users can qualify for the usual free 5Mb space in which to host their own webpages, located in the well-travelled Artslink hub. We are looking at e-commerce opportunities too."

16.05.00 Photo Evolution 2000

The Camera Club of Johannesburg, would like to extend an invitation to all professional and amateur photographers to join us at Photo Evolution 2000 (The Millennium Congress of the Photographic Society of Southern Africa). Our committee has been working hard to put together what will be an enjoyable, entertaining, enlightening and fun-filled congress. Our aim will be to develop our delegates' creative potentials, expand their vision, and help them master a broad range of photographic skills. Through workshops and lectures, we will stress creativity and encourage an open forum for ideas.

Lectures will be hosted by Frans Lanting, Ron Spillman, Obie Oberholzer, Alf Kumalo, Roger Ballen, Professor John van Zyl, Marlene Neumann, Peter Magubane, Les Bush, Duncan Moody, Dale Yudelman, Lou Yudelman, Hein Lass, Harold Carlsson, Elizabeth Olivier-Kahlau and many other top local and international talents.

Subjects covered will include digital, nature, wild life and underwater photography; the psychology of photography; publishing your pictures; the landscape, people, social documentary photography, photojournalism and travel photography.

Workshops in portraiture, glamour, wedding, nature, photojournalism, digital and art photography, creative darkroom, as well as basic composition, lighting and exposure, will be presented. A day outing to various places of interest in Johannesburg, including a guided photographic field trip to Soweto and the Newtown Cultural Precinct is planned. Screenings of various top class visual productions containing the work of Ansel Adams, Jim Brandenburg, Helmut Newton, and Annie Leibovitz, will be held. Besides the emphasis on creative photography, our format has concurrent lectures specifically aimed at beginners. Our speakers, who are leaders in their individual fields, will not only give great presentations, but will be available throughout the congress.

Included on the programme of activities, besides all the creative photography, will be fun-filled evenings of entertainment which includes "Feeling Groovy" - an evening of good food with a top class musical production and the cool sounds of Beat Street to entertain you at McGinty's Irish Pub, situated at the venue.

Other facilities and activities available will include film processing, our digital workstation (where you will be introduced to the latest computerised photographic technology), our weekend Photo Trade bazaar; as well as exhibitions of numerous world class images which will be exhibited constantly throughout the congress.


To register, call or e-mail us and we will forward you with a registration form.


Choose the Passport that's right for you, register early and save:

Gold Passport - Includes all the series events, lectures, photo shoots, outings, and the opening Indaba. Early registration for PPSA, PSSA or CCJ members costs R 445

Diamond Passport - Includes all the series events, lectures, photo shoots, outings, the opening Indaba, plus one VIP ticket to the Awards Banquet. Early registration for PPSA, PSSA or CCJ members costs R 545

Day Pass and Single event tickets- Entrance to events, on one particular day only will be available, but preference will be given to "passport" holders.

ACCOMMODATION Top class accommodation at a special rate has been reserved at the Sunnyside Park Hotel, but alternative accommodation in apartment suite hotels and B & B's is also available. This information will be forwarded on request.

The Congress takes place from September 19 - 25 at the Sunnyside Park Hotel, Johannesburg

For more info call:
Des Berkowitz (011) 483-3827, John Hoeben 082-654-8405, or Brenda Ortlepp (011) 609-8578.
Fax: (011) 483-3853

16.05.00 Contrasts and Contradictions

South Africa is a country of rich diversity. Since the 1994 democratic election set us on a new path, there has been a national focus on change and transformation. It is still, however, a country of contrasts and contradictions - in every sphere of life. Daily, society presents us with powerful images that speak of the ambiguity that is part of life in South Africa.

Leadership invites photographers to capture such images -arrested moments in time- that evoke and interpret this theme. Single photographs should be submitted (not a photo essay). Each photographer may submit only one image, taken after the 1994 election, in either or both categories: Colour (slides only) or Black and White (prints only of 20x24cm/A4). Digital submissions are also welcome.

Each image must be accompanied by a brief caption and where, when and why the photograph was taken. A selection of ten of the best entries in each category will be published. Work must be submitted by Monday July 3, 2000. Personal details (name, address and contact numbers) must accompany all submissions. The normal Leadership payment rates will apply to successful entries.

Deliver submissions by hand to Theo Clarke, Art Director, Leadership Magazine, 4th floor, Six-on-Pepper, 6 Pepper Street, Cape Town, 8001 or post to Leadership Magazine, PO Box 16042, Vlaeberg, 8018.

Please enclose self-addressed envelope in which to return photographs

For more information, please contact Theo Clarke at (021) 424-2601.

08.05.00 Kempton Park Tembisa Fine Arts Award; Closing dates: 6-8 June, 2000

Competition time is hotting up once again, so get busy. The Kempton Park Tembisa prize money has increased this year to R 12 000 (first prize), R 7 000 (second prize) and R 5 000 (third prize). The award manages to attract entries from as far afield as the UK. Last year's winners were Brad Hammond, Daniel Mosako, Hanneke Benade and Berco Wilsenach. For conditions of entry and further details, contact Micha Birch on (011) 391-4007.

01.05.00 Newsgrist: A free newsform for the arts community

Newsgrist invites you to subscribe to its irregular new e-newsletterservice covering the intersections of art, politics, digital information, technology, war (cultural and otherwise), local art market trends and other mayhem. We invite you to send comments, suggestions, classified ads, press releases, info about openings, contests, conferences and news-worthy bytes for posting on the website and/or the e-newsletter. The subscriber list is specialized but growing. All services we offer are free. The website is as ever-changing. Recent features include the gristy gritty Image Bank, featuring a new Newsgrist Image every week; Deathless Proz, a literary comments section and Miss Lonely Box, an advice column for artists, written by your favorite art-maven ( whose identity must remain hidden at this time).

To subscribe, send an e-mail to with "subscribe" written in the message body. To unsubscribe, simply do the same with "unsubscribe" as the message. We at hope to gather certain kinds of information relevant to artists and art professionals; we hope to compress this information and serve it up on the spot, with little or no editorial comment. We at believe that context is half the story, and that more often than not, the mystique is in the mistakes.

For more info contact editor Joy Garnett, Visit Newsgrist




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