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Paul Edmunds

Paul Edmunds
Fold (in progress) 1999
cable ties


RAM (Ryan Johnson, James Webb and Mark Coleman)


Paul Edmunds at the Mark Coetzee

'Scale' is both the title and the point of access to Paul Edmunds' new exhibition of work. It's a three-piece show - the largest, Fold, requiring months of careful attaching, securing and trimming plastic cable ties, one to another, to bring into being a free-form carapace, industrial lace, suspended in mid-air. The ties are the self-same ones - with the addition of thousands more - used by Edmunds in last year's wall-based installation at the Mark Coetzee entitled 'Once, Again', and this re-use of materials again reinforces Edmunds' concerns with the carelessness of our throwaway culture. The smallest piece is Cardinal, as in cardinal points, a heavy sphere of layer upon layer of steel pins inserted into a core.

RAM are producing a unique sound environment entitled Plans for Greener Structures. The piece draws on the notion of gardening and growth as a metaphor and consists, like compost, of debris and scraps from previous works by the collective. These are to be put together and played in an unpredictable and changing way, continually producing novel and unique combinations of sounds. RAM have worked collaboratively with other artists in the past, but this is their first unaccompanied foray into the field.

Opening October 27
Mark Coetzee Fine Art Cabinet, 120 Bree Street
Ph: (021) 424166

Nicholas Hales

The invite for Nicholas Hales' show at the Irma Stern Museum

Nicholas Hales at the Irma Stern Museum

Nicholas Hales, a Michaelis graduate, holds his first show at the museum. His gestural and expressive works explore the individual's responses to the kind of mental and physical violence which are all too common in our city. Ultimately his works ponder the possibility of healing, redemption and validation of life that can arise from that situation. This is Hales' first one person-show. He is a freelance graphic designer and has worked for many well-known publications in that capacity.

See review.

Closes October 30
UCT Irma Stern Museum, Cecil Road, Rosebank, Cape Town
Gallery hours: Tues - Sat, 10am - 5pm
Ph: 685-5686
Fax: 686-7550

Absolut Secret

Absolut Secret 4 at the AVA

Absolut Secret 4 at the AVA

This year's installation of the event will fill all three of the AVA's space with works around the theme of 'Absolut Wildlife'. About 100 artists are participating. Works, all of a standard miniature size and hung anonymously, will be sold off at R500 apiece, and must be paid for at the opening. Money generated goes to the AVA's Artreach fund which assists needy and deserving artists and projects. Artists have been encouraged to interpret the theme in any way they choose.

From November 1 - 6
AVA, 35 Church Street
Ph: 424-4348
Fax: 423-2037
Gallery hours: Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm; Sat 10am - 12pm

Thomas Kgope

Part of the Lipschitz art sale - a piece by Thomas Kgope

'20/20 Art Sale' at the Lipschitz Gallery

Leading up to their co-hosting of the Goodman Gallery's 'Artery' show, the gallery is selling work at a 20% discount. They have in stock work by many well-known and up-and-coming young artists, including Bongi Benghu, Willie Bester, David Hlongwane, Dorothee Kreutzfeldt, Mustafa Maluka, Medina Morphet, Helen Sebidi, Jill Trappler and Jeremy Wafer and a host of others too numerous to mention. This might well be an ideal opportunity to invest in the visual arts and to feel good that 10% of the proceeds go to the Manenberg Disaster Fund.

October 20 - November 26
Lipschitz Gallery, 138-140 Buitengragt Street
Ph: 422-0280
Fax: 422-0281

Brett Murray

Collaborative wall lamps from sculptor Brett Murray and Bitterkomix co-founder Conrad Botes

'Strip Graphics' at The Design Museum

The newly opened museum is co-hosting this exhibition with the French Institute of South Africa. It includes 'Images of the Year 2000' by a collection of French authors, as well as a similar project by South African authors. There are also on display some biting and satirical comic strips by the notorious Bitterkomix team. The lamps which resulted from the collaboration of Bitterkomix co-founder Conrad Botes and Cape Town artist Brett Murray are also being shown.

The Design Museum, The Foundry, Ebenezer Road, Green Point
Ph: 418-1154
Fax: 418-1179


Month of Photography

Cape Town celebrates its first Month of Photography with more than 100 events on the calendar. Some are listed below. Click here for a full list. See review.

Dave Southwood

Dave Southwood
A photo taken in Stefan Bremer's workshop

'X-scape: Photography in a New South Africa'

'X-scape' has arrived in Cape Town with glowing reviews from other centres. The project was initiated by the Finnish Institute of Photography, and includes work by a number of young South African photographers who produced innovative results in the workshops which were part of the project. The exhibition is one part of the two-year initiative Shuttle '99, which focused on cultural exchanges between South Africa and the Nordic countries and recently won an Arts & Culture Trust Award. (See News).

Until October 16
The Granary, 11 Buitenkant Street
Ph: 422-2625

Tracey Derrick

Tracey Derrick
Salvador Chasing Squirrels
from 'Cache'

Cape Town Castle

'Cache' takes place in the Grain Cellars and features black and white photographs from Tracey Derrick, Svea Josephy, Clive Hardwick, Jenny Altschuler and Jenny Gordon.

Until October 16
Ph: 462-3751

Merwelene van der Merwe

Merwelene van der Merwe
From 'Women and Eroticism'


The gallery will be hosting a body of new work by commercial and fashion photographer Merwelene van der Merwe. The photographs explore aspects of "women and eroticism".

Until October 29
Area, top floor of Radio House, 92 Loop Street

Paul Weinberg

Paul Weinberg
Kosi Bay

Centre for Photography Gallery

Paul Weinberg's well-known and highly acclaimed photographs of the traditional lifestyles and the challenges which face the people of Kosi Bay are on show. Acclaimed Roy Mehta's 'Coastline' series is also on exhibition.
Until October 16
Centre for Photography Gallery, Michaelis, 31-37 Orange St, Gardens
Ph: 422-2625

Julia Tiffin

Julia Tiffin
From 'Noah's Ark'

Long Street Baths

Julia Tiffin is exhibiting a body of black and white photographs entitled 'Noah's Ark' at this unconventional venue.

Until October 16
Long Street Baths, Long Street
Ph: 400-2416

Terry Kurgan

Terry Kurgan
Family Affairs 1999
Digital print
40 x 60cm

Mark Coetzee Fine Art Cabinet

Showing separately in the Cabinet's two spaces are Terry Kurgan and Dave Southwood. Kurgan continues her exploration of family in 'Family Matters', while Southwood presents a body of work exploring aspects of gun culture in South Africa entitled 'Case'.

Until October 16
120 Bree Street
Ph: 424-1667

Dale Yudelman

Dale Yudelman
Shangani Women JHB 1987
Black and white photograph


Photographer Dale Yudelman is adorning the walls of this bar/restaurant with his work. Entitled 'Suburbs in Paradise', the black and white photos were taken in and around Johannesburg in the 1980s.

Until October 31
219 Long Street

Veronique Malherbe

Favourite Duckie
A collage of objects on
'Case Studies'

'Case Studies' at the Granary

White lockers surround candles burning on the cement floor of a room in the basement of the Granary. Each locker holds mementoes of one person, a victim of violence: letters, photos, descriptions, objects of clothing, toys. The assemblage is an initiative by Veronique Malherbe. Inviting participation from the public at large, the artist has not tampered with the materials that have been provided. Aestheticism has given way to rawness. At 1pm on Sunday October 10, participants and public alike are invited for a communal event. The installation remains in place until October 16.

Now extended until the end of the month.

The Granary, 11 Buitenkant Street
Ph: 422-2625

Jodi Bieber

Jodi Bieber
The Fast Guns Hangout, Westbury, Johannesburg
Silver print

'Lines of Sight' at the SANG

In a series of seven related shows, curators present a portrait of South Africa through the years as seen though the lenses of a widely diverse group of photographers.

Until October 31

SANG, Government Avenue, Gardens
Ph: 465-1628
Gallery hours: Tues - Sun, 10am - 5pm

Faud Adams

Fuad Adams
Untitled from (The Palette of Oppression) (detail) 1985
Poster paint

'Water in a Dry Place/ Amanzi endaweni eyomileyo' at the SANG

This exhibition charts the history of the Community Arts Project, or CAP as it is known. This organisation was established in Cape Town in 1977. It was established as a member-based organisation with cultural integration across community barriers as its aim. As such it asserted itself as a powerful political player in the Western Cape in the 1980s. Members produced banners and posters for many political parties and organisations during the struggle years. It provided a forum for political and cultural debate and served as a training ground for many black visual and cultural artists who were to become among the region's best known. CAP has subsequently transformed itself into a more formal education and training oriented NGO. It aims itself now at further learning and skills training for unemployed adults and youth.

September 24 - November 21
SANG, Government Avenue, Gardens
Ph: 465-1628
Fax: 461-0045

Birthe Reinau

Berthe Reinau
Image from Morocco
Photo emulsion on wood

Gavin Beck, Birthe Reinau and Sharon Albert at the AVA

Gavin Beck and Birthe Renau are both Danes, hailing from the city of Århus. They are holding a joint show at the AVA entitled 'Dialog Århus - Cape Town'. The show includes mixed media paintings by Beck and works in various print techniques by Renau. The exhibiting artists, together with local artists Dorothee Kreutzfeldt and Randolph Hartzenberg, participated in a workshop and exhibition held in Denmark in August of this year, as part of the Shuttle '99 programme. Also opening on Monday is a show of ceramic work by Sharon Albert.

AVA, 35 Church Street
Ph: 424-4348
Fax: 423-2037
Gallery hours: Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm, Sat 10am - 12pm

Francine Scialom-Greenblatt

Francine Scialom-Greenblatt
Across and Down
Oil painting

Francine Scialom Greenblatt at João Ferreira

A well known interrogator of the dynamics of gender, Francine Scialom Greenblatt shows new paintings on 'Across & Down' at João Ferreira Fine Art. "Mine is a search for images which speak of intimacy as well as grand public gesture in the most persuasive, painterly manner," says the artist. "However multifaceted the work might appear, the implied presence of the 'author' encourages a voyeuristic reading." Greenblatt's richly layered paintings with their multifaceted references are represented in many public and private collections here and abroad.

Until October 30
80 Hout Street
Gallery hours: Tues - Fri, 10am - 5pm; Sat 10am - 2pm; Sun and Mon by appointment

Ph: 423-5403 or 082-490-2977
Fax: 423-2136

Nigel Mullins

Detail of a painting by Nigel Mullins

Nigel Mullins at the Hänel

A recent finalist for the new DaimlerChrysler Art Award, Grahamstown artist Nigel Mullins brings his recent work to Cape Town in 'Superhuman', a show of large figurative oil paintings. The works range from the large single figure canvasses entitled Titans to surging, restless masses of figures spanning the entire support. The work purportedly depicts the manic and irrepressible energy of humanity in the face of often overwhelming and unnrelenting circumstances.

Until October 30
84 Shortmarket Street
Ph: 423-1406
Fax: 423-5277
Gallery hours: Tues - Fri, 10am - 6pm; Sat 11am - 2pm

Pieter Roux

A detail of a painting by Pieter Roux


Cape Town printmakers at University Art Gallery

'Transition', an exhibition of prints by Cape Town artists Eunice Geustyn and Pieter Roux, will be opened by fellow printmaker Jonathan Comerford, of Hardground Studios, at 6.30pm on Wednesday October 20. Geustyn, who showed earlier this year at the AVA in Cape Town, makes mixed media works combining hand-drawn recycled offset lithographic plates with screenprinted stencils in an exploration of a personal eco-feminist ideology.

Roux will be exhibiting coloured etchings, monotypes, pastels and paintings. Roux's theme in his mixed media paintings centres on the mask, mystery and playfulness.

October 20 to November 10
Corner Bird and Dorp streets
Ph: 808-3660

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