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No. 33 May 2000
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Brett Murray

Brett Murray in front of his work at the unveiling
Photo credit: Andrew Ingram
Courtesy of The Argus

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Steve Hilton Barber
Colour photograph
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Dak/Art 2000
Installation view of 'Enfants de Nuit'
Produced by Wan-Kennen-Ki, an association of Sengalese artists working with street children.
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 Robert Hodgins

New paintings by Robert Hodgins at the Goodman Gallery.
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Bearni Searle

Bearni Searle
Red, Yellow, Brown: Face to Face May 2000
Winner at the Dak'Art 2000 Biennale

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This week's updates

LISTINGS CAPE TOWN: Roger Palmer at the AVA;
Willie Little lectures at Michaelis
DURBAN: Wayne Barker and Steve Hilton-Barber at the NSA Redeye@rt at the DAG
REVIEWS CAPE TOWN:Brett Murray sculpture unveiled
NEWS: French Institute launches new range of catalogues on SA artists

Eat my shorts, Brett Murray might well have said as his sculpture Africa was unveiled on St George�s Mall in Cape Town on Friday, May 26. Not one of threatened protesters showed up, and there was a palpable sense of civic pride as a large crowd viewed the handsome and intriguing sculpture which will no doubt soon start showing up in tourist images of the city. The ArtThrob review appears today.

Coming up in the June issue of ArtThrob: Emma Bedford reviews Dak/Art 2000, a whole slew of new overseas shows are listed, and 80-year-old Robert Hodgins is the subject ofArtBio.

In future, the new monthly issue of ArtThrob will go up on the first Tuesday instead of the first day of each month, so the June issue will go online Tuesday, June 6. Check in then.



British artist Roger Palmer opens at the AVA


Collectors Louis and Charlotte Schachat show their work publicly for the first time.


Dinkies Sithole opens at the Bill Ainslie Gallery.


Oldrich Kulhanek opens at the Association of Arts.


Wayne Barker opens a show, launches a catalogue and announces a marriage at the NSA.


30.05.00 Sue Williamson studies Brett Murray's public sculpture Africa. ;

23.05.00 Kathryn Smith on Robert Hodgins; Sue Williamson on Brett Murray.

18.05.00 Sue Williamson reviews Godfrey Seti.

09.05.00 Sue Williamson writes on Soft Serve II; Kathryn Smith reports back on a new Robin Rhode performance, and attends the opening of Camouflage.

Kathryn Smith reviews watercolour show, and Samantha Dunlop reviews David Paton


French Institute launches new catalogue series in Durban.


Important reading for all artists: Invitations to submit netart to Ljubljana, outdoor sculpture in Wales.


09.05.00Video clips from Soft Serve 2

Jakruby designs an online invite for 'Soft Serve'


Berni Searle


New sites of interest, and lists of links.


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