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Star Studio

Interior shot of studio available in Woodstock

Design Indaba

Design Indaba
at the V&A Waterfront

Creative Camera Millennial Portrait Exhibition

Your Fifteen Minutes Start Now! Creative Camera is organising a millennial portrait exhibition and wants as many people as possible to participate. Someone - maybe you - will get their face on the first cover of 2000. All you have to do is select a portrait or self-portrait that would be suitable for our cover.

All images received by 1 December 1999 are guaranteed to be included in this major project.

Creative Camera is a bi-monthly publication focusing exclusively on photography and digital art. It is a registered charity, funded by the Arts Council of England.

Sunil Gupta

Creative Camera
5 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NU, England
Ph: +44 171 729 6993
Fax: +44 171 729 7568

Johannesburg Art Gallery Initiative postponed

Please note the following:

Herewith notification that the steering committee of the Johannesburg Art Gallery Initiative (JAGi) decided to postpone the event scheduled for Saturday 6 November 1999 to a date and venue to be announced. Despite an overwhelming response from artists and performers to a call for proposals, the committee has not been able to secure any funding for this event, nor assistance from the Johannesburg Art Gallery management or Friends of the Johannesburg Art Gallery.

The steering committee would like to state its dedication to the initiative, and that negotiations are underway to secure sponsorship and additional support. The committee would also like to express its gratitude towards the individuals who supported the initiative thus far.

Please note that we would still consider your work for the launch event once everything is in place. We envisage the event taking place next year March 2000. Hoping you will still consider performing or exhibiting at that time.
Please keep in contact.

Thanking you
Jeannette Ginslov & Storm van Rensburg
JAGi Committee

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Jeannette Ginslov (011) 615-2982 or 083 5225145
Storm van Rensburg (083) 287-6856

Voting for the Vita Art Prize 2000

FNB Vita and the Sandton Civic Gallery are proud to announce the Vita Art Prize 2000 for contemporary art. The competition, which culminates in an exhibition of works by selected artists, aims to promote interest in and provoke debate around South African contemporary art. The award qualification period runs from January to December each year. Members of the public are once again invited to nominate artists whose work has been exhibited in a recognised gallery during the year by means of a nomination card which can be found at participating galleries and posted, faxed or e-mailed to the FNB Vita offices. A selection panel will draw up a shortlist, taking into consideration the public nominations, a maximum of six artists, who will be commissioned to produce work for a group exhibition at the Sandton Civic Gallery. An overall winner is selected and receives an award of up to R30 000. The closing date for public nominations for the FNB Vita Art Prize is 31 January 2000. For further details contact (011) 442 8435

Issued by FNB Vita Awards

Telephone: (011) 442 8435 Fax: (011) 442 8523

Studio space in Woodstock

Available now: 21 square metres of space in communal Woodstock studio. Historic turn of the century red brick factory building. Close to town. 24-hour security. R400 pm. Phone (021) 462-2095 and ask for Paul, Andy or Sue.

Urban Futures Conference

The University of the Witwatersrand in conjunction with the Metropolitan Government of Greater Johannesburg will be hosting the Urban Futures Conference from 10-14 July 2000. Due to major local and international interest and a list of invited speakers that would make the United Nations green with envy (they include Thabo Mbeki, Rem Koolhaus and Saskia Sassen to name a few), the deadline for submissions has been extended to 15 December 1999.

The call for contributions asks:

"Will Johannesburg look more like Lagos or Kuala Lumpur in the 21st century? Will our lives resemble something from a Japanese manga movie? Will we be living in a gritty post-modern city like the one portrayed in Blade Runner or will the rough edges be smoothed off by the technocratic virtual reality of a Matrix-style universe?"

If you would like to propose some answers, scenarios or even more questions, any contributions in the form of academic papers/posters; case studies; theatrical, musical or media performances; visual arts or architectural exhibitions; or film, video are being screened for inclusion. The conference will focus on all aspects of city life, primarily focusing on problems facing metropolitan structures in the new millennium.

Objectives include opening up discussion with leading local and international key players in urban practice (practical and academic); to expose Johannesburg's urban policy to scrutiny; to engage the community through the parallel 'City Festival'; and lastly, to provide an opportunity for the University to actively contribute to the city and to meaningfully strategise its role as an 'urban university'.

There are three main venues (Wits University Campus, the Johannesburg City Hall and the Newtown Cultural Precinct) with visual arts being showcased at JAG and The Wits University Galleries. Fringe events and tours will be hosted at venues around the city. The highlight of the whole event is probably the opening of Hilton Judin's 'blank_ South African Architecture, apartheid and after' which will take place at the Electric Workshop. A post conference publication, featuring selected conference papers is in the pipeline.

This is probably the sexiest multi-disciplinary conference to take place in Johannesburg. Don't miss it.

Arts and culture proposals and queries should be addressed to:
Cultural Events
Alex Dodd
PO Box 327, Private Bag 3
WITS 2050
South Africa
Fax: (0027) (0) (11) 403 2308
Cell: 083 602 5882

Proposals for academic papers on an artistic or cultural theme should be sent to:
The Conference Convenor
Lesley Stephenson
(at the above address)
Fax: (0027) (0) (11) 339 7835

Any publicity or media queries can be addressed to Riason Naidoo at

Postcard Auction/Exhibition

The Friends of the Durban Art Gallery invite all artists and would be artists to send an artwork on a postcard to be auctioned for the acquisition budget of the Durban Art Gallery.

The postcard must be an original work of art in any medium i.e. oil, watercolour, fibre, ceramics, pen and ink, etc. No computer or mass produced cards. The cards will be exhibited in the Durban Art Gallery and auctioned in early December.

Attend the auction and buy a unique artwork as a Christmas present. Date will be announced shortly.

Please send a postcard to us NOW and become part of this exciting exhibition.

Cards must be posted to
POST-IT Durban Art Gallery
Box 4085
Durban 4000

Workshops at the Durban Art Gallery

October Programme

All workshops take place at the Durban Art Gallery, 2nd Floor, City Hall, from 09:00 to 12:00. Booking is essential. Tel: 300-6234/5/8

4 & 5 Disadvantaged children potato printing - Free
6 & 7 Silkscreen printing workshop for teens & adults. Bring a white T-shirt Cost: R30
7 Film: American Art Today: 1987 Biennial Exhibition & American Painting: The 80s 1.00 - 2.00pm, first floor Auditorium
8 Tie & dye workshop - bring 1m of light viscose. Cost: R15
13 & 14 Beadwork on fabric workshop for adults. Bring 1/4m dark cotton (fabric). Cost: R15
18 & 19 Flower demonstration by Pam Nunes. Cost: R25
26 & 27 Traditional Zulu beadmaking workshop for teens & adults. Cost: R25
28 Film at 1.00pm - 1st floor Auditorium, Izikhwepha Zethu - a film showing DAG workshops

Southern African Newcomers Competition 1999

The 4th edition of Sithengi, the Southern African International Film & Television Market, will take place in Cape Town from 16-19 November 1999. Once again it promises to be a world-class showcase for the South African cinema, broadcasting and related industries.

In addition to the annual Southern African Newcomers competition, a special category will be introduced, to be called The Millennium Award. Winners of this award will be included in Millennium Television Network's historic Humanity's Broadcast on New Year's Day 2000. This Live Aid-style broadcast, which aims to unite the planet at the start of the new millennium, will be screened around the world on January 1 2000, to an estimated global audience of over 3 billion people.

According to Sithengi's MD, Richard Ishmail, The Millennium Award is aimed at encouraging new and aspirant filmmakers - young or old, professional or student - to go ahead and create new projects whilst offering an unprecedented opportunity for Africa's voices to be heard.

A winner will be selected from each of the following countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Lesotho, Swaziland, Angola, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and Mauritius.

For inclusion in the Millennium Award Competition, Sithengi is looking for just three minutes of videotape. What are your ambitions, your goals, your dreams for the millennium? Tell the world about your family, friends, and your school. What does your home, your village, your community look like on the verge of the new millennium, and how do you hope to improve it? Topics are almost limitless, all you need is a camera and there is no need for a be big budget production. According to David Leaf, a US producer on the 24-hour broadcast, "The idea is for these films to be powerful. We would love the films to be polished, but more vital is that they are real. And as we want to encourage participation, not expenditure of money; the goal is for the entries to be strong more than slick. What matters most is that the films make a specific, significant statement. "

Entries close on 22 October 1999 and the finalists will be notified in writing. Winners will be announced at Sithengi's Newcomers' Awards Ceremony at the Sasani Studios, V&A Waterfront on Thursday 18th November 1999. Send entries to:

The Newcomers Millennium Award Co-ordinator
PO Box 52120
Waterfront 8002

Tel: (021) 430-8160
Fax: (021) 430-8286

ACT Funding Extension

The Arts and Culture Trust funding application deadline has been extended by a week, to the 12 October 1999 and please note that no faxed applications are going to be accepted.



Arts and Culture Trust

The range of ACT support

ACT provides funding for all forms of arts and culture including literature, music, visual art, theatre, dance, film, festivals, community art, arts management, arts education, museums and heritage. It also supports all aspects of arts and culture such as training, the creative process, the development of sustainable infrastructure and the dissemination of arts and culture. The full spectrum of arts and culture activities is covered - from professional endeavours to grassroots, community-based projects.

ACT provides bursary funds to formal and non-formal educational institutions specialising in arts and culture, and these in turn distribute such funds to individual students at their institutions. ACT does not consider individual bursary applications. Beneficiaries of the Trust include the Community Arts Project, the Drakensberg Boys Choir, the South African School of Film, Television and Dramatic Art, PACT Ballet, the Artist Proof Studio, Funda Community College, Opera Afrika and the South African Library for the Blind.

The allocation of funds

The board of Trustees meets twice per year - in May and November - to consider applications for funding. Closing dates for applications are usually six weeks before these meetings (early April and early October respectively) to allow sufficient time for trustees to study and score each application in terms of the Trust's criteria such as artistic merit, sustainability, track record and the potential effect of the project.

Applicants are required to complete the Trust's application forms - available from the Trust's administrators - and to submit these by the appropriate deadline in order to be eligible for funding. Applications for funding are rarely considered outside of these Trustee meetings.

Similarities and differences between ACT, and the NAC and BASA

ACT is similar to the other two national funding agencies - BASA and the NAC - in that it funds arts and culture projects. It is in the interest of arts and culture that there be different funding agencies to which they can apply, each agency deriving its funding from slightly different sources, thereby increasing the overall amount of funding available for arts and culture.

The NAC primarily distributes an annual grant given to it by central government. BASA connects arts and culture projects with appropriate private sector companies and supplements private sector funding with funds from its matching grant scheme, made up of an annual grant from government.

In principle - but not as a matter of course - ACT and the NAC will complement the funding of projects funded by each other, as well as by BASA, while BASA matches only private sector funds, and does not match funds given either by the NAC or ACT which draws funds from a variety of sources.

Given the nature of its own funding, ACT tends to provide smaller amounts of funding (ranging from R 1 000 to R 30 000) per project as opposed to the NAC and BASA which on average, make larger grants.


ACT is managed by Article 27 Arts and Culture Consultants, run by Mike van Graan, and based in Cape Town.

For further information and to obtain application forms, contact:

Craig Carbutt
Postnet Suite 126
Private Bag X18
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)21 689 7672
Fax: +27 (0)21 689 7589

World design gurus for Cape Town

Designers universally recognised as the world's best are headed for Cape Town to participate in the 3rd International Design Indaba to be held on the 28th and 29th of October this year at the Sasani Studios, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

Key speakers include Oliviero Toscani of Benetton fame, David Carson, the Californian multimedia guru, who single-handedly defined the look of magazines during the graphic revolution of the early nineties, including launching Ray Gun, magazine, writer and creative director Lewis Blackwell, Terry Jones, founder of i-D magazine, Australian Ken Cato, chairman of Cato and Partners, the largest design outfit in the southern hemisphere, and Thomas M´┐Żller (Creative Director of Razorfish).

The theme of the conference is Design in the Service of Communication, and aim of the International Design Indaba is to address the public indifference to the value of good design. With a focus on design as good business while covering all new trends, delegates are promised an unparalleled feast of design served up by the industry masters. Subject matter to be covered includes: product development, building brands, new media and the internet, promotional packaging, design for advertising and managing design for profit.

International Design Indaba also serves as a showcase for the South African design industry, presenting the perfect opportunity for delegates to raise their corporate and individual industry profile, by way of direct contact with international and national design heavyweights.

The conference is directed at designers, advertisers, marketers, printers, publishers, media press, DTP operators, photographers, film and video directors, artists and students.

On the night of Thursday October 28, the 3rd International Design Indaba, will host the 21st Century Party at which the presentation of the SPADA Young Designer Award will take place. This award is specifically aimed at design students and new designers and fulfils one of the key objectives of the International Design Indaba: to create a platform where knowledge and design techniques can be shared with young industry talent.

There's a website at, and for any additional info on the Design Indaba or the 21C party, contact: Simon Grant (P.R), or Joshin Raghubar (Event Director) Cape Town Major Events Company, Tel 021-418 6666 Fax 021-418 6333.




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