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Archive: Issue No. 45, May 2001

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This week's new listings:
22.05.01 Artists' Gardens project
22.05.01 Multi-disciplinary art exchange programme
22.05.01 Calling emerging abstract artists
Services and courses offered
01.05.01 Lushan Manshell drawing workshop
24.04.01 Summer Workshops in the Netherlands
10.04.01 International Art Exchange Resource
16.01.01 Website, fine art and photography courses offered at The Ruth Prowse
09.01.01 Join a photographic mailing list
Calls for submission
15.05.01 Southern African photography exhibition
15.05.01 Photographic documentary competition
24.04.01 5th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints
17.04.01 Streetcar Design Contest
17.04.01 Call for New Media Artists
27.03.01 Save The Ruth Prowse Exhibition
13.03.01 Vancouver Videopoem 3rd Annual Festival
13.03.01 Site specific sculpture for Italy
27.02.01 Foto 2001 Competition
06.02.01 SAARTE-Zine - Free electronic art magazine
16.01.01 China International Photographic Exhibition
14.11.00 MEDIA SAVE writing awards
08.05.01 The new Michaelis Art Shop
10.04.01 Search for gifted young artists
17.04.01 Monthly photographic crits
27.03.01 Festival Curator for the Cape Town Month of Photography


22.05.01 Artists' Gardens project

The project Artists' Gardens (KünstlerGärten) has been running at the Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany, since 1993 under the supervision of Professor Barbara Nemitz. She has collected an extensive archive on nearly 100 artists who use plants as a medium, and has built an international contact network. Many European countries as well as North America are well represented, and we are at the moment intensely looking for information about artists from other continents.

An exhibition in the ACC Gallery in Weimar this July will present artists from outside Europe, who work with living vegetation, in the form of a CD-Rom. This information will also be included in the archive.

For more information about the project Artists' Gardens, or to submit proposals for the above-mentioned exhibition, contact:

Piia Salmi, Student of Free Art, Bauhaus University, Weimar
Email: or
Fax: +49 (0) 3643 583245

22.05.01 Multi-disciplinary art exchange

Moving Clay and Friends is a multi-discipline art group based in the North West of England just south of Manchester. The group is at present in negotiation with several official bodies in the Manchester area with regard to organising a series of exchange exhibitions with groups from within the Commonwealth to coincide with the Commonwealth Games next year, at suitable venues within easy reach of the Games. This is to be followed, hopefully, by return exhibitions during the following year. This is a very exciting project that has the potential to raise awareness of the arts of the Commonwealth to a very large audience from all over world.

Moving Clay and Friends, established in 1996 by a group of newly qualified ceramicists, has evolved into an egalitarian multimedia artists' group. Members meet monthly to exchange subject-specific information to support each other's pursuit of personal, professional and artistic development. Members are encouraged to visit exhibitions, attend conferences, seminars and masterclasses and, upon their return, to disseminate their information amongst the group.

Members are also encouraged to organise events, workshops and exhibitions, always including members with no prior experience, primarily in venues not normally associated with the arts, in an attempt to generate and facilitate wider involvement with the arts within the community. The group supports and assists members to exhibit at venues they would not normally be able to exhibit at, as individuals, assisting their personal development by providing professional learning opportunities.

If you, as a group or arts organisation, are interested in participating in possible exchange programmes and exhibitions, or to find out more about the group, contact Judith Quinn at

22.05.01 Call for abstract artists: digital catalog of emerging and mid-career artists

ArtHaven International is currently working on a project called 'CD-Rom Collective 2001' which gathers abstract works created by emerging artists. The selected works will form a catalog of approximately 44 new artists which will be launched into a biannual catalog that will be presented to art galleries that are currently seeking new work.

This project is organised by ArtHaven International in collaboration with artists seeking representation and exposure. For details go to for FAQs on this project, or send email to Deadline: May 31 2001.

ArtHaven International, 4418 Woolslayer Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15224, United States of America
Tel: 412-687-1067


01.05.01 Lushan Manshell drawing workshop

The BAT Centre invites artists, both experienced and otherwise, to a Drawing Workshop to be conducted by Lushan Mansell.

The workshop aims to help participants realise and develop their uninhibited, creative sides and to expose participants to the notion that drawing is more than a process of producing a carbon copy of the outside world - that it is also a way of expressing the abstract. Mansell will use a combination of yoga, visualisation and breathing exercises used by actors to help focus the mind's eye inward, and relax the body and mind. Using visual material, she will discuss the various properties of successful drawing and how they have been utilised in different ways by different artists. She will demonstrate various mark-making and layering techniques and discuss the viability of different media and formats.

Day 1 will concentrate on materials, techniques, composition, line, colour, rhythm, texture and form, with participants experimenting with various new mediums.

Day 2 will focus on the uses of yoga and breathing, giving students exercises followed by a period of creativity and feedback.

The workshop will run from 9 am - 4 pm on Saturday May 19 and Sunday May 20 and is free, but space is limited to 12 so book early with Njabulo Hlongwane at the BAT Centre on (031) 332-0451.

24.04.01 Summer Workshops in the Netherlands

Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University
Amsterdam, NL Netherlands

Once again the AMSU is presenting two courses in the field of art history this summer in Amsterdam and Maastricht. The courses are designed for professional artists, arts managers, academics, who wish to expand their training in their specific or related professions/ field of study. The AMSU offers a unique opportunity for international networking and practical experience with high quality course leaders and organisation.

The Painter's Palette in the 16th and 17th Centuries: Pigment Preparation and Painting Technology (Maastricht, the Netherlands, 10-18 July 2001), in collaboration with the Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (Limburg Conservation Institute).
A series of practical workshops and lectures will introduce participants to the preparation of supports, mineral pigments and organic dyestuffs. The participants will experiment with the build-up of paint layers and the use of different binding media, based on the examination of old master paintings. This course is intended for post-graduate students, professional art historians and conservation scientists with a special interest in painting techniques.

Recent Developments in the Study of 17th-Century Dutch Art (Amsterdam and The Hague, 12-24 August 2001), in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD) in The Hague.
This course will present an overview of recent developments and insights in the study of 17th-century Dutch art and introduce participants to the available research facilities in the field of Dutch art in the Netherlands.

The programme covers a wide range of topics and includes lectures, workshops and excursions to monuments and public and private art collections. This course is intended for graduate students and professional art historians specialising in the field of Netherlandish art.

For more information on both courses please contact Justine Smithuis at the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University:

Tel: +31 20 6200225
Fax: +31 20 6249368

10.04.01 International Art Exchange Resource

'Universes in Universe - Worlds of Art Information and communication system on the arts of Africa, the Americas and Asia/Pacific' is a resource with information on art institutions, projects and residency programmes etc. They are currently renewing their directories of annotated links on the arts of particular countries or regions. Most recently, they have updated and broadened the African and Mexican directories:

This contains about 220 annotated links - ordered in 25 categories.
On the Site Map you will find an overview of all sections:

About 280 annotated links - ordered in 51 categories.
The complete structure with all subsections:

In the service area for international art exchange, there are 25 new entries in:
Calls for Submission, Institutions, Project Pool:

16.01.01 Website, Desktop Publishing, Fine Art and Photography courses offered at The Ruth Prowse

Part-time course in Creative Internet Design,
commencing April 2001

Who should attend? Anyone wishing to focus on combining artistic creativity with progressive technology, with the intention of entering the dynamic field of New Media Design. The course is designed to give students a solid foundation for creating functional, well-designed web sites. Students will produce their own web site using the most advanced technology available.

Computer literacy and a basic understanding of the internet is an advantage.

The course is run by a dynamic team of experienced and successful designers and artists who are actively involved in both the local New Media industry as well as in the South African Fine Art world. Students are thus ensured both a cross-pollination of creative ideas and skills, as well as enriching, open tuition.

Admission is based on:

  • Academic results (Grade 12 pass or equivalent);
  • An interview
The 3-month course comprises the following subject modules:
  • Introduction to Macintosh
  • Web publishing essentials
  • Design for the internet

  • - Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Freehand, Macromedia Flash basics
  • Introduction to html and javascript

  • - BBEdit, Macromedia Dreamweaver

For further information or to enrol, call the Ruth Prowse on 021 447 2492.

Clickthrough for a full description of all the Full and part time courses available at the Ruth Prowse, most of which commence in April 2001, and are:

Part time course in Web Animation
Part time course in Film & Video post-production
Part time course in Multimedia CDRom Authoring
Part time course in Desktop Publishing

One-year certificate course in Visual Arts
Full-time course in Fine Art
Full-time course in Graphic Design
Full-time course in Photography

09.01.01 Photography Mailing Lists

There is the most incredible photo resource on the internet at RIT. You will find a variety of online photographic mailing lists for those who are interested in current debate on almost any photo topic. There are photojourn, pinhole, street photo, art photo, astra photo, photo philosophy and many others to check out on the RIT site. As a black-and-white printing resource, the pure silver list is an amazingly useful discussion forum. You will find discussion groups listed at


15.05.01 Submissions invited for southern African photography exhibition

Zimbabwean photographers have invited South African photographers to participate in an exhibition of work from southern Africa to be held at the National Gallery of Zimbawe in Harare during August this year. Photographers from Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mauritius, Mozambique and SA will participate. This initiative, which aims to promote the work of all southern African photographers, is laudable especially considering the difficult circumstances in Zimbabwe at present.

The SA Centre for Photography has been approached to curate the South African component and we have decided to send 25-30 photographs under the exhibition title 'Topography'. We would like to call for entries which in some way describe the contemporary South African landscape, rural or urban, in the broadest sense.

To facilitate transport and framing (to be done in Zimbabwe) we would like all works submitted to be printed on either 8x10 or 10x12 paper. Works may be in colour or B/W. We would like to submit work from all the regions, from students as well as working photographers. You may email j-pegs to my address, or send working prints to the address below. There is a US$5 entry fee which the Centre for Photography will pay. We will also cover the costs of transportation and insurance. We would ask prospective exhibitors if they would be prepared to donate the prints to the Centre for Photography to constitute our first travelling exhibition.

Entries should reach us by May 30. The final selection of photographs will be sent to Harare in mid-July. The selection will also be put up on our website for everyone here to view. If you wish to contact the Zimbabwean organisers directly, e-mail Michael White at

Geoffrey Grundlingh, Director, South African Centre for Photography

31-37 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001
Tel: (021) 422 2625
Fax: (021) 480 7108

15.05.01 Documentary picture story competition

The Vaal Triangle Technikon Photography Department is organising a documentary picture story competition for 2001. The theme is relationships. This competition is open to all photographers and the deadline for submission will be mid-October. Jurgen Schadeberg will co-ordinate the judges. A selection of the best work will be displayed at Museum Africa from November 2001 to January 2002. The first prize has not yet been announced but will follow next month.

Thinus Mathee, Head of Department of Graphic Design and Photography

Faculty of Humanities, Vaal Triangle Technikon, Private Bag X021, Vanderbijlpark, 1900
Tel: 016 950 9309
Fax: 016 950 9789

24.04.01 5th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints

For established and aspiring printmakers, this triennale comes recommended by the Association of Arts, Pretoria. Information on the events, which offers some very substantial prize money, is available at the following website:

Entry forms and other necessary forms are provided on the site. Those applying should contact the organisation (details below) by fax, email or snail mail. Entry forms will not be sent by fax or email however - these must be dowloaded from the website. Deadline for entries is 31 October 2001.

Enquiries can be addressed by email to or by post to:

Kochi Pref. Handmade Paper Coop Union
287-4 Hakawa Ino-gun
781 2128

Fax : 088 892 4168

17.04.01 Worldwide Contest for Streetcar-Design

For five months, creative talents from around the world have been invited to submit their visions of workand life in the near future as design proposals for display on streetcars (trams), which will run on thestreets of D�sseldorf, Germany, in October 2001. At the request of many artists, the closing date for entries has been extended to May 31, 2001. The winners - one artist from each continent - will each receive an award of US$ 7500 from the sponsor of the contest. The sponsor is a multinational company whose identity will be announced on the conclusion of the contest.

The contest is held under the patronage of the German Multimedia Association. An international jury consisting of experts in the fields of arts and business will meet in late June and select the five best designs from all submissions.

Concept and design of the contest web site have been created by turn-key GmbH, a multi-media agency based in Ratingen, Germany. For further information or technical questions, please contact Oliver Mau of turn-key GmbH :

Tel: +49 2102 997 02

17.04.01 Call for New Media Artists

JavaMuseum Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art has launched its first online project entitled '1st of Java - Perspectives on New Media' (JAVA= Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)

Artists working on web-based projects are invited to submit their excellent works in the categories Flash, Html, Java, Javascript, Dhtml, VRML, Quicktime and Miscellaneous (technologies which do not fit into the aforementioned categories).

The project has no specific subject, but intends to spotlight the actual artistic working with new media technologies. Until May 15, continuous pre-selections will be held. The pre-selected artists will be posted on the listings. A final selection will determine those artists who will participate in monthly shows from June 2001 on, each time other featured artists will be presented. Each artist can submit up to three works in each category. Participation is free of any charge.

To submit an artwork, the submission page can be accessed directly:

New deadline - May 15

To contact JavaMuseum send an email to

27.03.01 Save The Ruth Prowse Exhibition

As part of very necessary ongoing fund-raising, The Ruth Prowse school (previously known as the Ruth Prowse School of Art and Design) is calling for donations of artworks for a high profile 'Save The Ruth Prowse' Exhibition to be held later in the year. Works donated and not sold during the exhibition will be subsequently auctioned. The proceeds of all work sold go towards the 'Save The Ruth Prowse Art Fund'. The invitation to donate artworks is extended to all South African artists who have an interest in the saving and future development of a South African Art School.

For further information please contact Mignon, Diana or Sue at The Ruth Prowse:
Tel: (021) 447-2492

13.03.01 Vancouver Videopoem 3rd Annual Festival

The Edgewise ElectroLit Centre is seeking videopoem submissions for the Vancouver Videopoem Festival - the only screening event of its kind in Canada. Get public exposure and have your work screened in a premier public venue - Pacific Cinematheque, November 8-11, 2001. We are interested in any original, creative combination of poetry with material on videotape. Cinepoems are also acceptable provided they are transferred onto videotape format.

This event provides a much needed venue for the presentation of Canadian work in this burgeoning art form. The most innovative treatments are explored and presented. The selection of works is a broad range of mostly Canadian artists, a smaller amount of international artists and a diversity of poetic styles and video strategies. The EEC aims to develop a forum for defining, legitimizing and nuturing work in this hybrid genre and the artists who produce it in Canada. The festival components include SEE THE VOICE-a Poetry Video Workshop, two or three screenings, an awards gala and a night of performance-STAGED & CREENED, Mixed Media Cabaret-wherein poets interact with their videopoems by incorporatiing elements of dance, theatre and music.

DEADLINE: June 1, 2001

To obtain an official VVF 2001 Submission Application Form, contact Executive Director, Heather Haley @ (604) 535-8588 or visit our web site

If accepted into the Vancouver Videopoem Festival, all successful entrants will receive a screening fee and be eligible for VVF 2001 awards. The giving of awards is intended to recognize outstanding merit and to offer the public and artists a developing standard for vidopoetry in these categories:

-Best Videopoem The Edgewise Award
-Best Direction The Vision Award
-Best Performance The Voice Award
-People's Choice The Cinematheque Award

The Edgewise ElectroLit Centre is a non-profit arts organization whose mandate is to make poetry accessible to all members of society through a variety of media and educational programs. Digitized videopoems can be viewed in the Multimedia section of the Edgewise site. Funding for the Vancouver Videopoem Festival has been received from the Canada Council for the Arts and is produced in partnership with Pacific Cinematheque

Heather Haley-Executive Director
Edgewise ElectroLit Centre

The EEC is a non-profit organization whose mandate is to make poetry accessible to all members of society through a variety of media and educational programs.

Tel: (604) 535-8588 FAX (604) 536-3691

13.03.01 Site specific sculpture for Italy

The Chianti Sculpture Park is currently being established in Tuscany, Italy. Since the area of Chianti, in Tuscany, is both renowned for its artistic and historical traditions and for its nature, the Park requires very site-specific installations.

We are in the process of sourcing site-oriented sculptors from all over the world, especially from Eastern Europe, North America and Latin America. All the sculptural ideas and projects will be screened by the Artistic Committee of the Park.

The selection will be mainly based on how site specific the artwork will be. We kindly request interested artists to send us a few photos of their works. We will contact the selected artists and guarantee a return air ticket to Italy with the aim of visiting personally the Park to choose a site for their installation.

The participating sculptors will be given enormous exposure to high profile visitors and will be exhibiting along with internationally noted artists. Compensation arrangements will be evaluated case by case by the Park Administration. Please feel free to contact us for any further information at:

Mr Piero Giadrossi or Mrs Federica Vezzani
The Chianti Sculpture Park
La Fornace di Pievasciata
53010 SIENA

Phone: ++39 0577 357151
Fax : ++39 0577 357149

27.02.01 Foto 2001 Competition

Professional, amateur and student photographers can start preparing for the 10th annual photographic competition 'Foto 2001'. This competition seeks to show photography as an art form and that more than technical excellence is necessary to stir emotion in the viewer.

Winners in each of the following categories are will each receive R500 - Colour, Black & White, Photo Series and Digital or Computer Enhanced photograph. An overall winner will receive R1000.

The competition is organised by the Arts Association of Bellville and sponsored by the City of Tygerberg. Entry forms will be available at the gallery from March 26. The closing date for entries is June 11 and judging will take place on June 12. The prizewinning photos will be on exhibition in the Arts Association Gallery from June 27 -July 28. The Gallery is situated inside the Bellville Library Centre, Carel van Aswegen Street.

For more information or entry forms, contact Debbie or Rentia at 918-2301.

06.02.01 SAARTE-Zine - Free electronic art magazine

SAARTE-Zine is the premier South African Free Monthly E-mail Art Magazine. The aim of the magazine is to inform people about art events in South Africa. It is non-profit making and the content is determined by the responses that we receive. If you would like to publish any information in the SAARTE-Zine please submit your contribution ASAP in order to have your latest press release published.


Michael Matthews
Digital Publisher

16.01.01 2001 China 9th International Photographic Art Exhibition

Photography is a window of cultural exchange. Photography is a bridge to facilitate the development of the friendship between Chinese people and peoples all over the world.

The Chinese Photographers Association sincerely invites you - photographic societies and federations, professional and amateur photographers from all parts of the world - to submit entries to China 9th International Photographic Art Exhibition, which will be held in September 2001 in China.

Entry Conditions:
1. There is no restriction on theme, form or style of the prints. However, new artistic ideas and different schools of photography are encouraged. Prints or slides previously accepted in the international and national photographic exhibitions held by CPA are ineligible.
2. Three sections of works are accepted for the exhibition: Colour prints. Monochrome prints and Colour slides (35mm only). Each entrant may submit a maximum of 4 prints for each section.
3. All prints must be entirely the work of the participant. A form for filling the titles of the exhibits should be stuck to the back of each print (fill in according to the attached forms). This form can be duplicated.
4. Size of the print: 30 X 40cm (12"x16"). All prints must not be mounted and rolled. All those that violate the rules will not be judged. Slides: 35mm (5x5cm frame. Glass mounts are forbidden.)
5. Fee: Overseas entrant including entrants from Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions and Taiwan Province: US$10 or 30 IRC per author. Prints without fee will be neither judged nor returned.
6. All the works and entry fees should be sent by mail only as "Printed matter - no commercial value", with the mention: Photographic works for China 9th International Exhibition only. They will be returned to sender. Send entries to:

International Liaison Department, CPA
61 Hongxing Hutong, Dongdan, Beijing 100005, P. R. China
tel/fax: +86-10-65131859
tel: +86-10-65141380

7. Each entrant whose prints is/are accepted in the exhibition will receive a relevant medal and a certificate as well as an attractive catalogue.
8. The exhibition committee reserves the right to reproduce any accepted works for publicity, press or VCD without payment in any form.
9. All works will be handled with utmost care, but the organizer won't answer for loss and ruin or any unexpected loss of the works in transport. The author will be responsible for the portrait right and fame concerning the model in his/her works and any other issues resulting from this, the organizer will hold no responsibility.
10. It is understood that the author submitting his/her works accepts the rules and conditions above.

The jury will consists of 5 international and 6 domestic famous photographer. The jury will select about 350 works for exhibition and award the following prizes.

Categories and Awards:
A. Social life and journalism:
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
B. Folkways and customs
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
C. Nature and ecology
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
D. Landscape
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
E. Advertisement and still-life
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
F. Computer, darkroom
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
G. People and portrait
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
H. Science, education, culture and sports
1 FIAP Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 4 Bronze Medal, 8 Medals for excellence
I. Special award by jurors (recommended by jurors)
11 Medals
J. Award for the person or society who has made great contributions to the exhibition
3 Medals

Photographers who have won a Gold Medal will be invited to the awards and opening ceremony of the exhibition and pay a visit of photographic creation in China for one week. The organizer will bear the expenses including food, accommodation and transport of the visitors in China while they themselves will bear the round-trip travel fee from where they live to Beijing.

Explanation of the categories above:

1. The theme of the works should show the real life today such as the social trends and hot topics concerning the public, new people and new things that are constantly coming to the fore, spot events etc. all over the world.
2. Folkways, local conditions and customs: the works should be shot in recording and selecting of saving cultural heritage of various nations all over the world, such as to show the different faith and folkways, ways of production and life of various nations and traditional arts etc.
3. Nature and ecology: with the awareness of the need to protect the environment as the guiding ideology to display the changes of the resources of the earth, and landforms, the animals and the plants on the earth.
4. To show the chasing appreciation of beautiful and the photographic artistic styles of the photographers through the scenery of lakes and mountains, landscape, urban or rural buildings, etc. 5. To give products and still utensil with outstanding connotation and visual effect.
6. Develop and process the prints with computer and digital images or darkroom techniques to create various forms of photographic expressions.
7. Works are mainly portrait photographs focusing on the graceful bearings and dispositions of the modern people in all walks of life (famous people, great men or common people). Both in and out of the house are accepted.
8. Photos shot during the performances, sports games, the life of professional players, amateur sports activities, military training school life etc.

Organized by the Chinese Photographers Association
Patronized by the Federation of International Art Photography (FIAP) No. 2001/047

Closing date (deadline for entry): June 1, 2001
Judging: June 20-25, 2001
Exhibition: September 2001
Prints returned: October 10, 2001

14.11.00 Fourth Edition of the MEDIA SAVE ART Award

This award is an international press competition for articles dealing with the preservation of cultural heritage - a contentious and often agenda-inflected area in South Africa. Thus far, no South Africans have featured as award-winners, yet the raw material provided by the South African context is the stuff that writer's dreams are made of. Two prizes of US$ 4,000 will be made, to the author of the best article and the best series of articles respectively.

The biennial competition is administered by the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), an intergovernmental organisation created by UNESCO in 1959. An international jury of professionals from the world of media, conservation and culture will select the winners in each category. Only five entries from each individual may be submitted and the criteria are as follows:

1. Deal with the theme of safeguarding cultural heritage (deterioration, preservation, conservation, and restoration). Cultural heritage is understood as comprising museums, archives, libraries, monuments, historic and archaeological sites;
2. Be published between June 1, 1999 and May 31, 2001 in a newspaper or a magazine on sale to the public;
3. Be intended for the general public. Articles published in the specialised press for professionals are not eligible;
4. Be submitted in one original copy with a summary of 200 words in English or in French, if not written in one of these languages. Photocopies are admitted only if the text, the name of the newspaper, of the author and the date of publication are readable. The entire translation is required only for articles admitted for the final selection;
5. Reach the address below no later than June 30, 2001

Attn. Monica Ardemagni
Via di San Michele, 13 - 00153 Rome, Italy
Tel. + 39 06 585531/58553324
Fax: +39 06 58553349
Web Site:

Request the registration form to the above address.

For further info in South Africa please email


08.05.01 The new Michaelis Art Shop

The Michaelis Art Shop has moved and re-opened in a space adjacent to the school's gallery. The shop supplies a wide range of fine art materials and offers student discounts on presentation of a valid student card. The shop is competitively priced and now officially open to the public.

The Gallery, Michaelis Art School, Hiddingh Campus, 31-37 Orange Street, Gardens
Tel: (021) 426-1948
Shop hours: 9am to 5pm on weekdays

10.04.01 Looking for gifted young artists

Endemol Productions SA are a film production company. They have been commissioned by the SABC to produce an educational series called On Track. This youth programme will explore how sports and culture stimulate healthy body and soul as critical components for a balanced lifestyle. The programmes will take the form of a video diary.

Through the eyes of Jabu, a young enthusiast who loves exploring the world, and his brother Peter, we discover the fun, exciting, frustrating and emotional moments of South African youth. We are looking at filming a day in the life of one special child between the ages of 9 and 14 years. Jabu's video diary shows a journal of his travel into the communities and beautiful craft traditions performed by children.

On Track is a 13-part television series that wraps the lessons of sports, arts and culture in anecdote and entertainment. The series is to be shown from July 3 at 5pm.

It will be greatly appreciated if anyone could help us identify exceptional youth of the ages mentioned above, who we can profile in our programme.

Contact Marriam Diale (011) 799-2200 Email:

17.04.01 Monthly Photographic Critiques

Many years ago a bunch of Cape Town photographers used to meet once a month at UCT to discuss their creative and/ or professional work. The evenings produced some heated debates and bruised egos but were ultimately very constructive. More recently Eric Miller initiated and hosted the iAfrika sessions and the Monday night Biocaf� evenings. We have decided to resuscitate these useful crit evenings at the Centre for Photography. They take place on the third Monday of every month at the Centre for Photography (31-37 Orange Street, Gardens) at 7.30pm for an 8pm start.

All photographers are invited to bring photographs, photo essays and/ or slides they would like to discuss, to these meetings. The works discussed will include ALL disciplines, not only documentary work. All full-time photography students are also welcome as are photographers from other parts of SA. We will use the Centre gallery space (where the Paul Weinberg show was) as there is good exhibition lighting and loads of parking.

As we will need to limit the number of critiques/ discussions per evening, please contact Geoff Grundlingh on 082 490-2459 or Eric on 083 225-9675.

27.03.01 Festival Curator for the Cape Town Month of Photography

The Cape Town Month of Photography Festival Committee is looking for a Festival Curator for the 2002 Month of Photography (MoP). The second Cape Town MoP is scheduled for March 2002. A core visual component of the Cape Town Heritage Festival, the Cape Town Month of Photography aims to promote southern African Photography through a range of photographic exhibitions in and around Cape Town during this month. We are looking for a curator, or a team of curators to:

a) Create a curatorial framework and budget for the 2002 MoP, and
b) Assume curatorial responsibilities for the (core) curated exhibitions which will take place in numerous venues around Cape Town in March 2002.

The appointment is for a period of seven months from October 2001 to April 2002. The curatorial framework should address both the current socio-political realities in the region while also accommodating contemporary photographic practice. Applicants should take note that the Month of Photography showcases a wide range of photography, not limited to a particular genre such as documentary photography. Applicants for the curatorship should submit a curatorial framework and budget together with a timetable to the Cape Town Month of Photography Committee by April 30, 2001.

Candidates will be expected to assist the Festival Committee to raise the required curatorial funding. Those with clear and achievable curatorial and fund-raising proposals will be given preference.

NOTE: The 1999 Month of Photography consisted of 104 photographic exhibitions and events showcasing the work of 440 South African photographers. Entitled '100 XC' there were no specific curatorial directives. For the 2002 MoP there will be a core, curated festival component as well as an open category fringe festival.

Further details are available from the South African Centre for Photography on (021) 422-2625 or tel/fax (021) 480-7108 or e-mail Geoff Grundlingh