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Archive: Issue No. 42, February 2001

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Services and courses offered
13.02.01 Art in cigarette vending machines
13.02.01 Videobrasil 2001 programme and submissions Sundry
13.02.01 Photographers' evening at Bertram House
06.02.01 Africa Media Online - The African Perspective
16.01.01 Website, fine art and photography courses offered at The Ruth Prowse
16.01.01 Photographic Workshops at UCT
09.01.01 Join a photographic mailing list
Calls for submission
20.02.01 World Wide Video Festival
06.02.01 SAARTE-Zine - Free electronic art magazine
06.02.01 Registration for the Fringe at the Standard Bank National Arts Festival
06.02.01 Art for a New Time Contest on the Web
16.01.01 China International Photographic Exhibition
16.01.01 Manuscript Exhibition 3
05.12.00 Proposals for Soft Serve
14.11.00 MEDIA SAVE writing awards
29.08.00 ABSA Atelier Awards
Calls for nominations for awards
05.12.00 BASA awards
06.02.01 Photography Teaching Posts offered at Ravensmead Cultural Centre
30.01.01 Monthly Photographic Crits
07.11.00 Cape Town studio space available


An Art-O-Mat
Vending machine


13.02.01 Art-o-mat

Founded in 1997, Artists in Cellophane is an art group that converts retired cigarette machines into fine art vending machines. Roughly 100 artists are presently involved in this project. A.I.C. donates a portion of profits to an arts-magnet elementary school. Please check out for more info.

Art*o*mat locations:

The New Museum of Contemporary Art [NYC]
Whitney Museum of American Art [NYC]
Diverseworks! [Houston, TX]
Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art [Cleveland, OH]
SECCA [Winston-Salem, NC]
The Greenhill Center of NC Art [Greensboro, NC]
Brenners Children's Hospital [Winston-Salem NC]
Urban Artware [Winston-Salem NC]
Seed Collective [Winston-Salem NC]
Salem Fine Arts Center [Winston-Salem NC]
Wellspring Wholefoods [Winston-Salem, NC]
Mary's, of course [Winston-Salem NC]
The Garage [Winston-Salem NC]
Morning Dew Herb & Coffee Co.[Winston-Salem NC]
Third Place [Raleigh, NC]
Beehive Oakland [Pittsburgh, PA]
The Community School of Music and Art [Ithaca, NY]
Eriksson Art Supply [Greenville, SC]
Borders [Winston-Salem, NC]

Past Art*o*mat locations:

The Andy Warhol Museum [Pittsburgh, PA]
The Three Rivers Arts Festival 1999 [Pittsburgh, PA]
The North Carolina Museum of Art [Raleigh, NC]
Associated Artists of Winston-Salem [Winston-Salem NC]
Appalachian State University [Boone, NC]

All machines carry small original artworks roughly the size of a pack of smokes @ $3.00-$5.00 each.
A.I.C. is presently seeking artists to fill empty slots in all machines.


13.02.01 Videobrasil 2001

Associação Cultural Videobrasil has the pleasure to start off the new millenium with a fresh edition of its festival. Here is our calendar:

13th Videobrasil - International Electronic Arts Festival
September 19 - October 21 2001.
Submissions from February to May 1.

Videobrasil Author's Collection
The second title of this series will be shot in the course of the 13th Festival. Its launch is scheduled for November 2001.

For additional information visit our site at

13.02.01 Opportunity for Photographers to meet

The Western Cape is holding a social evening for a natter, mystery talk and a relaxed opportunity to make contact with other photographers on Tuesday March 6 at Bertram House Cafe, Hiddingh Campus, 35-37 Orange Street, Gardens (back of PPSA Michaelis Building - opposite Mount Nelson Hotel).

Couvert charge of R5 for PPSA members and R15 for non-members for snacks etc. A bar will be in operation, but this is not included in the couvert charge. Students & assistants get in for free. The Price and Usage Guide and the General Terms & Conditions will be available for members who've not been able to collect their copies.

Contact Geof Kirby for more info.

Xrystal Productions (Pty) Ltd
Tel: 021 461-3085
Fax: 021 461-2705

06.02.01 Africa Media Online - The African Perspective

Join a growing community of African photographers and journalists who together are penetrating the international media market. Africa Media Online is a tool enabling this community not only to access the international magazine, newspaper and advertising markets, but also ensuring fast, effective and efficient delivery to those markets, in other words, service excellence, that will keep editors coming back again and again. The size, momentum and effective delivery methods of this community gives greater market penetration than individual photographers can create on their own. In this way Africa Media Online aims to open the doors to African photographers to show what they alone can show to the world, Africa through the eyes of Africans, and in return enabling them to be paid in strong foreign currencies.


Africa Media Online offers professional freelance photographers an e-commerce shop window. Africa Media Online's web site specialises in selling African photography to international media. The site has been under construction for over a year and will begin trading in early February 2001. It provides a way in which African photographers and journalists can both sell and deliver images and articles to international media in an effective, efficient, and professional manner.

Contributing photographers and journalists can have the best of two worlds - being independent and managing their own area of the website, at the same time as benefiting from the marketing and sales strength of a larger collective - doing more together than apart.

There are a number of benefits to professional photographers who sign up on Africa Media Online:

1. You get an e-commerce facility where your images can be bought online by international and local editors and image buyers, who pay up-front for specific rights to use your images
2. You can choose the price for which your images are sold. From the price you select, the system automatically calculates the price the image will be sold for various uses, whether printed on a paper product, on the back cover of a magazine, or on a billboard
3. The system allows you to sell the same image to both the local and international markets at different rates
4. You gain exposure to a world of editors and image buyers. Your page of the site includes a picture of yourself and background on who you are. You can update and edit this page at any time
5. You get to manage your own web-page, uploading and editing the images in your own time. Your user name and password allows you to upload images and link these to various categories on the searchable database. If you are working with the full version of Photoshop the system will automatically retrieve information connected to each image, such as the caption, and display it on the Site
6. You have access to a system which automatically organises and archives your images and monitors your sales
7. From one image uploaded the system automatically generates a thumbnail, a preview, and a 72dpi mid-size image, as well as storing the high resolution image you uploaded. Buyers cannot see anything larger than the 72dpi preview. Only on purchase do they have access to a print quality image
8. You can select to offer your buyers various delivery formats for each image, whether as a digital download, written onto a CD, a duplicate hard copy of the original, or the original hard copy itself. Delivery costs are included in the price buyers pay up-front
9. You can upload articles onto the Site and link them to your images.Should you also be a journalist, you can sign on as a contributing journalist and run your own article library on the site
10. Buyers can search by individual photographers. You can direct your existing buyers to search your section of the Site specifically for your library of images alone.
11. You will benefit from the economies of scale on the site. With numbers of quality photographers and journalists on the site your sales opportunities are increased as a result of the exponentially greater number of buyers coming onto the site and returning, compared with what would be the case were you on your own
12. You benefit from the international marketing done by Africa Media Online
13. There is no up-front capital outlay. Africa Media Online charges a 20% commission for every transaction which includes the fees of the credit card company.


1. A cyberspace shop window marketing your images to a wide audience of local and international buyers
2. A searchable digital database of your images
3. Your professional webpage
4. A way to increase your profile as a photographer


If you sign up with Africa Media Online you agree to the Terms and Conditions stated on the Site. The Terms and Conditions for Contributors, a document which is found on the application form on the Site, is the best description of how the Site functions and is essential reading. Among other responsibilities you are required to keep your page of the Site up-to-date. Although the system manages most of this for you, it obviously cannot monitor sales you may have made of images by other means other than on the Site. Where this impacts upon material on the Site, you have a responsibility to update the information.


We suggest you look around for yourself, bearing in mind you will not be able to see prices as you are not signed on as a buyer.

If you would like to make use of this facility, the steps to take will differ according to whether you have access to a high-end slide scanner or not.


1. Click on the Sign-Up button at the top of any page of the Site
2. You are considered as a Media Professional, so click on this option. That will get you through to the correct sign-up form
3. Because you have your own slide scanner or access to one, you have the option of signing onto the Site as an Independent Contributor.
This will mean you run your own photographic library and are required to deliver images to clients in the prescribed time periods. On the scroll down list next to Media Agency select the Independent Contributor option.
4. Fill in the rest of the form selecting whether you want to upload both articles and images, or just images
5. Click on the Terms and Conditions and read them before signing up. You will not only know what you are getting yourself in for, but it will also help you understand the concept of the Site
6. Your details will be forwarded to Africa Media Online. Should your application be successful your user name and password will be activated and you will be notified by e- mail.
7. Once your account is active you can upload a photograph and information about yourself on your front page. You can also begin to upload images and where applicable, articles. To avoid embarrassment, take care not to upload images that are about to be published elsewhere or have been published within the last six months. 8. Any problems or queries contact


If you have access to a computer with a CD ROM drive and somewhere to scan your images and have them written onto a CD ROM you can proceed as above. If not, but you would like to be made aware of any other options opening up for photographers without slide scanning ability in the future please send your details to with the message "please keep me informed of options for photographers on Africa Media Online" in title bar of the e-mail.

David Larsen and Paul de Villiers
Managing Partners - Africa Media Online

16.01.01 Website, Desktop Publishing, Fine Art and Photography courses offered at The Ruth Prowse

Part-time course in Creative Internet Design,
commencing February 2001

Who should attend? Anyone wishing to focus on combining artistic creativity with progressive technology, with the intention of entering the dynamic field of New Media Design. The course is designed to give students a solid foundation for creating functional, well-designed web sites. Students will produce their own web site using the most advanced technology available.

Computer literacy and a basic understanding of the internet is an advantage.

The course is run by a dynamic team of experienced and successful designers and artists who are actively involved in both the local New Media industry as well as in the South African Fine Art world. Students are thus ensured both a cross-pollination of creative ideas and skills, as well as enriching, open tuition.

Admission is based on:

  • Academic results (Grade 12 pass or equivalent);
  • An interview
The 3-month course comprises the following subject modules:
  • Introduction to Macintosh
  • Web publishing essentials
  • Design for the internet

  • - Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Freehand, Macromedia Flash basics
  • Introduction to html and javascript

  • - BBEdit, Macromedia Dreamweaver

For further information or to enrol, call the Ruth Prowse on 021 447 2492. Applications close on 31 January 2001.

Clickthrough for a full description of all the Full and part time courses available at the Ruth Prowse, most of which commence in February 2001, and are:

Part time course in Web Animation
Part time course in Film & Video post-production
Part time course in Multimedia CDRom Authoring
Part time course in Desktop Publishing

One-year certificate course in Visual Arts
Full-time course in Fine Art
Full-time course in Graphic Design
Full-time course in Photography

16.01.01 Photographic Workshops

The Centre for Photography at UCT will be presenting a series of photographic workshops in the course of 2001. The first workshop, starting on March 14 is an Introduction to black and white photography. The first part of the course will examine basic camera controls, lens speeds and angle of view, film properties, exposure and development, and printing on both resin coated and fibre papers. Participants will be set three creative projects during the workshop.

The workshop will be conducted on Wednesday nights at 7pm for a period of seven weeks. The cost is R850 per participant excluding film and paper which participants must themselves provide.

We can accommodate only ten people. Participants will have limited access to darkrooms for the duration of the course.

Applications by e-mail to or
Or Fax applications to (021) 480-7108.

09.01.01 Photography Mailing Lists

There is the most incredible photo resource on the internet at RIT. You will find a variety of online photographic mailing lists for those who are interested in current debate on almost any photo topic. There are photojourn, pinhole, street photo, art photo, astra photo, photo philosophy and many others to check out on the RIT site. As a black-and-white printing resource, the pure silver list is an amazingly useful discussion forum. You will find discussion groups listed at


20.02.01 World Wide Video Festival


As from this year the World Wide Video Festival will be held a month later than in previous years. The festival runs from October 10 - November 11. We hope that this new arrangement will be of some help to festival guests and visitors, who have been finding it increasingly difficult to book hotel accommodation in Amsterdam.

This year there will be a sequel to the five-day series of premiere events. Over the following weekends, the various festival venues will host a series of 'special events', which will include screenings, performances and discussions. The installation exhibitions at several of the festival locations, and the selection of single-screen works at the 'world wide media lounge', will remain open daily until November 11.

One of this year's special focuses is the development of media art in Africa. The festival organisers are currently exploring the media-art scene in several African countries and their discoveries will be reflected in the festival programme. and multi-disciplinary projects are other areas of special emphasis in 2001. The festival will also present a wide selection of new video and dvd productions, as well as three solo exhibitions.


Artists are invited to submit work for selection. Entry forms for the 19th World Wide Video Festival are currently online. The festival invites the submission of cd-roms, dvds, installations, net.rt projects, artistic software productions (including computer games) and videos completed after 1999.

Entry forms should be submitted via our website before April 15. Please check the website for further details:

06.02.01 SAARTE-Zine - Free electronic art magazine

SAARTE-Zine is the premier South African Free Monthly E-mail Art Magazine. The aim of the magazine is to inform people about art events in South Africa. It is non-profit making and the content is determined by the responses that we receive. If you would like to publish any information in the SAARTE-Zine please submit your contribution ASAP in order to have your latest press release published.


Michael Matthews
Digital Publisher

06.02.01 Registration for the Fringe at the Standard Bank National Arts Festival

The Standard Bank National Arts Festival is seeking registration for its Fringe Festival. The Arts Festival takes place in Grahamstown from June 28 to July 7. Registration forms and Information booklets for Fringe participants are now available from the Festival Office in Grahamstown as well as at the following centres:

Durban - BAT Centre, Next to Maritime Museum, off Victoria Embankment
Cape Town - Baxter Theatre, Main Road, Rondebosch
Johannesburg _- Market Theatre Precinct, Bree Street, Newtown
Port Elizabeth - King George VI Art Gallery, 1 Park Drive, Central

The closing date for Fringe registration is March 9 2001. The Fringe is open to all and no selection criteria are applied.

Applications and enquiries should be addressed to:

Kate Axe, Festival Office, P O Box 304, Grahamstown, 6140.
Tel: +27 (0)46 603-1163
Fax: +27 (0)46 622-3082

You can address any media queries to Lydia Scholtz at the Standard Bank.
Tel: +27 (0)11 631-2103 or 636-4975

06.02.01 Art for a New Time Contest on the Web

Worldwide Creativity Contest on the Web - An innovative approach to Sponsoring using the Internet has been online since November 2000 (

Creative talents from around the world are invited to submit their visions of work and life in the near future, as design proposals for display on streetcars (trams), which will run on the streets of D�sseldorf, Germany in late 2001. Under the patronage of the German Multimedia Association (, this contest will be held from November 2000 through June 2001. An international jury consisting of experts in the fields of art, promotion and e-business will select the five best designs from all submissions.

One artist from each continent will receive an award of US$ 7500 from the sponsor of the contest. The sponsor is a multinational company that will use the designs for promotional purposes in the context of a gradual marketing campaign. The sponsor's identity will be announced on the conclusion of the contest.

Concept and design of the contest website has been created by turn-key GmbH (, a multi-media agency based in Ratingen, Germany.

Send submissions to:

Brita Keydel
turn-key GmbH
Stadionring 32
40878 Ratingen

Tel: +49(0)2102-997-113
Fax: +49(0)2102-997-199

23.01.01 Call for Entries for Construction New Media Awards

To be judged by Neville Brody, Thomas Muller and Tom Roope, this competition invites you to submit exe.files, cd-roms, intranets, websites or online advertising. First prize is a week @ Razorfish in New York. Entries close on February 12. Enter by visiting

16.01.01 2001 China 9th International Photographic Art Exhibition

Photography is a window of cultural exchange. Photography is a bridge to facilitate the development of the friendship between Chinese people and peoples all over the world.

The Chinese Photographers Association sincerely invites you - photographic societies and federations, professional and amateur photographers from all parts of the world - to submit entries to China 9th International Photographic Art Exhibition, which will be held in September 2001 in China.

Entry Conditions:
1. There is no restriction on theme, form or style of the prints. However, new artistic ideas and different schools of photography are encouraged. Prints or slides previously accepted in the international and national photographic exhibitions held by CPA are ineligible.
2. Three sections of works are accepted for the exhibition: Colour prints. Monochrome prints and Colour slides (35mm only). Each entrant may submit a maximum of 4 prints for each section.
3. All prints must be entirely the work of the participant. A form for filling the titles of the exhibits should be stuck to the back of each print (fill in according to the attached forms). This form can be duplicated.
4. Size of the print: 30 X 40cm (12"x16"). All prints must not be mounted and rolled. All those that violate the rules will not be judged. Slides: 35mm (5x5cm frame. Glass mounts are forbidden.)
5. Fee: Overseas entrant including entrants from Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions and Taiwan Province: US$10 or 30 IRC per author. Prints without fee will be neither judged nor returned.
6. All the works and entry fees should be sent by mail only as "Printed matter - no commercial value", with the mention: Photographic works for China 9th International Exhibition only. They will be returned to sender. Send entries to:

International Liaison Department, CPA
61 Hongxing Hutong, Dongdan, Beijing 100005, P. R. China
tel/fax: +86-10-65131859
tel: +86-10-65141380

7. Each entrant whose prints is/are accepted in the exhibition will receive a relevant medal and a certificate as well as an attractive catalogue.
8. The exhibition committee reserves the right to reproduce any accepted works for publicity, press or VCD without payment in any form.
9. All works will be handled with utmost care, but the organizer won't answer for loss and ruin or any unexpected loss of the works in transport. The author will be responsible for the portrait right and fame concerning the model in his/her works and any other issues resulting from this, the organizer will hold no responsibility.
10. It is understood that the author submitting his/her works accepts the rules and conditions above.

The jury will consists of 5 international and 6 domestic famous photographer. The jury will select about 350 works for exhibition and award the following prizes.

Categories and Awards:
A. Social life and journalism:
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
B. Folkways and customs
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
C. Nature and ecology
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
D. Landscape
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
E. Advertisement and still-life
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
F. Computer, darkroom
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
G. People and portrait
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
H. Science, education, culture and sports
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
I. Special award by jurors (recommended by jurors)
11 Medals
J. Award for the person or society who has made great contributions to the exhibition
3 Medals

Photographers who have won a Gold Medal will be invited to the awards and opening ceremony of the exhibition and pay a visit of photographic creation in China for one week. The organizer will bear the expenses including food, accommodation and transport of the visitors in China while they themselves will bear the round-trip travel fee from where they live to Beijing.

Explanation of the categories above:

1. The theme of the works should show the real life today such as the social trends and hot topics concerning the public, new people and new things that are constantly coming to the fore, spot events etc. all over the world.
2. Folkways, local conditions and customs: the works should be shot in recording and selecting of saving cultural heritage of various nations all over the world, such as to show the different faith and folkways, ways of production and life of various nations and traditional arts etc.
3. Nature and ecology: with the awareness of the need to protect the environment as the guiding ideology to display the changes of the resources of the earth, and landforms, the animals and the plants on the earth.
4. To show the chasing appreciation of beautiful and the photographic artistic styles of the photographers through the scenery of lakes and mountains, landscape, urban or rural buildings, etc. 5. To give products and still utensil with outstanding connotation and visual effect.
6. Develop and process the prints with computer and digital images or darkroom techniques to create various forms of photographic expressions.
7. Works are mainly portrait photographs focusing on the graceful bearings and dispositions of the modern people in all walks of life (famous people, great men or common people). Both in and out of the house are accepted.
8. Photos shot during the performances, sports games, the life of professional players, amateur sports activities, military training school life etc.

Organized by the Chinese Photographers Association
Patronized by the Federation of International Art Photography (FIAP) No. 2001/047

Closing date (deadline for entry): June 1, 2001
Judging: June 20-25, 2001
Exhibition: September 2001
Prints returned: October 10, 2001

16.01.01 'Manuscript Exhibition 3' seeks entries

Manuscript Exhibition 3 will be exhibited in Johannesburg in September this year and subject to funding, will be launched at the Grahamstown Festival in July. I shall also apply for funding to produce a catalogue of the exhibition which is why work will need to be submitted well before the exhibition.

For the purposes of this show, manuscripts include the following: a solo or a collective effort; a journal, notes & graphics which either document, add to or run parallel to your life; a combination of a fetish and the ordering of things; an unpublished volume of poetry, collection of short stories, novel, documentary; a thesis or other research notes; any other gatherings in pictorial form or otherwise.

There have been two annual Manuscript exhibitions so far. The third will take place this year and subject to funding, will be launched at the Grahamstown Festival in July. The exhibitions have been at Carfax, 1999 and Boekehuis (House of Books) in 2000, in Johannesburg and have travelled to a number of other venues, including the Tatham Gallery, Pietermaritzburg (1999), the NSA (Durban) (1999), Centre for the Book, Cape Town (funded by the Arts and Culture Trust of the President) (2000) and is due at the National Museum in Bloemfontein (February, 2001).

There are catalogues available (the second was funded by the NAC) which record the exhibitions in which most of the text has been drawn directly from writing provided by the exhibitors themselves. Visuals are, more often than not, details of manuscripts scanned directly from the works.

Artists who have exhibited to date include Willem Boshoff, Wilma Cruise, Stephan Erasmus, Sasha Fabris, Karin Lijnes & Rossinah Maepa, Alistair Mclachlan, Robyn Sassen, and Jenny Stadler.

If you wish to apply for participation in Manuscript Exhibition 3, please e-mail: or write to: Art Studio, Postnet Suite 136, Private Bag X2600, Houghton, 2041.

Deadline for submissions: 1st April 2001
Deadline for submission for selection: 30 April 2001

09.01.01 Sciencentre and Photography

The new MTN Sciencentre at Century City is the first interactive Science Centre in the country. The Sciencentre is interested in expanding its involvement with photography as it is such a usefully multi-faceted educational medium. They have built a magnificent Camera Obscura on the roof of the Centre and they want to build more imaging-related projects around this facility.

The Sciencentre was launched to provide learners with a host of hands-on science related experiments and facilities. Their primary sponsors are Canon SA and MTN.

In the week before Christmas I was invited to meet with Mike Bruton and Jon Weinberg of the Sciencentre to explore potential links and joint projects between the Centre for Photography and the Sciencentre as we share a number of common goals. Among the obvious areas of commonality are pinhole projects for groups of learners who visit the Sciencentre. The Centre for Photography's pinhole initiative is run on an ad hoc basis and it would be great if we could somehow combine our dream of a travelling Pinhole bus (F non-stop) with their wish for regular pinhole classes at the Sciencentre. Perhaps our bus does not become a mobile darkroom, but simply the means of transporting groups of learners to the Sciencentre on a daily basis.

There is a huge exhibition area at the Sciencentre which could be used to show photographic exhibitions on a regular basis. This would be a superb venue for anything from microscopy to botanical and zoological exhibitions but could easily accommodate any "regular" exhibitions as well. With so many people passing through Century City daily, it would also be a great exhibition venue for photography during the next Cape Town Month of Photography in Feb/ March 2002.

The potential benefits for the photographic community would be huge. We would have a very high profile, well funded, education-based partner through which we could promote photography in all its useful and creative applications to young South Africans. Local photographers and photography students could act as guides and demonstrators; various photographic collectives such as the PPSA could have regular shows there together with lighting and digital workshops.

I am going to continue with the exploratory meetings towards finding common ground. For my next meeting I would like to present a rough idea of the kinds of skills, projects and material already available in the many different photographic communities. I am especially interested in hearing from individuals and organizations that might be able to assist with the following:

1) Are any of you prepared to co-curate an exhibition(s) for the Sciencentre? Please let me know what your specific area of expertise is.

2) Are there any existing exhibitions in SA which might be suitable to show at the Sciencentre?

3) Are there any collections globally that have suitable travelling exhibitions, (such as NASA, George Eastman House etc.) that could be brought out here?

3) If we did establish a programme of educational inputs, are there any photographers/ educators among you who might be interested in conducting workshops for learners at the Sciencentre? Please indicate what your specialist area is.

If there are other areas which in your opinion might be usefully explored, please let me know ASAP.

Contact Geoff Grundlingh

05.12.00 Call for New Media Artists

JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art is happy to launch its first project '1st of JAVA - Perspectives on New Media'. Artists are invited to submit their works (URLs) in the following categories: Flash, Quicktime, HTML, VRML, Java, Javascript, DHTML or Miscellanous (technologies which do not fit in these aforementioned categories, for example, by requiring an uncommon plug-in). In the categories Flash and Quicktime, work can also be movies submitted via email (.swf and .mov files no larger than 2MB).

The project has no particular theme or subject, but intends instead to represent a snapshot of current work being produced using Internet technologies. The project will form the basis of other upcoming projects to be realized. From 2001 on, there will be monthly changing online shows of featured projects and artists.

The Call for Artists, the submission form and listings are published on JavaMuseum site JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art realizes projects related to Art and Technology in cooperation, either online or in a combination and exchange between the virtual level of the Internet and a physically real exhibition environment. The organisation forms part of NewmediaArtprojectNetwork - Le Musée di-visioniste.

For more information, email Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

05.12.00 Proposals for next Soft Serve

The next Soft Serve is called 'Softsell', and it looks at advertising and branding. It takes place on April 2 at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town. Artists should start thinking about - and researching - these issues so that the work they make is intelligent and cleverly positioned.

We are keen to hear ideas while they're still in the messy, not-quite-worked-out phase, but would also love to hear any ideas that are fully-formed. Artists may be asked to make work that is actually branded - that refers to a particular brand - because actual brands are providing the funding for the project. We will only know much closer to the event who these brands are going to be, and we won't have much control over who they are, so artists may need to be prepared to make quick links between their ideas, and a particular brand. Please also come up with ideas for works that aren't branded - or that can't be branded. We will need both kinds of work. If it's at all possible, start thinking about what media you want to work in, what you think about advertising, branding, and the relationship between these and art - and the relationship between these three and contemporary life. We would prefer work that is not simplistically either pro- or anti-business.

Any ideas you have about any of this stuff, or any websites, references, recommended books, art precedents, etc., please also let us know about as quickly as possible so that we can chew over it. The sooner you get in touch with ideas for new work (preferably first-ideas, badly written, not-fully-worked-out), the better. You don't have to be an artist to send in writing and reflections on all of this. Just jot down anything you're thinking, worried about, critical of, excited by, etc. - that has to do with the project - and art, branding and advertising - and send it to us so that we know what's going on "out there".

Email Andrew Putter

14.11.00 Fourth Edition of the MEDIA SAVE ART Award

This award is an international press competition for articles dealing with the preservation of cultural heritage - a contentious and often agenda-inflected area in South Africa. Thus far, no South Africans have featured as award-winners, yet the raw material provided by the South African context is the stuff that writer's dreams are made of. Two prizes of US$ 4,000 will be made, to the author of the best article and the best series of articles respectively.

The biennial competition is administered by the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), an intergovernmental organisation created by UNESCO in 1959. An international jury of professionals from the world of media, conservation and culture will select the winners in each category. Only five entries from each individual may be submitted and the criteria are as follows:

1. Deal with the theme of safeguarding cultural heritage (deterioration, preservation, conservation, and restoration). Cultural heritage is understood as comprising museums, archives, libraries, monuments, historic and archaeological sites;
2. Be published between June 1, 1999 and May 31, 2001 in a newspaper or a magazine on sale to the public;
3. Be intended for the general public. Articles published in the specialised press for professionals are not eligible;
4. Be submitted in one original copy with a summary of 200 words in English or in French, if not written in one of these languages. Photocopies are admitted only if the text, the name of the newspaper, of the author and the date of publication are readable. The entire translation is required only for articles admitted for the final selection;
5. Reach the address below no later than June 30, 2001

Attn. Monica Ardemagni
Via di San Michele, 13 - 00153 Rome, Italy
Tel. + 39 06 585531/58553324
Fax: +39 06 58553349
Web Site:

Request the registration form to the above address.

For further info in South Africa please email

29.08.00 The 16th Annual ABSA Atelier Art Competition

Entries for the 16th annual Absa Atelier Art competition for 2001 are now officially welcome. Artists between the ages of 21 and 35 are invited to start working on their pieces, which will be received at SANAVA (South African National Association for the Visual Arts) offices and other venues around the country from March 5 - 9, 2001.

Billed as the premier art competition in the country with the highest value in prize money, the Atelier consistently attracts the cream of young South African talent every year. The rewards are unquestionably worthwhile. The first prize consists of R60 000 in cash, a round trip to Paris, and accommodation for up to 6 months in the Cité Internationale des Arts. This gives the winner the opportunity to live and work with artists in the creative capital of the world. Each of four runners-up receives R10 000. Apart from the prizes, the Absa Atelier also provides a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work. Entrants in the competition also stand the chance of selling their work to ABSA, which has a large corporate collection. Further details of the competition and entry forms are available from branches of SANAVA (South African National Association for the Visual Arts), universities, technikons, galleries and museums nationwide or by calling Absa on (011) 350-5793 or (012) 328 7109.

More information can be obtained from Cecile Loedolff, Manager Arts & Functions (011) 350-5793


05.12.00 2000 Business Day/BASA Awards for Business-Arts Partnerships

BASA are seeking entrants for the 4th annual Business Day/BASA awards for innovative and successful sponsorship of the arts. All businesses, large or small, which are supporting the arts in cash or in kind are invited to enter. The awards focus on sponsorship of events, projects or organisations during the period January 1 to December 31 2000, and demonstrate how the arts offer a viable and effective communications tool for business while simultaneously raising the profile of the arts in this country. It appears that sponsorship spend is growing annually, and with arts and culture forming part of the 'entertainment sector', BASA is working to convince the corporate sector that such support can "offer real opportunities for business to reach their target markets and address philanthropic objectives." Award categories include: Best use of a commission of new art; first time sponsor; increasing access to the arts; international sponsorship; long term development; single project; sponsorship by a small business; sponsorship in kind; strategic sponsorship; and youth sponsorship. The big prize is the Chairman's Award for sustained excellence, made at the discretion of BASA's Chairman. A judging panel, comprised of professionals from the business and arts sectors, will evaluate the success of each sponsorship in achieving the objectives of the sponsor and in bringing genuine benefits to the arts organization and surrounding community. Factors such as the innovative nature of the sponsorship will also be taken into account.

All businesses that have sponsored any arts organization, project or event, in any discipline or disciplines (visual and performing arts, music, theatre, dance, literature, poetry, festival, film, etc.) are eligible to enter. In cases of multiple sponsorship of a single event, all sponsors are eligible to enter.

The nomination/entry form may be completed by the sponsoring company and/or the arts organization, except in the Strategic Sponsorship category which must be completed by the business itself. Sponsoring companies may be entered in a maximum of two categories.

Contact Business and Arts South Africa for more information and nomination/entry forms at telephone 011 784 9994 or fax 011 784 9996, or email. The closing date for entries is 28 February 2001.


06.02.01 Photography Teaching Posts offered at Ravensmead Cultural Centre

Photography teachers are required by the Ravensmead Cultural Centre. Posts commence March 10, 2001. Teaching is on Saturdays from 10am - 2pm. Salary is negotiable.

Contact Christo Jansen on 082 642-7001 or 931-3884 (after hours).

30.01.01 Monthly Photographic Critiques

Many years ago a bunch of Cape Town photographers used to meet once a month at UCT to discuss their creative and/ or professional work. The evenings produced some heated debates and bruised egos but were ultimately very constructive. More recently Eric Miller initiated and hosted the iAfrika sessions and the Monday night Biocafé evenings. We have decided to resuscitate these useful crit evenings at the Centre for Photography. The first of these will be on Monday 5th February at the Centre (31-37 Orange Street, Gardens) at 7.30pm for an 8pm start.

All photographers are invited to bring photographs, photo essays and/ or slides they would like to discuss, to these meetings. The works discussed will include ALL disciplines, not only documentary work. All full-time photography students are also welcome as are photographers from other parts of SA. We will use the Centre gallery space (where the Paul Weinberg show was) as there is good exhibition lighting and loads of parking.

As we will need to limit the number of critiques/ discussions per evening, please contact Geoff Grundlingh on 082 490-2459 or Eric on 083 225-9675 (Eric is in Eritrea until the 3rd).

09.01.01 Teaching Post in the USA

A full-time position of Assistant Professor of Photography is available at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA. Service on committees and other responsibilities is expected.

Salary: $37,000

Minimum qualificatios: M.F.A.Degree and an exhibition record. At least three years full-time college-level teaching experience beyond terminal degree.

Preferred Qualifications: Graduate level teaching experience. Expertise in several photographic skills and a significant national exhibition record. Knowledge of computing and application to teaching is preferred as well.

Application Deadline: All application materials must be received by February 21, 2001.

Appointment Date: August 13, 2001

Application: Letter of application; CV; up to 20 slides of personal work; names and complete addresses (mailing, telephone, fax, and e-mail) of three referees and a SASE.

Send these to: Adrienne Salinger, Chair, Photo Search Committee, Department of Art and Art History, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131-1401, USA or fax to (505) 277-5955.

The University of New Mexico
Department of Art and Art History Albuquerque, NM 87131-1401
Tel: (505) 277-5861
Fax: (505) 277-5955

The University of New Mexico is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a city of 500,000 on the Rio Grande at an altitude of 5,200 feet. Albuquerque has much to recommend it. Its many cultures give the city a fascinating mix in terms of its history, arts, cuisine, languages, and values. The University of New Mexico is a large, diverse state university with a faculty of over 1,200 serving approximately 26,000 students. The Department of Art and Art History offers the B.A., B.F.A., M.A., M.F.A., and Ph.D. degrees.

The University of New Mexico is an equal opportunity/ affirmative action employer and educator.

07.11.00 Cape Town Studio Space

Working space is available in the newly renovated All Star Studio, a large communal space run as an artists' cooperative in Woodstock. Close to town, 24 hour security and access, kitchen, fax and photocopying facilities, and a congenial working atmosphere. From R325 per month. Phone (021) 462 2095 o.h. or email