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Masjien video channel invites contributions from filmmakers

01.07.02 Masjien videochannel invites contributions
01.07.02 Connecting Flights seeks Project/Hub Manager
01.07.02 Works requested for AIDS art auction in UK
01.07.02 Drawing workshops at Spaza Art
01.07.02 Sculpture workshop for children at Mind's i art space

17.06.02 Nominations invited for Arts & Culture Trust Awards
17.06.02 ArtSci 2002 digital print competition
01.06.02 Public Sculpture Competition 2002: St George's Mall
01.06.02 Commissions Manager: Public Art Programme
01.06.02 Curators and ideas wanted for Tirana Biennale in Prague
01.06.02 Artists' Emergency Response - Video Petition Project
01.06.02 Sasol New Signatures Competition 2002
01.06.02 Call for submissions to Sasolburg WAM (Wax, Arts and Music) Festival
15.05.02 Daniel Langlois Foundation calls for research proposals
15.05.02 Mind's i art space calls for exhibition proposals
24.04.02 Commonwealth Arts and Crafts Awards
21.09.01 Fortis Graphix animated gif contest
05.06.01 Proposals for the Museum of Temporary Art

17.06.02 Nagasawa Art Park Residency Programme
31.07.01 Artists' residency at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Norway
05.06.01 Surreal Estates residence in Sacramento, California

17.06.02 Bag Factory invites studio applications
10.07.01 South African photographers' database
12.06.01 Space for hire at João Ferreira Fine Art
08.05.01 The new Michaelis Art Shop


Masjien videochannel invites contributions

The R.K.B [Remote Kontrol Bureau] is inviting independent filmmakers to contribute inserts to the next issue of the MASJIEN videochannel project.

Where the launch issue was a selection of original South African short films, issue two introduces the first theme: "congratulations!" No 02 will be available to the public in September. Outlines can be send to

"Masjien has no specific format : the only criteria is that it must be superior and display an advanced method of data-analysis," says operator Berlin East.

The first limited edition is available in standard grade VHS at Exclusive Books Nationwide as well as the V&A Waterfront and Sandton Levi's Stores at the introductory price of R 40.00 until the end of August.

Connecting Flights seeks Project/Hub Manager

Connecting Flights is an exciting partnership project covering four continents initiated by the British Council, Arts Council of England and London Arts in the UK with country components in New Delhi, London, New York and Johannesburg. The South African component is a partnership between the National Arts Council of South Africa and British Council SA. Together we envisage that this project will encourage dialogue in the arts around urbanism and the diaspora in a Southern African context.

Hub-Manager/Co-ordinator of the Johannesburg component within four (London/New York/New Delhi) cities of the Diaspora.

Project Description
Available on request

Core Objectives/Timeframe
* Commencement date 1 July - December 2002
* Manage NAC/British Council Partnership towards the UK event (5-7 November 2002)
* Propose South African platforms, projects, programmes and linkages for similar initiatives ie NAC International Projects, UKUZA, Smithsonian, International Network on Cultural Development, INCP/INCD September-October 2002
* SA event October 2002

The position requires someone well connected in the arts & culture scene of Johannesburg/South Africa and internationally, have good administrative/public relations skills. Added strengths are proven project management and report writing skills. What we need is an experienced arts administrator/project manager with an in depth understanding of current debates around urbanism and the arts. Specific knowledge of music, dance and the visual arts will be an advantage.

* to collate and feed information into the CONNECTING FLIGHTS website
* to document and record the process through bi-weekly reports and a thorough project evaluation
* to co-ordinate and connect the various Joburg projects taking place as part of the overall umbrella (and from that feeding material into the website)
* to facilitate interactions between projects and partners of CONNECTING FLIGHTS
* to raise sponsorship and source project partners

To apply contact:
Arts Project Manager: Tsitsi Chibanda
British Council Johannesburg
Tel: +27 11 718 4300
Direct Line: +27 11 718 4327

Works requested for AIDS art auction in UK

We are organising a Celebrity Art Auction to be held in November in Exeter, pre-World AIDS Week, to raise funds for Nkosi's Haven (SA) and Positive Action South West (a UK-based AIDS charitable organisation covering the South West of England). We will be auctioning work by UK artists and items donated by UK celebrities.

We are interested in and appealing to SA artists who wish to donate a piece of work to be auctioned.

The event will generate publicity for AIDS awareness, for the charities and for the artists. We will be using images of selected works in editorials preceding the auction which will generate further publicity for the artists.

Postage/shipping costs will be covered. Pieces will be subject to a selection process as we have a limited space.

Email Dawn Handy at

Drawing workshops at Spaza Art

Accomplished draughtsperson Erika Hibbert presents a four-week drawing workshop in conjunction with Spaza Art, designed to release the creative maker in you. Cost is R300 and basic materials will be provided but you are free to bring your own choice of media. Tea, coffee and cake will be served.

Classes will be held each Saturday between 2pm and 5pm.

July 6: Mark-making - the magic in humankind
July 13: Drawing on memories
July 20: Drawing from life
July 27: Drawn-out and Drawn together

To book, and for more information, please call Andrew Lindsay on (011) 614 9354.

Sculpture workshop for children at Mind's i art space

Diek Grobler, well known artist and one of the curaters of Mind's i art space, will be presenting a two-day sculpture workshop for children at the gallery on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 July. During the two-day workshop participants will be taught the basic aspects of sculpting, some fun art theory, and most important, to construct a huge public sculpture. The sculptures will be constructed from cardboard boxes, painted, and upon completion will be exhibited in public areas around Brooklyn Square shopping centre.

The aim of the workshop is, apart from providing fun educational activity in the centre, to increase public awareness of art by constructing interesting colourful objects, and placing them in public. Children will also learn that no material is too humble to be transformed into an object of beauty.

Children from 8 to 16 are invited to attend the workshop which will run from 10h00 to 14h00 on both days. The workshop will cost R200 per person, including materials, refreshments and lunch. Booking is essential as only 24 participants can be accommodated.

Book by phoning (012) 346 5131 or e-mail For more information, call Diek on 082 374 7115.


Arts and Culture Trust Annual Awards 2002

The Arts and Culture Trust (ACT) is calling for nominations for the 2002 ACT Awards, presented by Nedbank Arts and the Mail & Guardian. These annual awards recognise people, institutions and activities that best support the development and promotion of arts and culture in South Africa.

The categories are as follows:

1. Arts Administrator of the Year
2. Journalist of the Year
3. Media in Support of the Arts of the Year (electronic and print)
4. Arts and Culture Publicist of the Year
5. Cultural Development Project of the Year (including education)
6. International Arts Sponsor of the Year
7. ACT Best Practice Project

The ACT Awards will be presented at a gala function in Johannesburg on 10 October 2002.

Nominations for consideration are to be submitted to ACT by 2 August 2002.

A list of finalists will be published on the ACT website: on Friday 13 September.

For nomination forms and further information on the Awards, contact ACT on telephone 011 833 3611 or e-mail You may also download forms from

No faxes or e-mails will be accepted and a nominee must be nominated by another person.

Description of each category

1. Arts Administrator of the Year
Open to: any person in cultural organisations, government, the business community or activities concerned primarily with administration, policy, funding or management of the arts and culture or any aspect of it. Some criteria to consider:
* The skills, competence, knowledge and experience of the person in the area of work concerned.
* The achievements of the person during that particular year, and in the preceding 3-10 years.
* The national impact of the person's work.
* The contribution of the person to general development within arts and culture outside of the particular area in which s/he operates.

2. Arts and Culture Journalist of the Year
Open to: any South African radio, TV or print media journalist - either freelance or permanent, in any part of the country, who regularly writes about/reports on the arts and culture, whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Some criteria to consider:
* The commitment, passion and interest of the journalist in the arts and culture (as opposed to it being just another job) or any aspect of it.
* The effects of the journalist's writing in informing the public and in constructively criticising the arts and culture community or any aspect of the arts and culture.
* The integrity, independence, courage of the journalist.
* The choice of subject/s and its relevance to a significant public or artistic constituency.
* The competence, sills, knowledge of the subject, research capacity reflected by the journalist.

3. Media of the Year in Support of the Arts (Electronic and Print)
Open to: any South African radio or television programme or Internet service, any South African daily, weekly or monthly newspaper, journal, newsletter, magazine which as a whole, or a section of which reports on, provide information about, comment, gives constructive criticism, provides debate about arts and culture, or any aspect of it. Some criteria to consider:
* The consistency of quality and usefulness of the medium's reports, reviews, information, articles, etc over a period of time i.e. as opposed to one-off programme/service.
* The breadth of the arts and culture covered by the programme/service/publication.
* The national impact of the programme/service/publication in generating debate, providing information, developing audiences, educating the public, etc.
* The editorial independence, investigativeness, courage and integrity of the medium/service/publication.
* The layout, design and general attractiveness of the medium/service/publication.

4. Arts and Culture Publicist of the Year
Open to: any media publicity company, agency or department of an institution whose primary task is to generate publicity, and thereby, audiences and markets for arts and culture or any aspect thereof. Some criteria to consider:
* The consistency of the quality of the publicity generated by the agency for a range of activities/products.
* The innovation of the agency in generating publicity.
* The success of the agency in developing audiences and markets for particular activities/products.
* The respect with which the agency is held by the sections of the arts and culture community it most serves.

5. Cultural Development Project of the Year (Including Education)
Open to: any projects or programme undertaken by any formal or non-formal institution in any of the cultural, government, private or business sectors, in any arts and culture discipline, with the primary of developing arts (skills, infrastructure, building audiences, etc) or access to the arts among historically disadvantaged communities. Any agency or organisation involved in advocacy around arts and culture education anywhere in the country OR any formal or non-formal education programme which imparts skills - artistic, administrative, educational, etc - in the arts at primary, secondary, tertiary or adult level.
Some criteria to consider:
* The organisational, management and financial soundness of the project.
* The legacy, real or potential, which the project will leave.
* The involvement of the target market in designing, implementing and sustaining the project.
* The sustainability of the project.
* The success of the project during that year.
* The educational soundness of the project.
* The quality of the tutor/prime movers.
* The innovativeness of the project.

6. International Arts Sponsor of the Year
Open to: foreign donor, embassy, government department or institution, based in South Africa or abroad, which supports South Africa financially, or through training, exposure or other means. Some criteria to consider:
* The particular achievements of the sponsor during that year.
* The history of involvement, and the concomitant achievements of the sponsor in the local arts.
* The national impact of the sponsor's support for the local arts.

7. ACT Best Practice Project of the Year
Open to: All projects which have been wholly or partly funded by ACT and have best fulfilled all its obligations, in the twelve month period before the closing date for awards nomination. Some criteria to consider:
* Proof of effect of project.
* How the project fulfilled its stated intentions.
* Why the project is exemplary in terms of ACT's selection criteria (artistic excellence, legacy etc.)
* Media and publicity generated for ACT.
* Written references.

ArtSci 2002 digital print competition

Call for entries: 'ENVISIONING TIME, SPACE, AND THE FUTURE' - an international open competition/exhibition.

Sept 28 - Dec 1 2002: The Technology Gallery, New York Hall of Science
Dec 8 2002 - Jan 31 2003: Taranto Gallery, Chelsea, New York


The purpose of this exhibition is to celebrate the new medium of digital printmaking and to highlight outstanding international, national, and local talent. This year's show, our fifth annual digital print show, will thematically relate to a major exhibition, 'Einstein', that will open at the American Museum of Natural History in mid-November. Seeking works that either relate to concepts of time, space, and the future or somehow utilize specific scientific phenonema or technologies that are a result of Einstein's legacy including: Xrays, MRIs, electron-scanning microscopes, or GPS to mention a few.

Only digital images that have been somewhat created in the computer [not paintings or other media that have been photographed, digitized, and then printed via a digital printer] are allowed. They may begin as straight photographs, [even images from the Internet or stills from digital video] but then there should be custom manipulation by the artist. In past years, winning artworks have come from as far as New Zealand, Australia, California, western Canada, Germany, France, and throughout the USA [many from NYC].

See Digital'01 for last year's online exhibition and those from our previous digital print exhibitions


We anticipate holding a panel discussion in conjunction with the show about current issues surrounding the digital print including whether photography will exist in future or join printmaking to just be called "digital imaging"; are digital prints originating from animated/ moving digital image "still-shots" legitimate? How long will it take for embedded digital signatures/dates to become mandatory?


ASCI was one of the first organisations in the world to recognize the digital print as a valid fine art product in 1998 by organizing an afternoon panel discussion, 'Collectibility and the Digital Print' (see It was held in Great Hall at Cooper Union in conjunction with our first international digital print competition/exhibition. Artists had been reporting the existence of a "glass ceiling" regarding the lack of acceptance of this new digital output by NYC galleries and museums. This seminal event brought together artists, museum curators, art historians, digital print publishers and manufacturers of digital printers and papers. The state of the art and its future was discussed and a presentation about new archival digital inks by the pre-eminent authority, Henry Wilhelm, helped the further the growth of this new field.

Julie Van Haaften is this year's juror. Ms Van Haaften is currently the assistant director of the Digital Library Programme at the New York Public Library (NYPL), and was curator of Photography at NYPL for 20 years before taking her present position.

ENTRY DEADLINE: August 17 2002
NOTIFICATION OF WINNERS: August 31 (via email only)
DELIVERY OF ARTWORK: September 20 2002
OPENING at NYHOS: September 28 2002


Public Sculpture Competition 2002: St George's Mall

The JK Gross Trust (JKGT) in collaboration with the Association for Visual Arts (AVA) invites the submission of maquettes for the execution and installation of a public sculpture in Shortmarket Street, off St George's Mall in the city centre of Cape Town. Entry forms, outlining full details for this competition, are now available from the AVA, 35 Church Street, Cape Town, and on

The site for this competition has been identified as the corner of Shortmarket Street and St George's Mall, in the center of the city of Cape Town. Entry is open to all, and registration forms (Form A) should reach AVA by 29 June 2002. The maquettes (one tenth of the size of the proposed finished sculpture) must be submitted to AVA for exhibition on 15 and 16 August, after which the judging will take place on 19 August 2002. The decision of a panel of judges, selected by AVA and the JK Gross Trust, will be final.

The winner will be announced at the opening of the maquette exhibition at the AVA on Tuesday, 20 August 2002 at 6 pm. The maquettes will be on exhibition until Friday, 30 August 2002. Comments from the public will be invited.

A sum of R80 000 will be made available for the execution and installation of the winning piece. The winner will receive R40 000 in prize money and has 12 months in which to install the winning sculpture.

The first competition in this series was won by John Skotnes with his Mythological Landscape, which stands on Thibault Square, Cape Town. The second winner was Brett Murray and his Africa stands in St George's Mall at the bottom of Waterkant Street, in Cape Town.

These competitions were initiated by the JK Gross Trust with a view to making art more accessible to the Cape Town public by exposing them to contemporary art making by some of South Africa's most prominent sculptors. The regeneration of the inner city of Cape Town, for the benefit of both locals and visitors, is a vital component of this competition. Both winning sculptures have proved great drawcards for the city centre and both have elicited interesting debate around issues of public art and its role. Cultural tourism has thereby been advanced and the surroundings of the city greatly enhanced.


  • The area in front of the camera shop at the intersection of Shortmarket Street and St George's Mall in central Cape Town is the selected site.
  • The commissioned sculptures should in both form and character, complement the scale and nature of the surrounds.


  • The winner will be awarded a prize of R40 000 (forty thousand rands.)
  • A maximum amount of R80 000 (eighty thousand rands) will be made available to cover the proven costs of the materials, execution and installation of the winning sculpture.


  • This competition is open to all persons, regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • The commissioned sculpture will become the property of the Unicity Cape Town (CTU) who reserves the right to dismantle or move it if necessary in the future.
  • The Association will not be held responsible for any damage to or theft of submitted maquettes or for the storage of uncollected maquettes after the proposed exhibition.


  • Each participant is invited to submit one maquette in any medium at 1/10 of the scale of the proposed final sculptures.
  • Collaborative entries will be welcomed.
  • The participants should become familiar with the site.
  • It is a requirement that a budget for envisaged materials, execution and installation of the piece, including a timetable proposal for construction, accompany the entry of the maquette.


Delivery of forms and maquettes

  • Saturday June 29: Application Form A to reach AVA at PO Box 15218, Vlaeberg, 8018 WITHOUT MAQUETTES.
  • Thursday August 15 and Friday August 16 : Application Form B WITH MAQUETTE to be delivered to AVA at 35 Church Street, Cape Town, between 10.30am and 4pm.

Opening and duration of exhibition of maquettes

  • Tuesday, August 20: opening of Maquette Exhibition at 6 pm at AVA.
  • Wednesday August 21 - August 30, 2002: duration of exhibition. open to the public from 10am - 5pm weekdays.
  • The public will be invited to comment during the exhibition.

Collection of maquettes

  • Saturday August 31 2002: maquettes must be collected between 10h15 and 12h45 only.
  • NO responsibility will be taken by The Association for maquettes not collected from the gallery by 12h45 on Saturday, August 31.

Please note:

  • Finalists may by required to submit a second maquette 1/5 of the size of the proposed sculpture.
  • The Association reserves the right not to award a prize or to select a winner, should the judges deem the standard of entries to be unsatisfactory.
  • All working drawings, sketches and relevant developments of the winning maquette will become the property of JKGT.
  • The winning maquette will remain the property of JKGT and will form part of its art collection.
  • All maquettes should be for sale on exhibition at AVA. Normal gallery commission applies to all sales. The proposed sale price should accompany the maquette.
  • The winning participant must undertake to offer his/ her next solo exhibition at the AVA.

Final stage

  • The winning participant of the competition will be required to enter into a contract with the Association to specify terms and conditions of the commission.
  • The sculpture must be completed and installed within 12 months of the commission being awarded.
  • The materials used for the winning sculpture must be of a durable nature.
  • The winner, when conceiving of the piece, should take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of the installed sculpture and of the public visiting the site.

For further information, please contact Estelle Jacobs at AVA on (021) 424 7436 or email

Visit to download entry forms.

Commissions Manager: Public Art Programme

Johannesburg Development Agency calls for Expressions of Interest for a Commissions Manager: Public Art, Constitution Hill.

The Constitution Hill project marks one of the major inner-city regeneration projects by contributing to its economic, social and cultural upliftment. The Art Works Programmes are a major component of the Constitution Hill Project. These Programmes are intended to make a significant contribution to the overall goal of ensuring that Constitution Hill becomes a major attraction.

The JDA and the Project Board for Constitution Hill have recognised the contribution that newly commissioned works of art can make to their project.

The JDA anticipates that the successful proposal could well come from an individual, a team, consortium or company offering the full range of skills, knowledge and connections required grouped around a solid core of management experience.

For more information:
Under: TENDERS (Download the Proposal Call Document)

Curators and ideas wanted for Tirana Biennale in Prague

The Tirana Biennale 2 is looking for curators and ideas in order to create a real contemporary art event.

Dear friends,

I am currently working on the second edition of the Tirana Biennale that will take place in Prague next July 2003 at the beautiful site of Contemporary Art Museum of Elektrisny, a massive rationalist structure that is one of the most fascinating buildings in the world. I feel my extraordinary experience with the city of Tirana is exhausted. The Tirana Biennale 1 was made possible thanks to an enthusiasm and energy that is without equal, and in spite of the stress and the conditions of absolute emergency. The logistic difficulties (a non-existent budget, frequent lack of power and materials to install the show) was brilliantly overruled by the spirit of co-operation between artists and curators. The fact that Tirana Biennale 1 opened last September 14-15 - three days after the WTC attack - didn't prevent the participation of large number of artists, curators, and visitors from the whole Europe, but the trauma of those days limited the great flux expected from the every corner of the world.

At the moment we are working on this new TIRANA BIENNALE IN PRAGUE, that will be realized with a brand new formula in comparison to all the other international big art events. You know well my interest and passion work only when pressured by hard times. The Presidents of the second edition of the Tirana Biennale will be Milan Knizak, director of the Contemporary Art Museum, and me, Giancarlo Politi, publisher and editor of Flash Art. We will probably nominate a director and team of curators, who will have the duty of conceiving and designing this biennale. The Biennale will open during the first week of July 2003. At the moment we are forced to work within a very low budget (though it will increase to acceptable limits), but we feel the TIRANA BIENNALE IN PRAGUE will be the greatest cultural event in 2003. The formula will certainly be in tune with the times and the cultural changes currently on course - unlike all the other events. Further information will follow shortly.

Best wishes,
Giancarlo Politi

* Meanwhile, all those who wish to submit non-expensive and new curatorial ideas are more than welcome. You could be part of our curatorial staff. A big exhibition today can take place only with different ideas and diverse input, and not with a show-off referee and a little one-idea oriented staff. That's why I'm here. I am looking forward a confrontation of ideas with you.

The best proposals we will receive, even if not considered for the exhibition, will be published on the catalogue.

Artists' Emergency Response - Video Petition Project

Dear students and non-students in South Africa,
I am part of a student group at the Art Institute of Chicago working to make a Video Petition Project, detailed in the press release below. Please take a few moments to read over our proposal. We are looking for organisations and individuals to endorse and participate in this project. We begin shooting this summer in as many North American cities as possible, and hopefully in other regions of the world as well. In Chicago, we will be shooting at Video Machete and other venues TBA.

Peace and Justice,
Andrew Colwell

Artists' Emergency Response (AER) launches Video Petition Project to voice opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and to speak for a just solution to the Palestinian Refugee Crisis and an equitable and lasting peace in the Middle East. A student group at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago working with faculty and staff, AER consists of Jewish, Non-Jewish, and Arab-American members working to respond to the current Middle East Crisis as artists and activists.

AER has written 11 petition statements to be read on camera by people in the United States and Canada. The video will serve as the visual testimony of North Americans asserting their multi-faceted views against the Israeli occupation. These voices are under-represented by the media, despite their large and growing numbers, and cannot be dismissed as anti-Semitic or self-loathing simply due to their criticisms of the Israeli Government and its policies.

Beginning in the summer of 2002, AER will work with organisations and individuals throughout the US and Canada to sign thousands of individuals onto the Video Petition. The completed tapes will be screened in a variety of venues, from colleges, universities, and high school campuses, to community organisations, art venues, public access television, radio, and internet sites. The Video Petitions will also be sent to public officials and leaders.

For more information or to endorse or participate in The Video Petition Project, please contact AER at

Sasol New Signatures Competition 2002

Promoting and exposing the young artists of South Africa to the public is the drive behind the 2002 Sasol New Signatures Competition. This is an annual competition open to all artists who have not yet had a solo exhibition and who are older than 18 years.

This important competition is presented by the Association of Arts Pretoria and sponsored by SASOL. Many previous winners have gone on to become highly regarded South African artists building an ongoing vital and dynamic foundation to the visual arts in South Africa.

This is one of South Africa's most prestigious art competitions that must be added to your calendar. A maximum of two works per artist may be submitted to the Pretoria Art Museum on Wednesday 24 July 2002 and Thursday 25 July 2002 between 10am and 4pm.

A selection committee is responsible for selecting approximately 100 works for the exhibition and choosing the overall winner who receives R10 000. After selection two independent judges are invited to select their winning work which is awarded R5 000 each.

Winners for this year's Sasol New Signatures competition will be announced for the first time at the opening of this exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum on Wednesday 7 August 2002 at 7pm. Members of the public will have the opportunity to select their winning work for the People's Choice Price in the form of a ballot paper. This fantastic prize will be announced on Wednesday 28 August 2002 at 6.30pm.

For more information and entry forms contact Nandi Hilliard or Pieter van Heerden at the Association of Arts Pretoria on (012) 346 3100. Call now, we look forward to receiving your entries!

Call for submissions to Sasolburg WAM (Wax, Arts and Music) Festival

Professional and amateur artists are encouraged to enter the Sasol WAM Festival, which will be held in Sasolburg annually. Top prize for a work produced in wax is R40 000 in the professional category. Works which incorporate wax in their process (bronze casting, etching etc) are also eligible for entry.

The competition is sponsored by Schumann-Sasol, South Africa's largest wax producer. The theme for this year's exhibition and competition is 'South Africa's Greats'. The entry form reads as follows: "artwork may be 2- or 3-dimensional, figurative or abstract, but must clearly express the quality of greatness as embodied in something/someone South African; your South African great could be a person, persons (political, sport, medicine, social etc.), animal, plant, landscape, cityscape, an attitude, event or a combination of various South African qualities."

The closing date is July 31. For further information, please contact Mirah Baron Wilks who is promoting and co-ordinating the art competition. She is also co-ordinating transport. Artists are expected to provide concise CVs, artist's statements and present the work exhibition-ready (ie framed or mounted on a base, or as appropriate). Artists may also submit other works for sale, other than the competition piece.

Mirah Baron Wilks
082 413 5052

Daniel Langlois Foundation calls for research proposals

The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology is launching a call for research proposals in the program of grants for researcher in residence. This program being in its second year, the Foundation hopes to foster critical thinking about how technologies affect people and their natural and cultural environments.

Following an international competition open to historians, curators, critics, independent researchers, artists and scientists, the Foundation will enable two researchers to work in the collections and archives of the Centre for Research and Documentation (CR+D). The research project must focus on one of the Foundation's collections; a profile of the Foundation's collections is available at the following URL:

Twice a year, the CR+D will welcome a researcher for three to six months. The researchers will be given access to computer and audiovisual equipment, the Foundation's database and its documentary collections. Their research findings will be published on the Foundation's website.

For more details on this initiative, consult the program of grants for researcher in residence in the Funding Programs section of the Foundation's Web site:

The deadline for applying is August 31, 2002. If you don't have Internet access, or if you have any questions about how to submit a project to the Foundation, please contact the program officer Jacques Perron at or tel: (514) 987 7177.

Mind's i art space calls for exhibition proposals

Mind's i art space in Pretoria is inviting artists to present portfolios and exhibition proposals for the remainder of 2002. The gallery aims to promote challenging contemporary work in all media and disciplines. The gallery, located in Brooklyn Square shopping centre, is ideally situated to expose your work to a broad spectrum of viewers and buyers. Exhibitions are complemented by talks and lectures, animation screenings and live art performances.

We are interested in small bodies of work and single works to be included in group exhibitions in July, August, September and October. Interested artists must please contact the gallery at 012 346 5131. The gallery can be visited online at

Commonwealth Arts and Crafts Awards

The Commonwealth Arts and Crafts Award is a biennial award sponsored by the Commonwealth Foundation. Ten awards are made to craftspeople and artists, aged between 22 and 35, who show promise and initiative in their own country but who have had little opportunity of working in another country. Applications are welcomed from citizens from all parts of the Commonwealth and in most artforms. Applications are judged by panels of professional artists and arts administrators with a wide experience of the arts and crafts in the Commonwealth. The Award, in the region of 6,000 pounds, is intended to help winning artists explore their art in another Commonwealth country by working with other artists or studying in an arts institution for a period of approximately six months. Normally the payment covers airfares, fees, living expenses and the cost of mounting an exhibition. Payment is made in three instalments.

The aim of the Award is to encourage the sharing of artistic experience and traditions within the Commonwealth. It aims to give craftspeople and artists the chance to share their skills, exchange ideas, develop their talents and create a network of artists around the Commonwealth. The Award is about cultural dialogue rather than art for art's sake.

We are looking for:
- talented artists and craftspeople who have the ability to communicate and the desire to extend their horizons;
- original art and craft which has a strong identity, is rooted in its own traditions and has the potential to develop further;
- resourceful and self-reliant artists and craftspeople who, if selected, have the ability to plan, organise and manage their award;
- artists who will make the most of the opportunities provided by these awards.

The Award is not intended for study leading to a degree. It is also not intended for travel between any two of the following countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Travel to developing countries is especially encouraged.

How to enter

All applicants must complete the application form and submit the following in an envelope no larger than A3 size (420mm x 297mm).

1 A curriculum vitae outlining your education, experience and details of where you have exhibited or displayed your work.
2 Ten 35mm slides or good quality photographs (clearly labelled) of individual pieces of work. Slides are preferred. Photocopies, negatives and original work are not acceptable. When labelling slides please write directly onto the mount.
3 A short statement describing each piece of work.
4 Letters of reference from two referees outlining why you merit an award based on the stated aims of the award. One of the references must be from a recognised arts institution, ie a gallery, art college or artists' organisation.
5 A statement setting out your reasons for applying for the Award. Please include:
- the specific field of art in which you are interested, the country/countries you would like to visit (country/countries of destination), and, if possible, the names of institutions or craftspeople/artists with whom you would like to work;
- how you wish your artwork to develop and why;
- how your work will benefit from the exchange and how you could benefit artists in the host country;
- how you collaborate and network with fellow artists and institutions in your own country.
6 If you would like your slides or photographs returned, please include a self-addressed envelope if you are applying from outside the UK or a stamped addressed envelope if you are applying from the UK. Please do not include non-UK stamps or international reply coupons.
7 Applications should be sent to: The Project Manager, Commonwealth Arts and Crafts Awards, The Commonwealth Foundation, Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5HY, United Kingdom.
8 Closing Date: 1 October 2002.

You will receive an acknowledgement card on receipt of your application. Successful candidates will be notified by 31 December 2002. The Award must be taken up by December 2003.

Click here to download a PDF brochure and application form for the 2002 Commonwealth Arts and Crafts Awards [1.9MB] or visit

Fortis Graphix animated gif contest

This an international, juried, bi-monthly event. The goal of the contest is to provide a forum for gif animators to show off their handiwork. The animation must be an original created by you. Higher scores are awarded to those animations which use original artwork. Judges look for originality, creativity, humour, download time, visual impact and technical proficiency. Animations must not exceed 100k. You may submit up to four animations per month. First prize is $20 and the entry deadline is the 25th of each month.

Email: Website:

Proposals for the Museum of Temporary Art

The Museum of Temporary Art, Cape Town - we take the "con" out of contemporary art.

The Museum of Temporary Art invites you to propose an installation in the unique exhibition space in Observatory.

Send your proposals to curator Barend de Wet -


Nagasawa Art Park Residency Programme

2003 Nagasawa Art Park Residency Programme application forms will be available from end of June at

You can also access our new woodblock printmaking online shop. This has been established by ARTQUEST Co, Ltd, (the organizers of the Nagasawa Art Park Residency Programme). The online shop, which currently includes carving toools, burins and brushes, will be expanded in the future. See

Nagasawa Art Park Pilot Project Committee Tokyo Office / ARTQUEST Co, Ltd
4F Ichinose Bldg, 3-5 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083
Tel: 03-5216-7908
Fax: 03-5216-7906

Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim, Norway

Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV) was established in 1993. The name means "artists' workshops in Lademoen" (Lademoen is the name of a part of Trondheim). LKV contains 34 artists' studios, 6 workshops and 2 guest studios. The studios and workshops are located in an old school building dating from the turn of the century. The five-storey building has a total floor area of 2 264m2. In addition to 34 private studios the facility also includes two project rooms at 90 and 55m2 respectively. Over the last 6 years we have built up a printmaking workshop, photographic dark room, metal and welding workshop, carpentry, a computer room and digital video editing suite. LKV is run as a foundation.

LKV offers two guest studios (50m2, headroom 3,8m). The studios contain some basic tools (hammer, screwdrivers, stapler etc). The studio flats (30m2, fully furnished accommodation includes bedroom/living room, kitchen and bathroom) are located in a connected building. Both the studios and the flats are provided free of charge to artists from all over the world for a duration of 1 to 3 months. Longer residency can be negotiated in special circumstances. The rent for the studios is paid by the local authorities.

Residents may be asked to give lectures about their work for other artists in Trondheim. LKV does not have a gallery, any exhibition must take place in the studio, in one of our project rooms or outside LKV's premises. Guest artists may use the workshops by paying a fee. The guest artists are selected once a year by a committee of 3 professional artists on the basis of applications with slides or other documentation of work.

Trondheim is situated in the centre of Norway and lies on a fjord two hours from the open sea. The city is surrounded by a fine landscape of agricultural land, forests, hills and highlands with more mountainous regions to the south and east. Trondheim is the 3rd largest city in Norway. The city has throughout history been a cultural, spiritual, commercial and an educational centre including the University (NTNU) with institutes for film and drama, philosophy, anthropology, architecture, industrial design, construction technology and technical research. Trondheim has a rich cultural life with an art academy, music conservatory, symphony orchestra, concert hall, theatres, cinemas, clubs, bars and cafes.

For more information and application forms, contact Kjetil Krøvel (manager, LVK) at

Tel: +47 73 51 3515 (Mon, Tues, Thurs 10am - 4pm)
Fax: +47 73 51 3372

Surreal Estates Live/Work Community for visual artists, designers, mixed media artists and others

Surreal Estates, Ink, Sacramento, California, USA, invites visual artists, stage designers, mixed media artists and other artists interested to join their Live/Work Community in the Dixieanne neighborhood of Uptown Sacramento. Surreal Estates is a unique artist-owned project and invites visual artists to apply for ownership of a residence (500-700 square feet) and detached studio (800-1200 square feet).

The Uptown Art District, Surreal Estates' neighborhood, is the fresh, fertile and fascinating art scene in Sacramento. Opportunities abound for artists. Come be a part of Sacramento, and Surreal Estates!

For more information visit:


Bag Factory invites studio applications

The Bag Factory currently has a vacant studio and is accepting applications from visual artists who wish to be a part of the Bag Factory project.

The studios are currently utilised by 13 resident artists. Older artists who have been associated with the collective (some since its inception) and who form a core include: David Koloane, Pat Mautloa, Sam Nhlengethwa, Joachim Schönfeldt, Kay Hassan and Ben Arnold. They sometimes take on the role of mentors - teaching, advising and helping younger less established artists in workshops, etc. The remaining studios are utilised by: Dominic Tshabangu, Rookeya Gardee, Stephen Maqashela, Bongi Bengu, Verna Jooste, Claudette Schreuders and Paul Emmanuel. All the permanent artists are represented on our website.

For more information on the Bag Factory please visit

As an artist at the Bag Factory you will be required to:

  • pay the rent of R420 per month
  • be at the Bag Factory on a regular basis
  • communicate with the other permanent artists and the artists on the residency programme
  • be a part of the artists' decision making panel
  • attend meetings of the artists' committee,

If you wish to apply for the studio you will need to send us the following

  • Your CV
  • Your representative portfolio in slide or photographic form
  • Your motivation for renting the studio

Please send applications to:

Postal Address:

The Studio Programme
Fordsburg Artists' Studios
PO Box 794

Physical Address:

The Studio Programme
Fordsburg Artists' Studios
10 Minnaar Street

For more information contact James French (administrator) at 011 834 9181 or email

Database of South African photographers

The South African Centre for Photography is compiling a database of all Southern African photographers. At this time we would like only your contact details to be able to send invitations, announcements etc per mail. Telephone and fax numbers would also be useful. If you know of photographers without email address who would like to receive information from the Centre for Photography you may include their details as well.

Send your details to Claire Breukle at as soon as possible.

Space for hire at João Ferreira Fine Art gallery

João Ferreira Fine Art presents the ultimate venue for hire for functions, photo and film shoots, parties and launches. We offer NY loft-style architecture, spacious interior, live music, safe parking, catering and other facilities within the gallery space.

80 Hout Street, Cape Town

Tel: (021) 423 5403 or 082 490 2977
Fax: (021) 423 2136

The new Michaelis Art Shop

The Michaelis Art Shop has moved and reopened in a space adjacent to the school's gallery. The shop supplies a wide range of fine art materials and offers student discounts on presentation of a valid student card. The shop is competitively priced and now officially open to the public.

The Gallery, Michaelis Art School, Hiddingh Campus, 31-37 Orange Street, Gardens
Tel: (021) 426 1948
Hours: 9am to 5pm on weekdays