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Archive: Issue No. 45, May 2001

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Something to ask? A comment to make on ArtThrob? Email us at All queries answered by Paul Edmunds, Feedback Editor.

From: John Roome
Subject: Land art
Date received: May 13

I am searching for info on land art in SA. The ArtThrob search engine doesn't give me anything on "land art" because I think it only works on headings or something. Anyway I know there must be stuff and I did find something on Strijdom van der Merwe for instance. Can you give me any pointers as to other key words or names to search for?
John Roome

ArtThrob's search engine does search text but the exact phrase may not have been used on the site. A while back I wrote a review on '!Xoe 2 Off Site', in which I made brief mention of land art-type work. I don't remember the names of any of these artists, but a search for 'Xoe' should find them. Strijdom van der Merwe is probably the only well known South African working in this way. He's overseas at the moment, but can be contacted on Coincidentally a large project of this sort was to take place in Kirstenbosch Gardens early next year but unfortunately fell through last week.

From: Mike Mazarick
Subject: Trying to connect two modern dancers
Date received: May 13

I would like to ask a little help from you if possible. I would like to introduce my daughter (a modern dancer in the US) to another modern dancer in South Africa with the same (rare) last name. The dancer I am interested in finding for introduction is Athena Mazarakis. My daughter is Megan Mazarick. I had noticed a review of Athena's dance while poking around the web. The two probably find they have a lot in common. Megan is a senior at the University of North Carolina - Greensboro majoring in modern dance and spent last year in Perth, Australia studying dance. She has also performed twice at the American Dance Festival; once with David Dorfman and once with Brenda Angel (Argentina). Heck, they might even be related! (Mazarick was my grandfather's efforts at "Americanising" Mazarakis - it is still misspelled regularly even with the simplification).

What I would like is an email address for Athena Mazarakis or one of her friends so I can pass a message from my daughter to her. Unfortunately, my Megan is technophobic and hates computers/email/etc. I can't even get her to keep her cell phone charged up. Megan can use one of her friend's email addresses if Athena is interested in corresponding with her "cousin" in the US and if she can be located/notified.
Mike Mazarick

Mike, I have asked around a little but haven't been able to come up with anything. I'm trying to get hold of contact details for Robyn Orlin, a Johannesburg-based choreographer. This site does not specialise in the field of dance, but sometimes our areas of interest overlap. Maybe someone will read this letter and help you out. Good luck.

From: Anita Smit
Subject: Art project
Date received: May 06

I am a matric student at Oakhill School, Knysna. I have to do a portfolio art project on any aspect of South African arts or craft, and after doing some research, I have found that prison art in South Africa could make for an interesting topic. I am excited about extending my research to visiting actual prison sites. However, I am finding difficulty in finding information on the net. If you have any information on the topic, I would really appreciate it if you could email it to me! This could include information on artists or other websites/contacts you might know of. I also noticed that Sue WIlliamson shows an interest in related topics, and would really like to contact her personally - if you could supply a contact address/number? I might just add that I find your website generally very informative - a great help!
Thank you
Anita Smit

Ian Waldeck did a project with inmates of Leeuwkop Prison in 1995. Information on this can be found in Sue Williamson and Ashraf Jamal's book Art in South Africa: The Future Present. ArtThrob's search engine may have more info as well. A Durban-based artist and teacher called Brendon Bussy has also run a number of projects with children and adults in prisons in KwaZulu-Natal. You can contact him at

From: Margo D'Angelo
Subject: Vladimir Tretchikoff
Date received: May 10

I have come across a book that is signed and numbered dated 1955 for the US called Tretchikoff. It has many pictures and articles about the life of Vladimir Tretchikoff and is very interesting. It is signed by him and hand numbered in the inside front cover and also signed again on his self-portrait. His artwork is either shown on a page or attached to a page as a print that can be removed if desired. If there is any information I can look up that may help you, feel free to email me.

There is much interest in Tretchikoff, despite the fact that his work is regarded dismissively by most contemporary artists in South Africa. Just last year a work of his obtained a record price on auction here. I suggest you contact one of the auction houses, such as Christie's or Sotheby's, for a valuation.

From: Pippa Stalker
Subject: Joanne Bloch
Date received: May 02

I'm a Fine Arts 3rd year student at Wits University and we are doing a curatorial project this semester and I was actually wondering if you have Joanne Bloch's email address or phone number or something. I suppose the email address is probably better because I'm sure she wouldn't be giving her phone number out to just anybody. Obviously I understand if you can't help me. Thank you
Pippa Stalker

Pippa, neither Sue nor I know Joanne Bloch, but perhaps a visitor to the site can help you out.

From: Mustafa Maluka
Subject: National art prizes
Date received: April 24

Hi there
I want to congratulate the selection panel for nominating Robin Rhode for a Vita award. It's quite clear to me that he is the only one who deserves to win this year's prize in South Africa. I always feel a bit sad whenever I read about any things happening in the art scene back home. I feel like I'm doomed to be appreciated more in the Netherlands than in my own country. The fact that I just completely sold out my last solo show in Amsterdam valued at around R250 000.00 does make me feel a little bit better and after all, I'm only 24.

Mustafa Maluka
p.s. you can see a review of my last solo show on (The Mustafa Maluka Special)

- Nice to hear from you and glad to hear you are doing so well. When are you going to come back and show us some of this work which is so popular in the Netherlands? We haven't seen much of you for quite a while.

From: Joanne Wehrli
Subject: Seeking information
Date received: April 22


My name is Joanne Wehrli from Switzerland. I'm a graphic designer and I worked with photographers. I'm searching now to move in the South Africa and I write you for ask some help. I'm looking for a place where I could work in art. Maybe continue to learn with artists, in an agency, an art museum or in an art school. I'm really interested in graphic design, photography, sculpture, theatre. I want do more experiences. Do you have some adresses, people than I could contact?

I would be glad to receive help, thanks
Joanne Wehrli
F.-W.Dubois 17
2400 Le Locle
Tel/ fax +41 32 931 50 58

- Joanne, outside of formal study, that kind of opportunity is pretty rare here. I would suggest you do a web search of universities and technikons in South Africa and find out what kind of courses are available. Try email Carmen Perez at Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town. I'm sure she'll be able to help you.

From: Claudia Schadeberg
Subject: Artist
Date received: April 16

Dear ArtThrob
We just wanted to say how we enjoyed your coverage of Jürgen's shows which said it all in such a well written and well designed way. We also enjoyed reading about all the others arts events in ArtThrob which make the arts so accessible to so many.

Thanks again

- It's a pleasure and we're glad to make the underfunded and underpublicised art more accessible

From: Stephen Schmideg
Subject: Artist
Date received: April 16

I live in Melbourne Australia and I was wondering if you could help me, or tell me where I could get further assistance. I am trying to locate a South African artist. All I know is that her name is Brigitte Kosky, she lives in Cape Town and does paintings on silk.


- Stephen, I've never come across her, perhaps a reader will be helpful

From: Haiba Hamilton
Subject: Durant Sihlali
Date received: April 20

Can you possibly direct me to where I can find more information regarding Durant Sihlali? Or perhaps you can provide this. I am a papermaker and very interested in learning more about his technique, history and such.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide.


- Durant Sihlali exhibits with the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg, who can be contacted at I am sure they can put you in touch with him. Also you could try ArtThrob's Search Engine for past exhibition references