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No.26 October 1999
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Paul Edmunds
A detail of 'Fold' by Paul Edmunds -
opening this week at the Mark Coetzee

Wayne Barker
Wayne Barker, subject of one of a new series of visual profiles of artists, 'Seeing Ourselves', starting on this week
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William Kentridge
William Kentridge's 'Stereoscope' opens this week

Click here to download a short extract from the video

Click here to download a longer extract from the video

Mustafa Maluka
Video still by Mustafa Maluka on 'Staking Claims'

Dave Southwood
Close-ups of bullets on Dave Southwood's show, 'Case'

Roy Mehta
Roy Mehta
Colour photograph on 'Coastline'
Cape Town Month of Photography

Karel Nel
Karel Nel in his studio
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This week's updates:
LISTINGS: Paul Edmunds and Ram at the Mark Coetzee; Absolut Vodka at the AVA; Jean Brundrit at the Market; Abstraction at the Sandton Civic
REVIEWS: David Goldblatt at the JAG; Nicholas Hales at the Irma Stern
NEWS: Softserve at the SANG

If a third Johannesburg Biennale had opened two years after the second, it would have been on view this month. Instead, experts give their views on whether there should be a third Biennale - and readers are invited to enter the debate. In Cape Town, the first One City Many Cultures Festival set the city alight with an irreverent reconsideration of public monuments, and a host of good shows.



Art goes on sale at the Lipschitz, and 'Strip Graphics' opens at the Design Museum


Exhibition of the year: William Kentridge at the Goodman


Internationally known Lucky Sibiya, who died earlier this year, is honoured in a tribute show at the Unisa Art Gallery


19.10.99 New shows at the NSA


'Liberated Voices' opens in New York. William Kentridge shows in Graz


The South African group show overseas - two exhibitions reviewed. Cape Town festival success

26.10.99 David Goldblatt at the JAG

26.10.99 Nicholas Hales at the Irma Stern

19.10.99 William Kentridge's Stereoscope reviewed

19.10.99 Four artists at Gallery Voss

19.10.99 PPC Young Sculptor Awards

19.10.99 Angus Taylor at the African Window

19.10.99 Danish artists at the AVA


A third Johannesburg Biennale: Experts give their views. On(e)line conference

26.10.99 Softserve at the SANG

19.10.99 Cape Times secures rights to Art Night

19.10.99 Editor's New York journal

05.10.99 Arts & Culture Trust Awards
12.10.99 New co.@rtnews out

12.10.99 TV series on local artists


A free space for art-related information


Referencias - Ricardo Iglesias


Karel Nel


New websites reviewed - and lists of links


Viewers e-mail ArtThrob


Access to old ArtThrobs - and a new search machine

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