Archive: Issue No. 61, September 2002

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Name: Veronique Malherbe
Date: September 2
Subject: Archives

It recently came to my attention that the ArtThrob biography on Veronique Malherbe has been made unavailable for public viewing. My name is still on the list, but as you will see when you try click on it, the page is not available. Articles relating to 'Case Studies' and 'Gangbang' are also hard to access using local search engines. Many have vanished. I can't imagine that you would have removed the biography, but someone has and I would love to know why and what I have done to merit what is in effect censorship.

There's nothing sinister here. When we moved over to Worldonline last year, there were some difficulties. As a consequence some files did not make it back onto the archives. The only way we can find this out, short of trawling through five years worth of ArtThrob, is when readers inform us of missing information. The files have now been uploaded again.

Name: Brenton Maart
Date: September 6
Subject: Correction

Dear Kathryn,

Thanks for listing '[re]vision'. However, the title is not specific only to the sub-title following the colon. 'Art from South Africa' should be read as one of a number of bullet points, and was the only one that adequately described all exhibitions on the extensive programme. Please refer to all the exhibitions, in detail, to read varied interpretations of '[re]vision'. Also, thanks for a superb site.

Dear Brenton,

Thanks for the correction. However, this was not made clear in either the media release or printed brochure, both of which clearly use 'Art from South Africa' as the subtitle of the overall show. It is clear that all shows fall under the header '[re]vision'.

Kathryn Smith

Name: Fernand F. Haenggi
Date: September 12
Subject: SA art on the internet

Juli Klass enquired about SA art for sale on the web - try - there are works by SA artists available from a private collection in Switzerland.

Thanks, Fernand

Name: Saul Symanowitz
Date: September 13
Subject: JHB Art City

Your coverage of and enthusiasm towards the JHB ART CITY project has been phenomenal -Thank you.

I urge everyone to go into the CBD and check out both the art and the city itself. You will be impressed on two counts! This project is actually the largest outdoor art gallery in the world. Also go and see the originals which are being displayed in the Old Fort.

Tribute must go to the city fathers who had the courage to allow this project to be born, and to all those who put so much hard work into making it a reality. The scale and logistics were really huge.

Visit the website-

Saul Symanowitz
(Project conceiver)


Name: Murray Macaulay
Date: August 23
Subject: Three points

1)It's a brilliant website.

2)Tretchikoff is quite retro-chic at the moment. However, as his prints were produced in enormous editions they wouldn't be worth much, even at auction (Not a wild, off-the-cuff opinion as I am a print specialist in an auction house)

3) Fiona Pole may be interested in the following website: (a gallery where a fellow Rhodes graduate is exhibiting)

Until the next issue.

- Thanks on all three counts.

Name: Rosemary White
Date: August 25
Subject: Tretchikoff's "Black and White"


Could you please tell me details of a web site on which I could actually view the above painting, as opposed to merely reading about it?

With thanks

Rosemary White


- I can only suggest a web search. I did see the other day though, that there is a biography, or perhaps autobiography, about Tretchikoff. The name of it escapes me now, but I do recall that it was published in 1973.

Name: Ricky & Jane Gardam
Date: August 1
Subject: Tretchikoff

We have recently acquired an old print, mounted on cardboard, called The Dying Swan signed by Tretchikoff and dated on the print 1949, 1951. It is not framed, and its size is 48 x 65 cm. Could you let us know something about it and if it's worth framing and keeping? Your help would be appreciated.

Ricky and Jane Gardam

Judging by the amount of enquiries we receive about Tretchikoff I imagine it is worth keeping. Your best bet though, would be to contact one of the large auction houses like Christies or Sotheby's. An Australian journalist recently contacted us regarding an article he's researching on Tretchikoff. Contact him at

Name: Fiona Jane Pole
Date: August 1
Subject: ArtThrob

I am a South African art student currently based in Paris, where I have been studying for the past two year at Ecole Supérieure Estienne, a school for arts related to books and printed matter. I often consult ArtThrob and would like to congratulate the team for a fantastic site - Felicitations et merci!

Thank you

Name: Juli Klass
Date: August 1
Subject: South African art

I am delighted to see so much activity in the SA art world and from my temporary home in London, I frequently visit the site. I have recently decided to buy some South African art and would do so online if only I could find out where! Please could you give me any contacts, I only want to buy SA art!!


Thanks for your enthusiastic support. Some artists are represented on I'm not aware of any websites dedicated to the online sale of all SA art. However, if there is something in which you are interested I'm confident we could put you in contact with the right people who could arrange the sort of interaction you wish to effect. Another place to look would be the commercial gallery websites - check the websites page.