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From: Tshepo Mogale
Subject: doode here

I came across arthrob and doode it is the bomb it is slamming. Well done on an excellent job. I am launching an Ezine myself soon and will keep you posted when its uploaded but othawise fresh stuff and keep up the positive work PEACE Pius

From: Brian Jones
Subject: Information

My name is Brian Jones. I am an art dealer in Washington DC and I represent South African artists. I get some of my information second hand and need to always verify it through newsprint or some other source. I am trying to find a South African news outlet that I could subscribe to that captures this type of information.

A few of the artists that I represent have passed away in the last few years and I cannot seem to get a copy of the articles in the newspapers or any other outlet that discusses their lives.

Some of the artists that I represent are:
1. Hargreaves Ntukwana
2. Ben Macala
3. Eli Kobeli

Can you help guide me into an area where I can find more information about the possible deaths of these artists and any others. I could really use the newspaper articles to support claims I make about the passing of these artists.

Thank you very much.

Brian Jones
Director, Out of Africa Art Gallery

- I wish we could help you! The truth is, that the deaths of most artists, even major ones like Ezrom Legae, who died in the middle of last year, go largely unreported in the daily press. You might try the libraries of the South African National Gallery in Cape Town at; and the Johannesburg Art Gallery at

From: James McLaughlin
Subject: postings

I really enjoyed your site. I'm very interested in South African art and would love to be updated on any events, exhibitions. Is it possible to put me on a mailing list, or a discussion group of some sort (that is, if it's available).

many thanx
james mclaughlin

-The only mailing list for news of exhibitions is, which sends out press releases of a wide range of cultural events. Check websites for useful links, with za@play particularly to be recommended for news on arts events. A discussion group is something ArtThrob is thinking of starting - if other readers think this is a good idea, reply to

Subject: Please Help

Hello, my name is Erika and I am currently studying within the British schooling system. At the moment I am creating a project for my GCSE examination, which is to be sent to Cambridge.
I would like information about artists I could contact, and who will be willing to speak to me. They should be preferably well-known, or internationally recognized. This would be a great benefit to my project as it would bring a afro-centric and localized feel into it.
My project is on the "commercialization" of art in the sense that it has become a commodity. If you have any valuable points or comments on this subject, your feedback would be greatly wanted.


-You could start by checking the new search engine for news on an exhibition some time ago called "Taking Stock" in which Minnette Vari did an interesting project on this subject.

From: Frans Snyders
Subject: Information about artists

I'd like to know if you haven't got any more information about Diane Victor, pictures of her earlier exhibitions, or discussions of her work.. Also, quotes or a bio or anthing that used to be on your page, that you can forward to me, or any links. I would appreciate any help so much.

- Check the new search engine




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