Archive: Issue No. 26, October 1999

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one of the images from References

References -

Spanish artist Ricardo Iglesias uses a labrynthine structure with yellow and red warning scrolling signs apparently inhibiting access to his site in order to reflect the chaos of contemporary life with his web art piece, Referencias, or references. Iglesias launched the piece on September 23, after an international search for host sites who would provide space for Referencias for a period of one year.

Entering the space, access is difficult, but seemingly random clicking brings up images, and what the artist describes as "individual stories which tell themselves and appear as independent atoms. The topics with which these stories deal closely affect the development and evolution that we are currently witnessing in our contemporary societies: treatment of space and time, search for the forming elements of matter, new hierarchies, musical creation, new machines." Random programming provides a different route through the labrynth for every user, starts and finishes are unknown, and the centre of the labrynth is only a door to the next level and a fresh onslaught of disorder.




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