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Response to the removal of Geers' work at the Vitas

From: Corne Bekker
Subject: Removal of Kendell Geer's work at Vita 1999

I am truly appalled at the lack of curatorial integrity shown by the organisers of the FNB Vita Art Prize and the staff of Sandton Civic Gallery. I do not believe that your action against Kendell Geers was in any way warranted. "White Man's burden" works because of its clarity of focus, depth of understanding and ability to communicate. The soundtrack of this work was certainly integral to this work and allowed for dialogue with the other pieces on the show. I am quite suprised that Joe Ractliffe did not complain about the proximity of the other pieces close to her video installation, or did this retinal "intrusion" not bother her? I was present at the reported walkabout with Kendell Geers and certainly understand his desire to deprive South Africa of his art. I agree with him that your report of the incident is highly prejudiced. Well done Kendell, the uneducated man (in art matter) in the street still understands and appreciates your work. It is a sad day for art in South Africa when censorship still reigns supreme in our galleries.

From: Gillian Solomon
Subject: Kendell Geers

Kendell Geers stock in trade is sensationalism. This IS his art product.

From: Melvyn Minnaar
Subject: Geers

Wouldn't it be peacefully nice if Geers - as he threatens - disappears forever from his self-noisy scene?

Printing Problems

From: Prof Colin Richards
Subject: Printing problems

Perhaps you can help with a problem I am having with ArtThrob. When I try and print sections of material (for example, a particular review), I cannot. It seems that the file is too big for my computer, because it includes all the other reviews (pics etc) on that particular web page (page meaning the full document). Any suggestions? Might I also compliment you on an excellent site..

* Is it at all possible for me to perhaps get hard copy from you directly, if I cannot solve this printing problem? I will pay if this proves necessary and not too expensive.

The best way to print out only a selected piece of text is to download the page in "text" format- go file/saveas/text (rather than source)- then delete the unwanted text before printing. For general printing problems try turing on "black text" in your page setup options (file/pagesetup) of your browser.

Getting onto Artthrob

From: camerawoman
Subject: how?

How does one get one's exhibition listed on this page? Greetings. Adele Hamblin

Send the info and an image to We cannot promise to put every single exhibition online, but we do our best.

Jane Alexander

From: Juliet Baillie
Subject: Jane Alexander

I'm in matric at St. Mary's DSG in Pretoria and as part of the syllabus we have to produce a research essay on a South African artist. I chose to do Jane Alexander, as she's my all time favourite. I'm doing my research on elements of "Stripped('oh yes' girl) and "Pastoral scene", but I'm having a lot of trouble finding decent pictures of the latter. I was wondering if any one at artthrob knew where I could find pictures of this work. I apologise for troubling you, but your help would be greatly appreciated. the inclusion of pastoral scene in my research was last minute & I'm desperate. thank you.

Yours sincerely
Juliet Baillie

Go to the Standard Bank Gallery website - There you will be able to see catalogues of past Standard Bank Young Artist Award Winners. You should be able to download the images you want. Alternatively, the gallery will assist you in buying your own catalogue.




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