Archive: Issue No. 139, April 2009

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16.04.09 Penny Siopis and Nandipha Mntambo at Michael Stevenson
02.04.09 'Nation State' at Goodman Cape
08.05.09 Justin Brett at the AVA
16.04.09 Sam Nhlengethwa at SA Print Gallery
16.04.09 'In Black and White' and 'Tales from the Mantlepiece' at Bell-Roberts
07.03.09 Norman O'Flynn at Erdmann Contemporary
20.04.09 Gabrielle Raaf at Muti Gallery
14.04.09 'New Painting' at João Ferreira
05.05.09 David Brown at João Ferreira
02.05.09 Bronwen Vaughan-Evans and Deanne Donaldson at Erdmann Contemporary

26.02.09 Claudette Schreuders at Michael Stevenson
28.03.09 Nontsikelelo Veleko at the Iziko SANG
01.04.09 'The Tropics' at Iziko SANG
06.04.09 'Dis-ease' at Iziko SANG
26.03.09 Avant Car Guard at Whatiftheworld/Gallery
23.03.09 'Social Pattern' at the AVA
01.04.09 Christopher Slack at UCA Gallery
10.03.09 MOTEL7 at 34 Long

26.02.09 David Goldblatt at Michael Stevenson


Nandipha Mntambo

Nandipha Mntambo
PraÁa de Touros II 2008
archival pigment ink on cotton rag paper
112 x 163 cm
Edition of 5 + 2AP

Penny Siopis and Nandipha Mntambo at Michael Stevenson

Penny Siopis exhibits new paintings in oil, liquid ink washes and glue, the unpredictable materials used to deal with themes of 'colapse, disorder, decay and formlessness'.

Nandipha Mntambo exhibits concurrently, showing installations using her trademark cowhide as well as bronze sculpture, video and prints. The work expands Mntambo's concerns to include meditations on bullfighting, classical mythology and the Hindu legend of Nandi the bull.

Opens: April 16
Closes: May 30


Mikhael Subotzky

Mikhael Subotzky
Untitled 2007

'Nation State' at Goodman Cape

As South Africa prepares for general elections on 22 April 2009, Nation State brings together local and international artists that dwell on questions of citizenship, nationalism, politics, propaganda and security. Curated by Liza Essers and Storm Janse van Rensburg, the show marks a local democratic moment, but also intends to foreground global perspectives on these issues. Participating artists include: Kader Attia, Taysir Batniji, Stuart Bird, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Kudzanai Chiurai, Doing it for Daddy, Peter Friedl, Sigalit Landau, Sam Nhlengethwa, Mikhael Subotzky, Gavin Turk, Hank Willis Thomas, Hentie van der Merwe and Sue Williamson

Opens: April 2
Closes: May 2


Justin Brett

Justin Brett
Correction (detail) 2008
pencil on paper

Justin Brett at the AVA

Comprising watercolour, pencil drawing and installation, Brett's solo show, 'Out of Site' uses the now-demolished Graaf's Pool in Greenpoint, as an entry point to examine the body, physical architecture, memory and myth.

Opens: May 8
Closes: May 22


Sam Nhlengethwa

Sam Nhlengethwa
Tribute to Marlene Dumas 2008
ten-colour lithograph

Sam Nhlengethwa at SA Print Gallery

'Tributes: Sam Nhlengethwa and Friends' comprises Sam Nhlengethwa's Tribute Series, featuring selected works by Peter Clarke, Marlene Dumas, Dumile Feni, David Koloane, Judith Mason and William Kentridge.

Opens: April 16
Closes: May 16


'In Black and White' and 'Tales from the Mantlepiece' at Bell-Roberts

'In Black and White', a group show, includes works by Pierre FouchÈ, Carol Ann Gainer, Nigel Mullins, Cameron Platter, Kevin Brand, Wayne Barker, Mxolisi Sithole, Stuart Bird, Dianne Victor, Cara vd Westhuizen, Justin Fiske, Donovan Ward, Minnette Vari, Jane Eppel, David Brown and Lynette Bester.

Running concurrently, is 'Tales from the Mantlepiece', a collaborative exhibition of works by Philippe Bousquet, Geraldine Fenn and Marchand van Tonder, whose small-scale sculptures deal with domesticity, family, tradition and fairytale.

Opens: April 16
Closes: May 16


Norman O'Flynn at Erdmann Contemporary

'The world needs me' continues O'Flynn's interest in the idea of the superhero with large-scale painted collages, based on current events.

Opens: March 7
Closes: April 11


Gabrielle Raaff

Gabrielle Raaff
Look Again 2009
watercolour on paper

Gabrielle Raaff at Muti Gallery

A solo show of watercolours, 'In Our Midst', deals with the city of Cape Town, imaging it through portraits of its citizens, buildings and Google Earth profile. Raaf's watercolours of the city's roofs were previously selected for Spier Contemporary 2007

Opens: April 20
Closes: June 1


Louise Linder

Louise Linder
Untitled 2009
oil on canvas
92 x 120cm

'New Painting' at João Ferreira

'New Painting' includes work by Anthony Scullion, Louise Linder, Mark Hipper, Michael Taylor and Sanell Aggenbach.

Opens: April 14
Closes: May 2


David Brown

David Brown

David Brown at João Ferreira

'Two men and their dogs and other works', a selection of smale-scale works in bronze, sees Brown revisit the iconography of work he produced in the late 70s and 80s, in the 'Dog of War' series.

Opens: May 5
Closes: May 29


Bronwen Vaughan-Evans

Bronwen Vaughan-Evans
The bed we made 2008
gesso and oil on board
200 x 40 cm

Bronwen Vaughan-Evans and Deanne Donaldson at Erdmann Contemporary

'Left of November' deals with loss and desperate human attempts to archive love. Vaughan-Evans exhibits new works in gesso, while Donaldson's examination of the theme makes use of a cellphone camera.

Opens: May 2
Closes: May 30


Claudette Shreuders

Claudette Shreuders
Public Figure 2008
76.5 x 56cm

Claudette Schreuders at Michael Stevenson

'Recent Prints', a collection of new lithographs by Claudette Schreuders, opens in February at Michael Stevenson.

Opens: February 26
Closes: April 9


Nontsikelelo Veleko

Nontsikelelo Veleko
Trio 2007
pigment inks on cotton rag paper
42 x 28cm

Nontsikelelo Veleko at the Iziko SANG

Nontsikelelo Veleko, Standard Bank's Young Artist of 2008, presents her travelling show 'Wonderland', a collection of photography and mixed media at the SANG.

Opens: March 28
Closes: May 10


Marcos Chaves

Marcos Chaves
Mask 2005
video still

'The Tropics' at the Iziko SANG

Curated by Prof. Dr. Viola König, Dr. Peter Junge and Alfons Hug, 'The Tropics: views from the middle of the globe' examines the myth of the Tropics, through a range of artworks from the past and present.

Opens: April 1
Closes: June 14


Erik Olofson

Erik Olofson
In Places 2008
still from video projection

Dis-ease at Iziko SANG

Curated by Greg Streak, 'Dis-ease' is a collection of recent video art drawn from the Rijksakademie archives. It debuted last year at Durban's Bank Gallery.

Opens: April 6
Closes: June 28


Avant Car Guard

Avant Car Guard
Waiting for Mandela to die and
the nu rave party experience to hit Johannesburg 2009
archival inkjet on cotton paper
900 x 700 mm

Avant Car Guard at Whatiftheworld/Gallery

Avant Car Guard will be presenting a new body of work entitled 'Volume III' in March, consisting of large-scale paintings, photographic works, prints and a limited edition publication called Volume III.

Opens: March 26
Closes: April 25


Fritha Langerman

Fritha Langerman
Symmetries and Oxymoron Series

'Social Pattern' at the AVA

Curated by Kirsty Cockerill, 'Social Pattern' presents artwork which not only utilizes repetitive processes, but reflects a social pattern/practice/dynamic.

Participating artists include Lynette Bester, Kevin Brand, Paul Cooper, Paul Edmunds, Justin Fiske, Carol-anne Gainer, Bronwyn Lace, Fritha Langerman, Kim Lieberman, Vaughn Sadie, Fabian Saptouw, Rowan Smith, Greg Streak and Cobus van Bosch.

Opens: March 23
Closes: April 3


Christopher Slack

Christopher Slack
Chicks with Guns (Virgins in Paradise 3) 2003
enamel and varnish on board
122 x 122cm

Christopher Slack at UCA Gallery

In April UCA will host a solo show by Christopher Slack, including paintings and prints from his Chicks with Guns series.

Opens: April 1
Closes: May 2



Cindy 2008
acrylic and spraypaint on canvas
60 x 80cm

MOTEL7 at 34 Long Graffiti artist Motel7's presents 'Tears and Castles', her debut solo show of paintings.

Opens: March 10
Closes: April 11


David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt
Schoolboy with Scrolls of Merit 1979
silver gelatin print

David Goldblatt at Michael Stevenson

Goldblatt's photogaphic essay, 'In Boksburg', was shot from 1979 - 80 on the East Rand of the Witwatersrand, and the book published in 1982, but this will be the first time that the full series has been shown in the 30 years since the photographs were taken.

The spread of Boksburg's new suburbs across the veld and the daily life of the town encapsulated - to Goldblatt's eye - the intricacies of the lunacy of ordinary white middle-class life in the years of apartheid. As he wrote in the foreword: 'Boksburg is shaped by white dreams and white proprieties. Most of its townspeople pursue the family, social and civic concerns of respectable burghers anywhere, while locked into a deep and portentous fixity of self-elected legislated whiteness. Blacks are not of this town. They serve it, trade with it, receive charity from it and are ruled, rewarded and punished by its precepts. Some are its privileged guests. But all who go there, do so by permit or invitation, never by right.'

Goldblatt photographed life on the streets, in shops and businesses, the sports and social clubs, the churches, the municipality, the homes and gardens and the cemetery. As he recalls, 'Literally for days on end, I stood rivetted to street corners, parking lots and sidewalks. I was completely engaged by what I saw and tried to penetrate and hold with the camera, of the wholly uneventful flow of commonplace, orderly life.' With his characteristic intimacy and dispassion, he dissected the social structures of this town to remind us of the ironies and hypocrisies as well as sincere gestures that were entwined in daily life in this town.

For this exhibition Goldblatt has returned to his negatives of the series and, in addition, has printed several previously unpublished images. He has also returned to Boksburg to photograph the town in its present incarnation, and a selection of these large-format colour prints will be included on the show.

Opens: February 26
Closes: April 9