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Second anniversary issue: No.24 - August 1999
* Updated weekly on Tuesdays
Brett Murray
Prettying up for "Boogie Lights"
- wall lights on Brett Murray's studio floor in preparation for the big night.
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Mluleki Dlamini
A colour photograph by Mluleki Dlamini
from Jan Svenungsson's workshop
part of the X-scape exhibition
on show at the NSA Gallery

Minnette Vari
Video still from Minnette Vari's submission for the Vita Awards Exhibition

Africa Meets Africa
"Power figure" from the Lower Congo
"Africa Meets Africa" opens at the SANG

Jodi Bieber
Soweto by Jodi Bieber
from "Lines of Sight" at the SANG

Brett Murray
Brett Murray sculpture causes furore- see News

Steven Cohen
Steven Cohen in performance
at the FNB Dance Indaba
Video still by Alwyn Peterson
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This Week's Updates:
"New Signatures" Winner; Personal Concerns Reviewed;
Cape Town openings: "Boogie Lights", "Babes", "Lavender Menace" and JuliaKnorr.

ArtThrob's second birthday is marked with a new logo, an updated look and the introduction of a search engine designed to provide easy access to any artist, curator or exhibition ever written about on the site. Thanks to all who answered the questionnaire - Listings and News were voted the most popular features. From now on, Listings will download quicker: reviews are moving to their own section, where they will stay on site until the show closes. Your comments on these changes would be welcomed.



24.08.99 Boogie Lights at the Bijou

24.08.99 Babes at BangtheGallery

24.08.99 Lavender Menace at the AVA

10.08.99 Three new shows at the AVA

Lionel Abrams at the Lipschitz *

Art Jewellery at the Lipschitz

"Lines of Sight" at the SANG *

10.08.99 "Africa Meets Africa" at the SANG *

World Press Photos at The Castle

i-Jusi at Picto-Ifas

Pisces into Aquarius at the Idasa Gallery

10.08.99 Veronica de Greeff at Bang the Gallery *

17.08.99 "Prophecy 2000" at the 3rd I


Vita Awards preview

17.08.99 Kim Berman at the Goodman

17.08.99 Sasol New Signatures Art competition at the Association of Arts Pretoria

Lieke Grob at the Johannesburg Civic
The Paper Show at the Goodman *


10.08.99 X-scape at the NSA
James Beckett at the NSA


"Emergence" at the King George VI Gallery


"Democracy's Images, Photography and Visual Art After Apartheid" at the Malmo Museet, Sweden
[[Rewind]]Fast Forward.ZA: New work from South Africa at the Van Reekum Museum in the Netherlands
"Claiming Art/Reclaiming Space: Post-Apartheid Art from South Africa" at the National Museum of African Art in Washington


24.08.99 Personal Concerns at the Market Theatre Galleries

17.08.99 Kathryn Smith reviews the Vita Arts Awards

17.08.99 Martiennsen Prize reviewed

17.08.99 Nadja Daehnke at the AVA

17.08.99 Tracey Derrick at the AVA

Peet Pienaar writes about Steven Cohen and all the shows marked with an asterisk in Listings are reviewed in this issue


24.08.99 "New Signatures" Winner

17.08.99 Vita Awards review

17.08.99 Update to Brett Murray furore

17.08.99 One City Many Cultures Festival in Cape Town

17.08.99 Arts Alive Festival in Joburg

17.08.99 Millennium Project in China

South African art auction surprise


17.08.99 Softserve at the SANG: Call for proposals

10.08.99 S.A. Photography Newsletter; Durban Art Gallery calls for postcard art ... and much more.


Agatha Appears


Willie Bester




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