Archive: Issue No. 28, December 1999

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Paul Edmunds edits comments and queries from readers

From: Tanja Fourie
Subject: Jane Alexander

I'm a student and need some more bio, articles, news and pictures about Jane Alexander for a school project. If you can organise it, I would like to conduct an interview with her, perhaps via email. Thank you very much. Tanja Fourie

There have a number of articles including an artbio on Jane Alexander in ArtThrob, so if you click on search and type in the name, all the references will come up. I will forward your email to the artist, and she might reply to you directly

From: Maura Lynch
Subject: Claudetter Schreuders

To whom this may concern,
I am a university student currently taking an Introduction to African Art class. I have been assigned a research paper. After going to the "Liberated Voices" exhibit in New York I have become very interested in the work of Claudette Schreuders, and I am planning on doing my paper on her work. I have done research, but I am still having trouble finding information about her work, etc. If you have any information you could send me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
Maura Lynch

A look through Artthrob archives with the use of the search engine will give you some information on Schreuders. There was a catalogue published with 'Liberated Voices' which includes a very articulate and clear essay by Schreuders. The New York Times reviewed the show, and I'm sure you will find they have a website of their own. Schreuders had work on the 'Bringing Up Baby' exhibition which took place in Johannesburg at the Standard Bank Gallery. They partially funded the show and do have a website. There was also an extensive catalogue published which should be available through Standard Bank SA.




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