Archive: Issue No. 63, November 2002

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15.11.02 YDESIRE Proposals
15.11.02 Submissions invited for 3rd Impact International Printmaking Conference, 2003
15.11.02 Opportunities for artists to teach in Colombia
15.11.02 New Post-graduate Courses in Media Art & Design in Spain

01.11.02 Submissions invited for ABSA L'Atelier competition
01.11.02 Submissions invited for Cinametheque artists' video festival
01.11.02 49th International Short Film Festival
15.10.02 Submissions invited for online Symbolist Art Show
01.10.02 1st Biennale of Eco-Art
01.10.02 Thami Mnyele Scholarships
01.10.02 Contributions sought for annual NSA exhibition
18.09.02 National portrait competition
01.06.02 Commissions Manager: Public Art Programme
01.06.02 Curators and ideas wanted for Tirana Biennale in Prague
21.09.01 Fortis Graphix animated gif contest
05.06.01 Proposals for the Museum of Temporary Art

15.10.02 Custom House Artists' Studios residencies
17.06.02 Nagasawa Art Park Residency Programme
31.07.01 Artists' residency at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Norway
05.06.01 Surreal Estates residence in Sacramento, California

01.11.02 Academic post at Cornell University
01.07.02 Works requested for AIDS art auction in UK
12.06.01 Space for hire at João Ferreira Fine Art
08.05.01 The new Michaelis Art Shop

YDESIRE Proposal

If you intend to take part in YDESIRE, to take place on February 22, 2003 at the Castle of Good Hope, please submit your proposal, as soon as possible, in the following form -


Home/work telephone number:

Cellphone number:


Proposed working title:

What is the concept? (E.g. My proposed work looks at people�s relationship to desire through the medium of television. I will investigate the sex symbols imposed on us by local television programmes and also look at the effects of these sexual stereotypes.)

What media will you be using? (E.g. TV? Sound? Painting? Plaster?)

How much and what kind of space do you require? (E.g. I need 3 metres of ceiling space to hang my installation from. / I need a 2m X 2m wall to hang my painting on.)

Is your work time-based? (E.g. My work is a 10-minute video loop.)

What are your technical requirements? (E.g. I need a plug point for 3 CD Players and a slide projector.)

11. What kind of environment do you need your work to be experienced in? (E.g. I am creating a sound piece and will want a space that is quiet / I am doing a performance and need a large space with a view of the mountain.)

12. Does your work require electricity? (E.g. Yes, I am making a light / No, I am painting a nude.)

13. Is your work for sale? (E.g. Yes, I am making a series of little badges / No, I am doing an installation.)

Please attach images/diagrams of your proposed work. These can also be emailed to us. (See contact details below.)

Please drop the completed proposal forms at our offices or at any Cape YDE store. Mark them for the attention of YDESIRE. All proposals must be received by Friday 8th November 2002.

Contact: Kim Stern 083 285-7571 or James Webb 082 371-833 / YDESIRE Offices: (021) 797-8002 Email:

Submissions invited for 3rd Impact International Printmaking Conference, 2003

A call for papers, exhibition proposals, demonstrations and product fairs has been made by the organizers of next years Impact International Printmaking Conference. Hosted by Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town, the event will be co-hosted with Rhodes University School of Fine Art. Artist William Kentridge has already been confirmed as a keynote speaker. The conference theme is Working Proof: The impact of prints in a social, political and cultural context.
The organizers have supplied the following interpretative framework for contributions:
Frontiers: Notions of exploration, boundaries and limits. The dissolution of boundaries b printed art and other media and the redefinition of new parameters. Conflict. Ideas of opposition and hostility reflected in printed art. The cultural hegemony of prints from the western world.
Repackaging: Looking back at notions of history, identity, race and gender through a contemporary re-interpretation of the past in prints. Towards developing a new print language in a post-colonial context.
Traces: Looking at the traces of historical events in contemporary culture and print media, and about the ways that history is produced through the recognition of such traces. Possible areas of interpretation might include relics, ruins, monuments and memorials; the found object; histories of recording and the discourses of history, archaeology, and genealogy.
Exile: Notions of marginalisation through political and cultural isolation, but also arrival and departure that evokes thought of exile. Possible areas of interpretation could include corruption; prison islands, military experiment, social engineering, encampments and states of siege; discourses of first contact; home and homesickness; longing and belonging.

Proposal deadline 30 November 2002

Please send all proposals to the following addresses:
Deborah McTeer
Conference Management Centre
University of Cape Town
Faculty of Health Sciences
South Africa

Opportunities for artists to teach in Colombia

The Centro Colombo Americano is a non-profit binational cultural centre, founded in 1947 by a group of interested North Americans and Colombians who wished to strengthen the relationships between their countries. The institution is dedicated to promoting human development through academic and cultural programmes with a multicultural perspective, fostering extensive exchange with the United States and the world. In the case of applicants who have a background in the arts, they will actively participate in our ABC programme, which is an initiative to bring the arts into the language-teaching classroom both for adults and for children. Practicing visual artists will also have the possibility to be considered for an exhibition in the centre gallery. For more information on our visual arts exhibition programme, visit our website at, and click on English version, then Gallery.
Medell�n is a pleasant city in the heart of the Andes Mountains, with a year-round temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit. With more than two million inhabitants, it is known for its vigorous industrial development and its beautiful flowers. The people, called 'Paisas', are known for their friendliness and clearly spoken Spanish. You can read more about Medell�n and Colombia in, or
Should you have any questions, please feel free to email us and we will arrange to call you to speak personally. We are sure that you will find working with us professionally challenging and fulfilling. Please feel free to check our website for further information on the Center.
If you are interested, send your CV and a recent photo to:
The Academic Director
Centro Colombo Americano
Carrera 45 No. 53-24
Medell�n, Colombia, South America
Tel: (574) 513-4444 Ext.237, Fax: (574) 513-2666

New Post-graduate Courses in Media Art & Design in Spain

MECAD, or the Media Centre of Art and Design, is accepting applications for its new Master, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificates courses in the areas of curatorial and critical practices, organization of cultural events and art management. Based in Barcelona, Spain, the focus on these courses is on media art (electronic art, multimedia, Internet, etc.). MECAD offers four academic programmes:
Master on Curatorial and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media This course offers a complete and solid training in the above-mentioned areas. It is aimed to superior graduates and professionals looking for highly specialized knowledge. The course runs from March to September 2003, with the possibility of taking the course in 2 years
Postgraduate Diploma on Curatorial and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media This course offers extensive training in curatorial practices and art management focused on art and new media. Course runs April to July 2003 (part time).
Postgraduate Certificate in Electronic Arts Communication and Criticism This course offers intensive training in journalism and criticism focused on electronic arts. It is not necessary to have a degree to apply. Course runs March to May 2003.
Postgraduate Certificate in Electronic Arts History and Aesthetics Offering specialised training in the areas of electronic art history, theory and aesthetics, the course runs from April to June 2003.

For more information:
Tel.: (+34) 93 745 70 40 Fax: (+34) 93 726 81 83


The 18th Absa L'Atelier Art Competition

Calls for entries are being circulated timeously for next year's Absa L'Atelier art competition. The competition offers what is arguably the most lucrative prize in South Africa - a six-month residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris and R70 000. Runners up receive significant cash prizes too. A maximum of three works may be entered, and artists must between the ages of 18 and 35. Works must not exceed 2m x 2m, must weigh less than 30kg and be able to pass through a normal door.

Entries close on March 7, 2003 and works will be received at regional collection points between March 3 and 7.

Regional collection points: Belville (CT), Bloemfontein, Durban, East London, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Umtata.

For more information, call Cecile Loedolff at (011) 350-5793.

Call for Submissions to Cinematheque

Cinematheque at MediaCentre is looking for artists' videos in the streaming formats QuickTime, Real Video, Flash, Shockwave and Windows Media, to be presented in the next online show.

Artists are invited to submit works of any subject and genre. No commercial works are accepted. The running time may not exceed 10 min. The works can be submitted either as media file (not larger than 5MB) or URL(file size not limited).

A selection of the best videos submitted will be included in the show.

Deadline November 30

Please include this information with your entry:

Artist: Name, Nationality, Email, URL and Short bio (not longer than 250 words) Work: Title, Type of video, URL or type of submitted media file, Year, Short description (not more than 250 words)

Please send your submission exclusively via email to:

Call for entries to the 49th International Short Film Festival

The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen is inviting filmmakers from all over the world to submit their shorts, film or video, to its 49th Festival. The event will take place from May 1 - 6, 2003. The Festival is known for its openness to new forms and narrative styles. Approximately 70 titles will be selected for the International Competition, and 30 to 35 titles each for the German Competition and the Children's and Youth Film Competition. In these three competitions, the works will compete for 13 prizes worth a total of EUR 32,500.

Deadline for submissions: January 15

Formats: Film: Super 8, 16 and 35 mm; Video: DV, DVCAM, S-VHS, Beta-SP/PAL
Genres: All
Length: International max. 35 min, German max. 45 min
Production date: International after 1.1.2001, German after 1.1.2002
Competitions: International, German, International Children's and Youth Films (ages 5 -16)

Entry forms available as pdf downloads at

Post Available at Cornell University

Cornell University is looking for a tenure-track Assistant Professor Art Historian in Contemporary Art/History of Photography to commence in Fall 2003. Ph.D., teaching experience, and publications required. Specialisation in contemporary art practices with emphasis on any of the following: photography, film, video, multi-media art, and their theoretical and historical origins such as spectacle, diorama, and the baroque.

Ph.D. (in hand before the term of the appointment begins), teaching experience at undergraduate and graduate level, and publications required. Applicants should provide the following: Letter of application, curriculum vitae, copies of scholarly publications (no more than two chapters of a thesis), description of courses taught or prepared to teach, names of three references.

Appointment begins July 1, 2003 with classes to begin in mid-August.

Application deadline: January 31, 2003.

Cornell University is an affirmative action/ equal opportunity employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Send materials to:

Salah Hassan, Chair
Department of History of Art
Cornell University
G35 Goldwin Smith Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-3201

Call for Submissions to International Symbolist Art Show

Canadian curator, Susanne Iles, invites submissions to the 2003 International Juried Online Symbolist Art Show, 'The Mythic Quest'. Painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art, sculpture and photography are acceptable media. The distinguished jury for the event includes: Thomas Moore, best-selling American author of 'Care of the Soul', Julia Kerr, the founder of the online virtual gallery 'ArtMagick', and Joel Geolamen, Filipino artist and 2002 finalist. The deadline for entries is March 1, 2003, and the event is open to both artists and art students. Complete details are available online at

Thomas Moore is a best-selling American author, whose books include: 'Care of the Soul', 'Meditations', 'Soul Mates', 'The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life', 'The Education of the Heart', 'The Book of Job', 'The Soul of Sex', 'Original Self', and his latest 'The Soul's Religion'. He was a monk in a Catholic religious order for 12 years, and holds degrees in theology, musicology and philosophy. Moore is a leading lecturer in archetypal psychology, mythology, and the imagination. For additional information, please visit

Julia Kerr, originally from Wales, is the founder of the online virtual gallery 'ArtMagick', which is dedicated to showcasing the work of both well-known and obscure artists and poets of the Victorian period. She has studied in the UK and the former Soviet Union, and is a keen student of 19th and early 20th century art, in particular the Pre-Raphaelite and Symbolist movements. For additional information, please visit

Joel Geolamen is an artist from Davao City, Philippines, and finalist in the 2002 show, 'The Dreamer and the Dreamed'. Geolamen's winning entry, Metamorphosis XXVI, demonstrates his pioneering technique of etching on photographs. He is a graduate of the Ford Academy of the Arts in Davao City.

Susanne Iles, comments, "I am very pleased with the calibre of volunteers we have attracted to the panel. Each brings a unique perspective to the show's theme, 'The Mythic Quest', which seeks to symbolically explore our journey through life."

According to the Oxford Dictionary, symbolist art seeks special symbols to express the essence of things by suggestion. It engages the viewer by appealing to the heart, personality and unconscious mind, as well as the intellect. The purpose of this one-of-a-kind event is threefold:

- To promote symbolist art and its importance in leading the viewer's imagination into the unseen world of thoughts, hopes, and fears. Symbols in art are a catalyst to personal revelation.

- To provide artists from all backgrounds with a convenient and meaningful online presence. Finalists and winners will be showcased for one year through to May 1, 2004, the date of the next show.

- To help art students gain exposure and bring together a diverse array of inspirational perspectives from around the world.

The International Juried Online Symbolist Art Show is an annual competition, which includes fantastic, visionary and surreal genres. Curated by Canadian artist and writer, Susanne Iles, the current show, 'The Dreamer and the Dreamed', is online through to May 1, 2003.

For further inquires, please contact:

Susanne Iles, Curator

Israeli Forum for Ecological Art call for artists/ ecologists/ decision makers of the world

* Investigate environmental issues in your next artwork wherever you are
* Be part of the 1st Biennale for Eco-Art in Israel in 2005

This is a call for artists to initiate creative social change, a call for scientists/ ecologists to collaborate with artists on environmental issues, a call for official incorporation of artists in decision-making processes.

It is time we take an inspiring role in the shaping and safeguarding of our natural spaces. Be a decision- maker regarding the quality of life. Release people from their environmental indifferences using visual language to raise environmental awareness and be involved in the physical/ spiritual reclamation of damaged areas.

For more information please contact:

Shai Zakai, Israeli Forum for Ecological Art, Lion-Srigim P.O.B. 93 Emek-Haela 99835 Israel

Tel: 972 2 991-2101
Fax: 972 2 991-2153

Thami Mnyele Scholarships

The Thami Mnyele Foundation awards two scholarships annually. Originally offered only to South Africans, the scholarships are now available to artists from all African countries. The scholarship gives the recipient three months in the Foundation's studio in Amsterdam, and provides for their travel, materials and living expenses. The Foundation also provides medical and legal liability insurance and promises mediation in meeting people associated with the Dutch art world.

Applications should reach the Foundation by November 15. Forms can be obtained from:

Pauline Burmann
Tel: +31 20 62 56 274
Fax: +31 20 62 58 945

South Africans who have stayed in the studio include:

Sarah Tabane, Andries Botha, Noria Mabasa, Tito Zungu, Liza du Plessis, Mustafa Maluka, Jeremy Wafer, Ilse Pahl and Louis Mhlanga.

Contributions invited for annual NSA festive season exhibition

The NSA Gallery in Durban is urgently looking for unique quality crafts for its annual festive season exhibition 'Buzzart...', which opens on November 24. This year the annual Christmas show is having a make-over. Divided into sections relating to aspects of lifestyle the exhibition will focus on and promote innovative and interesting locally produced design. Artists and makers of handmade gifts, furniture, tablecloths, glassware, jewellery, ceramics etc. are invited to bring samples during working hours to the NSA Gallery for selection. Selected goods will be sold on consignment.

The exhibition will run until January 10, 2003.

For more information contact Gloria or Storm on (031) 202-3686 or email

National Portrait Competition

The Tatham Art Gallery invites submissions in a national competition from South African citizens resident in South Africa for a portrait of King Cetshwayo of the Zulu as part of its centenary celebrations in 2003.

Apart from collecting money from citizens of Pietermaritzburg in 1903 for the purchase of paintings to start an art collection for the City, Mrs Ada Tatham also collected "in tiny sums" an amount of �300 from the children and women of schools the Midlands and northern Natal which was used to commission a copy of Winterhalter's state coronation portrait of Queen Victoria in St James's Palace, London. Permission was granted by King Edward VII for the painter Charles van Havermaet to spend six weeks copying the portrait on site. An impressive gilt frame was donated by Pietermaritzburg's London agent. The frame has the Royal coat-of-arms at top centre, and the coats-of-arms of Natal and Pietermaritzburg at each top corner. For many years the painting hung in the Pietermaritzburg City Council Chamber. In 1995 when the Chamber was refurbished for the incoming Transitional Local Council, the painting was removed and now hangs in the main stairwell of the Tatham Art Gallery's new home, the Old Supreme Court Building.

Winterhalter's portrait dates from 1847, the year Natal became the first colony added to the British Empire during the reign of Queen Victoria.

"The time is long overdue to address an obvious historical imbalance," says Tatham Art Gallery Director, Brendan Bell. "We cannot and do not wish to hide any aspect of our history as a province, and the portrait of Queen Victoria demands an equally impressive companion portrait of one of the Zulu kings. There is no more appropriate subject than King Cetshwayo of the Zulu, who played such an important role in Natal during Queen Victoria's reign."

Cetshwayo reigned as King of the Zulu from 1873 and 1884. Like his predecessors he wanted to avoid conflict with the white settlers but he was obstructing imperial endeavours. He struck an effective alliance with the British in order to keep his longstanding enemies, the Transvaal Boers, in check, but the alliance collapsed when the British annexed Transvaal and supported false Boer land claims in the ongoing border dispute with Zululand. This led to the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, the defeat of the British at the Battle of Isandlwana and the ultimate defeat of the Zulu at the Battle of Ulundi, Cetshwayo's new capital. Cetshwayo was eventually captured and taken to the Cape. In 1882 he travelled to London where he met Queen Victoria. On his return he was reinstated as King of the Zulu in a much reduced territory and with less autonomy, and became embroiled in inter-chiefdom war deliberately engineered by the British as part of their "divide and conquer" policy. He died on 8 February 1884, presumably of a heart attack.

The competition is for the award of a R100 000 commission for a portrait in oil or acrylic on canvas of King Cetshwayo in traditional dress. The commissioned portrait measuring 2310mm (height) by 1540mm (width) will become part of the Tatham Art Gallery permanent collection and will hang adjacent to the portrait of Queen Victoria in the main stairwell of the Tatham Art Gallery.

Entries in the first round will be exhibited in the Tatham Art Gallery's West Gallery during February 2003. Five artists will be selected to submit comprehensive portfolios of their work to date, from which the winner of the commission will be announced. Each of the finalists will receive R5 000. An exhibition of material relating to King Cetshwayo will complement the unveiling ceremony of the portrait in November 2003.

The competition will be judged by the Tatham Art Gallery Acquisitions Committee and invited experts. The selectors will be looking for:

an accurate physical likeness of King Cetshwayo.
accurate rendition of King Cetshwayo's traditional attire and any artefacts included in the painting.
a full length portrait of the King, standing or seated in a suitable setting.
an indication of King Cetshwayo's personality and dignity as a Zulu king.
an indication that the artist has considered the portrait of King Cetshwayo as a companion to the portrait of Queen Victoria in respect of its Royal subjects, its size and colouring.
highly competent painting skills.

Interested artists are requested to contact Mduduzi Xakaza or Brendan Bell on (033) 342-1804, or email

Commissions Manager: Public Art Programme

Johannesburg Development Agency calls for Expressions of Interest for a Commissions Manager: Public Art, Constitution Hill.

The Constitution Hill project marks one of the major inner-city regeneration projects by contributing to its economic, social and cultural upliftment. The Art Works Programmes are a major component of the Constitution Hill Project. These Programmes are intended to make a significant contribution to the overall goal of ensuring that Constitution Hill becomes a major attraction.

The JDA and the Project Board for Constitution Hill have recognised the contribution that newly commissioned works of art can make to their project.

The JDA anticipates that the successful proposal could well come from an individual, a team, consortium or company offering the full range of skills, knowledge and connections required grouped around a solid core of management experience.

For more information:
Under: TENDERS (Download the Proposal Call Document)

Curators and ideas wanted for Tirana Biennale in Prague

The Tirana Biennale 2 is looking for curators and ideas in order to create a real contemporary art event.

Dear friends,

I am currently working on the second edition of the Tirana Biennale that will take place in Prague next July 2003 at the beautiful site of Contemporary Art Museum of Elektrisny, a massive rationalist structure that is one of the most fascinating buildings in the world. I feel my extraordinary experience with the city of Tirana is exhausted. The Tirana Biennale 1 was made possible thanks to an enthusiasm and energy that is without equal, and in spite of the stress and the conditions of absolute emergency. The logistic difficulties (a non-existent budget, frequent lack of power and materials to install the show) was brilliantly overruled by the spirit of co-operation between artists and curators. The fact that Tirana Biennale 1 opened last September 14-15 - three days after the WTC attack - didn't prevent the participation of large number of artists, curators, and visitors from the whole Europe, but the trauma of those days limited the great flux expected from the every corner of the world.

At the moment we are working on this new TIRANA BIENNALE IN PRAGUE, that will be realized with a brand new formula in comparison to all the other international big art events. You know well my interest and passion work only when pressured by hard times. The Presidents of the second edition of the Tirana Biennale will be Milan Knizak, director of the Contemporary Art Museum, and me, Giancarlo Politi, publisher and editor of Flash Art. We will probably nominate a director and team of curators, who will have the duty of conceiving and designing this biennale. The Biennale will open during the first week of July 2003. At the moment we are forced to work within a very low budget (though it will increase to acceptable limits), but we feel the TIRANA BIENNALE IN PRAGUE will be the greatest cultural event in 2003. The formula will certainly be in tune with the times and the cultural changes currently on course - unlike all the other events. Further information will follow shortly.

Best wishes,
Giancarlo Politi

* Meanwhile, all those who wish to submit non-expensive and new curatorial ideas are more than welcome. You could be part of our curatorial staff. A big exhibition today can take place only with different ideas and diverse input, and not with a show-off referee and a little one-idea oriented staff. That's why I'm here. I am looking forward a confrontation of ideas with you.

The best proposals we will receive, even if not considered for the exhibition, will be published on the catalogue.

Fortis Graphix animated gif contest

This an international, juried, bi-monthly event. The goal of the contest is to provide a forum for gif animators to show off their handiwork. The animation must be an original created by you. Higher scores are awarded to those animations which use original artwork. Judges look for originality, creativity, humour, download time, visual impact and technical proficiency. Animations must not exceed 100k. You may submit up to four animations per month. First prize is $20 and the entry deadline is the 25th of each month.

Email: Website:

Proposals for the Museum of Temporary Art

The Museum of Temporary Art, Cape Town - we take the "con" out of contemporary art.

The Museum of Temporary Art invites you to propose an installation in the unique exhibition space in Observatory.

Send your proposals to curator Barend de Wet -


Residencies at Custom House Artists' Studios Limited, Ireland

The Custom House Artists' Studios Limited has been established to support and promote the visual Arts in Westport and throughout the county. It is located at the Old Custom House building at the Quay in Westport Co Mayo. Extensive renovations are now completed through a partnership involving the Westport Artists' Studio Group, Westport Town Council, Mayo Co Council, the Department of Arts Sport and Tourism and the Westport community as a whole.

  • The Studios accommodate seven Artists' Studios, together with a print studio and a Visual Arts Gallery. Artists are now invited to submit proposals for residency at the Studios in 2003.
  • The gallery space located on the ground floor has good daylight and is approximately 28ft long x 17ft wide and 9 ft high. The Custom House Artists' Studios are now inviting applications for exhibitions at their gallery at the Quay Westport Co. Mayo for 2003.
  • Please send letters of interest, CVs and documentation of work to:

    John Mc Hugh
    Custom House Studios , The Quay, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland

    Tel: 098 28735

    The closing date for submissions is Friday November 15, 2002.

  • Nagasawa Art Park Residency Programme

    2003 Nagasawa Art Park Residency Programme application forms will be available from end of June at

    You can also access our new woodblock printmaking online shop. This has been established by ARTQUEST Co, Ltd, (the organizers of the Nagasawa Art Park Residency Programme). The online shop, which currently includes carving toools, burins and brushes, will be expanded in the future. See

    Nagasawa Art Park Pilot Project Committee Tokyo Office / ARTQUEST Co, Ltd
    4F Ichinose Bldg, 3-5 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083
    Tel: 03-5216-7908
    Fax: 03-5216-7906

    Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim, Norway

    Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV) was established in 1993. The name means "artists' workshops in Lademoen" (Lademoen is the name of a part of Trondheim). LKV contains 34 artists' studios, 6 workshops and 2 guest studios. The studios and workshops are located in an old school building dating from the turn of the century. The five-storey building has a total floor area of 2 264m2. In addition to 34 private studios the facility also includes two project rooms at 90 and 55m2 respectively. Over the last 6 years we have built up a printmaking workshop, photographic dark room, metal and welding workshop, carpentry, a computer room and digital video editing suite. LKV is run as a foundation.

    LKV offers two guest studios (50m2, headroom 3,8m). The studios contain some basic tools (hammer, screwdrivers, stapler etc). The studio flats (30m2, fully furnished accommodation includes bedroom/living room, kitchen and bathroom) are located in a connected building. Both the studios and the flats are provided free of charge to artists from all over the world for a duration of 1 to 3 months. Longer residency can be negotiated in special circumstances. The rent for the studios is paid by the local authorities.

    Residents may be asked to give lectures about their work for other artists in Trondheim. LKV does not have a gallery, any exhibition must take place in the studio, in one of our project rooms or outside LKV's premises. Guest artists may use the workshops by paying a fee. The guest artists are selected once a year by a committee of 3 professional artists on the basis of applications with slides or other documentation of work.

    Trondheim is situated in the centre of Norway and lies on a fjord two hours from the open sea. The city is surrounded by a fine landscape of agricultural land, forests, hills and highlands with more mountainous regions to the south and east. Trondheim is the 3rd largest city in Norway. The city has throughout history been a cultural, spiritual, commercial and an educational centre including the University (NTNU) with institutes for film and drama, philosophy, anthropology, architecture, industrial design, construction technology and technical research. Trondheim has a rich cultural life with an art academy, music conservatory, symphony orchestra, concert hall, theatres, cinemas, clubs, bars and cafes.

    For more information and application forms, contact Kjetil Krøvel (manager, LVK) at

    Tel: +47 73 51 3515 (Mon, Tues, Thurs 10am - 4pm)
    Fax: +47 73 51 3372

    Surreal Estates Live/Work Community for visual artists, designers, mixed media artists and others

    Surreal Estates, Ink, Sacramento, California, USA, invites visual artists, stage designers, mixed media artists and other artists interested to join their Live/Work Community in the Dixieanne neighborhood of Uptown Sacramento. Surreal Estates is a unique artist-owned project and invites visual artists to apply for ownership of a residence (500-700 square feet) and detached studio (800-1200 square feet).

    The Uptown Art District, Surreal Estates' neighborhood, is the fresh, fertile and fascinating art scene in Sacramento. Opportunities abound for artists. Come be a part of Sacramento, and Surreal Estates!

    For more information visit:


    Works requested for AIDS art auction in UK

    We are organising a Celebrity Art Auction to be held in November in Exeter, pre-World AIDS Week, to raise funds for Nkosi's Haven (SA) and Positive Action South West (a UK-based AIDS charitable organisation covering the South West of England). We will be auctioning work by UK artists and items donated by UK celebrities.

    We are interested in and appealing to SA artists who wish to donate a piece of work to be auctioned.

    The event will generate publicity for AIDS awareness, for the charities and for the artists. We will be using images of selected works in editorials preceding the auction which will generate further publicity for the artists.

    Postage/shipping costs will be covered. Pieces will be subject to a selection process as we have a limited space.

    Email Dawn Handy at

    Space for hire at João Ferreira Fine Art gallery

    João Ferreira Fine Art presents the ultimate venue for hire for functions, photo and film shoots, parties and launches. We offer NY loft-style architecture, spacious interior, live music, safe parking, catering and other facilities within the gallery space.

    80 Hout Street, Cape Town

    Tel: (021) 423 5403 or 082 490 2977
    Fax: (021) 423 2136

    The new Michaelis Art Shop

    The Michaelis Art Shop has moved and reopened in a space adjacent to the school's gallery. The shop supplies a wide range of fine art materials and offers student discounts on presentation of a valid student card. The shop is competitively priced and now officially open to the public.

    The Gallery, Michaelis Art School, Hiddingh Campus, 31-37 Orange Street, Gardens
    Tel: (021) 426 1948
    Hours: 9am to 5pm on weekdays

    Submit EXCHANGE