Archive: Issue No. 88, December 2004

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ACT Awards

from left: Cara Walters and Kim Berman of the Artists' Proof Studio receive their award from ACT chairman Professor Andries Oliphant.
Photograph by Mike Taylor


Wim Botha

Standard Bank Young Artist Award: Photograph of Wim Botha in front of his piece


   [04.12.04] New face for RAU Arts
The RAU art-dedicated complex currently under construction is destined to change the outlook of the enlarging University and synthesise it with the cultural developments in Johannesburg.

   [04.12.04] Minister of Arts and Culture Pallo Jordan accepts the fourth grant-in-aid from Japan to South Africa
The Japanese Ambassador to South Africa presented the fourth grant-in-aid award to the State Theatre in Pretoria. This is recognised as a substantial contribution towards the development of arts and culture in South Africa

   [04.12.04] ACT awards again acknowledge the strengths in the South African culture arena
The annual ACT awards were presented in a glittery affair, but reflected an astute survey of the current cultural scene in South Africa.

   [04.12.04] Two new publications investigate distinct aspects of the land and people in Africa
Adding to the continued documentation of South African visual arts, three South African photographers have their work published in two distinct new books.

   [04.12.04] Wim Botha is awarded the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for 2005
The burgeoning career of artist Wim Botha was further bolstered with the awarding of the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for 2005 to him.

   [04.12.04] Leadership to change at franchise gallery
After establishing the gallery franchise, curator Jena McCarthy will leave to pursue her own projects. Newcomer Lisa Rivera takes over.

   [04.12.04] Two pupils from KwaZulu Natal will have their work exhibited at the Tate Modern in London
As part of the third annual Unilever International Schools Art Project, two pupils will see their work exhibited at the prestigious Tate Modern in London.

   [04.12.04] Help SA lure tourists through arts and culture
Southern African Tourism Update is looking for responses from the general public regarding arts and cultural attractions in South Africa.

   [04.12.04] NAC Board Divided on Resignation Request
The Board of the National Arts Council (NAC) is apparently divided in its response to a request by the Minister of Arts and Culture for its members to resign. Kim Gurney reports.

   [04.12.04] Major International Award for Dave Southwood
The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation has honoured Dave Southwood and two international collaborators for a project which seeks to re-imagine a South African informal settlement.

   [04.12.04] Big in Ghent
Ed Young on being left to his own devices with a group of young South African artists in Ghent.