Archive: Issue No. 80, April 2004

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Vote ANC

1994 ANC Election Poster


Hannes Wettstein

Hannes Wettstein
Endless, 2004

Photograph by Geeta Chagan


Clinton de Menezes

Clinton de Menezes
installation detail from 'Location(s)', 2004
NSA Gallery


Claudette Schreuders

Claudette Schreuders
Twins, 2000
Enamel on Jacaranda and Karee wood
14 x 20 x 9 inches

Courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery


Zwelethu Mthethwa

Zwelethu Mthethwa
untitled, from Sugarcane series, 2003


Democracy in Focus

   [01.04.04] Ten Years and Still Counting...
In April, South Africans will celebrate the tenth anniversary of their democracy - and also vote. Khwezi Gule considers the totality of this context and calls on artists to interrupt the flow of rhetoric, particularly that which echoes power.

   [01.04.04] Free Nelson Mandela
In anticipation of the tenth anniversary of South Africa's democracy, Sean O'Toole reviews the burgeoning visual artefacts that have grown up around the figure of Nelson Mandela.

   [01.04.04] In the Spirit of Seamless Work and Play: Provisional Notes for a Dialogue Between 'Us'
Zachary Yorke scrutinises Sean O'Toole's recent ArtThrob editorial, probing at the semantic capabilities and limitations of certain strategic word choices in an attempt to open a space for discussion.

   [01.04.04] The art of remembering
On March 21, South Africa's new Constitutional Court opened on a site adjacent the old Fort prison. Sean O'Toole paid its chief artistic patron, Justice Albie Sachs, a visit.


   [01.04.04] Paradise is closing down
Swiss curator Karin Frei leaves Andrew Lamprecht more than a little disappointed by her exhibition.

   [01.04.04] Paradise unveiled
What is paradise? Leading South African and Swiss artists express their personal visions in an exhibition at João Ferreira Gallery. Kim Gurney reports.

   [01.04.04] Borders and the Spaces In-between
Two photographic exhibitions in Cape Town galleries see the issue of borders through different lenses. By Kim Gurney.

   [01.04.04] Finding something missing
The chameleon-like talent of Peet Pienaar recently stunned Design Indaba 7 delegates. Sean O'Toole was there.


   [01.04.04] Michelle Booth's Seeing White
The brouhaha surrounding Michelle Booth's photographic exhibition interrogating whiteness was almost entirely formulated by white critics. We asked a young black writer to offer her view. By Thuthu Lesuthu.

   [01.04.04] New kid on the block may shake up existing art spaces
The Premises at the Civic leaves Gauteng editor Robyn Sassen delighted with its potential for redressing art marketing locally.


   [01.04.04] Watch this space!
Khwezi Gule, Carla da Cruz, Gabi Nkosi, Peter Rippon, Sicelo Ziqubu and Clinton de Menezes - new names to watch. Virginia MacKenny offers an overview of recent and current exhibitions in Durban.


   [01.04.04] City and Country
New York Times art critic Holland Cotter offers a useful summary of 'City & Country', a recent exhibition of South African photography in New York.

   [01.04.04] Interrupting Mythologies
Photographer Zwelethu Mthethwa's new show 'Lines of Negotiation' is an investigation of the lives of ordinary South Africans living at edges of the global economy. By Bronwyn Law-Viljoen.

   [01.04.04] Cruel and tender
Eschewing the usual gallery review, Sean O'Toole heads off in search of Claudette Schreuders at her home. He returns with a better understanding of her recent sculptural and print works.