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Case Studies/ Two Voices
A Memorial Exhibition: September 23- October 16 1999

Softserve- an evening of multimedia art at the National Gallery planned for Nov 5

Accomodation offered
see "Artists Accomodation" below

CASE STUDIES/TWO VOICES - A Memorial Exhibition: September 23- October 16 1999

"Case Studies" is a memorial exhibition conceived and being coordinated by Veronique Malherbe which will form part of Cape Town Month of Photography and the Cape Town One City Festival
Dates: September 23 - October 16
Venue: The Granary Building, Buitenkant Street.

The exhibition will consist of stories, photographs, possesions and sound installations.

Contributing artists: The General Public. Artistic ability not a requirement.

Have you ever been a victim of violence and abuse? Has anyone close to you been murdered, or gone missing without a trace? Have you ever been raped? Many of you have experienced the loss of a mother, father, brother, sister, close friend or family member to violence, or have alternatively experienced some form of abuse yourself. If you have ever felt a need to express your feelings about this, we would like you to participate in this project and to send in your contributions as soon as possible.

The closing date for contributions is Friday 17 September 1999.

Contributions can be delivered or posted, marked CASE STUDIES, to the South African Centre for Photography, Michaelis Campus ,31-37 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, Fax 021 422 2625, Ph 021 422 2625, or alternatively to Father Matt Esau, Portland Church, Wall Street, Mitchells Plain.

For further information, or if you can assist us, call Vee at 447 0798, or email her at

All entries will be uncensored and treated with care, you may remain anonymous if you wish.

The project will unite two voices: voices of the deceased and voices of survivors. Send us your story, or even a poem if you wish, typed or handwritten. Send a photograph of your loved one(s). Photostats will do, or even a drawing. If possible, send a personal possession that belonged to your loved one. If you can, send a tape of music this person liked, even just one song-it can be included in the sound installation.

We will assign a wall-mounted box to each contribution received. Photographs will be displayed on the outside, the inside will display texts and personal possessions, illuminated by a small light.

This exhibition will move to a venue in Mitchells Plain after October and can be used as a starting point for a memorial website, which could also operate as a support site.

If you can, make photostat copies of this and pass it around to as many people as possible.


The Studios Midwest Summer 2000 Residency Application form is now available online at:

The fifteenth annual Studios Midwest Artist Residency Program provides free housing and studio space for five visiting artists in Galesburg, Illinois, with opportunities for informal community interaction and one group exhibition. The Summer 2000 program will run for two months from Monday, June 12 to Monday, August 7. Applications from outside the US are welcome.

For more info, contact: Carla Markwart Studios Midwest P.O. Box 291 Galesburg IL 61402-0291 (309) 343-8923


Sculptor Hilton Gasa, who operates from the BAT Centre's Artists Studio, has created a community organisation in Clermont made up of crafters, musicians and artists. The aim is to reach a wider market whereby the work of the group's members can be appreciated and, hopefully, purchased in order to provide them with a regular income.

Titled Ubulakwana (created from the words "KwaZulu" and "Natal"), the group is organised by Bongani Makhanya and intends to hold regular monthly Open Days at the Clermont community centre. The next Open Day will be held in Clermont on September 25 from 10h00 to 16h00. On offer will be a great variety of woodwork, leathercraft and beadwork as well as knitted and crocheted items, cotton tablecloths and pegbags, etc.

If you are not sure how to reach the community hall, be at the BAT Centre's Artists Studio at 09h45 and Hilton Gasa will lead vehicles in the right direction! For details, phone Hilton at BAT on 332-0451 (ask to be put through to the Artists Studio).


The Millenium Photo Project ( is an effort to bring together thousands of photographers to document the passing of the Millenium.

The result will be a book and permanent online gallery consisting of photographs taken around the world this New Year's Eve. The project is being conducted entirely over the Internet and part of the reward for the photographers participating will be an innovative profit sharing scheme known as community enterprise.

The project which launched in May is already receiving widespread interest. Nearly a thousand photographers ranging from students to professionals signed up in the first 48 hours alone. Requests to take part continue to pour in at a rate of more than 100 per day and more than 35 000 people have visited the site since it opened. Yahoo! Made the site a Pick of the Day, MSNBC and USAT Today also featured the site as 'Best on the Web'.

There are 10 000 places available for photographers to take part in the event and the project is open to casual photographers and professionals alike. Anyone can sign up through an online registration form which is open on the site at the beginning of each month. The last opportunity to sign up is in September.

"We've had photographers from India to New Zealand, Portugal to Brazil, the Arctic to the Antarctic, all signing up for the event" said Alx Klive, Founder. "The response from the photographic community has been amazing! A lot of people are now saying they can't wait for New year's Eve to arrive.."

From the 10 000 anticipated submissions, a selection of 2000 photographs will be made for permanent display on the web site. A selection of 300 photographs will be made for a book which is entitled '2000 - How the World celebrated the Millenium'

"We want to create a book that will bring the art of photography to the public at large. It will have innovative packaging, an international publicity campaign and will clearly represent a fascinating historical insight into this truly momentous occasion."

Fully 40% of the shares in the company, Millenium Photo Enterprises, will be distributed among the photographers and volunteers who contribute to the project. The books will go on sale mid-2000, and a worldwide gallery tour of the pictures should keep the business running for many years to come.

"Our hope is to create a self-sustaining artistic profitable enterprise that many people will contribute to, and as a nice bonus, benefit from. That can only be a win - win situation", explains Klive.

The site ( is presently available in English and Russian with other languages coming on line once every week.

Michele Arthur or Alx Klive
(416) 203 - 1505 (phone) / (416) 203 - 1827 (fax)
The Millenium Photo Project
14 Sumach Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 3J4


BLAC ON LINE, an upcoming website of BLAC (the Black Arts Collective), is part of an initiative to develop discourse in the arts and provide a platform for networking for black cultural workers, which includes artists, heritage workers and academics, around issues of arts and culture. BLAC ON LINE will go live in late October/November 1999. This Mweb-sponsored site will be your essential channel towards critical debate in arts and culture; an access to a range of other sites and sources of information relevant to issues of cultural identity.

All black South African artists - musicians, visual artists, architects, fashion designers, poets etc, are invited to send a short (no more than 200 words) narrative abstract about themselves and their work, including lists of recent projects/ exhibitions/ events/ publications/ CDs, and links to other sites on which they may have some presence, to We will include, on the site, any contact details - emails or postal addresses. A poem, or a short piece of writing is also welcome. Send us copies of one personal photo as well as photos of work (no more than 3 will be published) - even short music/sound or video clips are welcome. Items cannot be returned - so send copies please. These may be sent to P.O Box 6692, Roggebaai, 8012 - digitised audio-visual information is better, but not essential! Heritage workers, producers and academics working in the field are also welcome. If selected you will have your own page off the BLAC ON LINE site's WHOs WHO page and join a growing network of emerging and established black artists, academics and other professionals.

Please pass this on to those with no access to the web and get them to get their written information digitised and we will give them the space they deserve!


The Black Arts Collective (BLAC) Seminar Series - taking place on the first Tuesday of every month - is a space for black artists working in all media (visual, performance, literary etc) and black cultural workers generally (heritage workers, academics, arts administrators) to network and develop discourse in the arts.

Dizu Plaatjies, musician, initiator and leader of the award winning band Amampondo and lecturer at UCT Music will be the guest on Tuesday September 7 from 5.30 - 7.00, at the Old Granary Building, Buitenkant Street, Cape Town (opp Cape College)

For both projects, contact: Zayd Minty
Tel: +27 (21) 465-4996
Cell: 083 530-1912

Mixed Media Art Evening at the SANG

Softserve, an evening of multi-media art events at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town will take place on Friday November 5 this year, and will include installation, video work, djs, performance - or whatever else artists might come up with. Loosely modelled on the hugely successful Red Eye programme at the Durban Art Gallery, the idea is to provide an opportunity for younger artists to showcase their work - and also to draw a non-gallery audience into the sometimes staid gallery spaces for a dazzling art manifestation and party.

It will be a night in which the gallery will be between exhibitions, and the walls in two of the main galleries will be bare. All kinds of other spaces in and around the gallery will also be available. The organiser of the evening is Public Eye, a newly formed Section 21 company of Cape Town artists, and the event has received sponsorship from the National Arts Council, so some funding is available for accepted proposals.

Deadline for proposals is Monday, September 13.
Email proposals to Andrew Putter at, phone (021) 685 6319 or Sue Williamson at, phone (021) 462 2095, fax (021) 461 5863.


I'm organising an exhibition for later this year which will be called "out of print" and will consist of magazines - mainly cultural which will trace the history of SA literature, etc.

If anyone has any contributions, input to make or advice to impart - please contact me!

Anna Varney
Bill Ainslie Gallery

Postal Add: Postnet Suit 136, Private Bag X2600, Houghton
Physical Add: 59 Natal St, Bellevue East
Fax: (011) 648 7996
Tel: (011) 487 2112
Cell: (083) 2696 917

POST-IT 4085

The Durban Art Gallery invites you to submit an original artwork on a postcard for their last exhibition to be held before the millennium. The postcards can be made in any medium but must conform to the standard postal size. The cards will all be auctioned for the acquisition budget of the Durban Art Gallery. An exhibition of postcards will be held in December 1999 preceeding the auction.

Why? The Durban Art Gallery has no acquisition budget and this is the most crucial time in South Africa's history with the transition to a new democracy. The inability to purchase works has had an impact on local, emerging artists. The Friends of the Durban Art Gallery have taken this initiative to mobilise the international artistic community to assist in this worthy cause. Join in this challenging project and assist South Africa's art community.


Prints are acceptable but edition must not exceed 5.
All cards must be postmarked
Copy right for publicity purposes is given to the Durban Art Gallery i.e. reproduction on website, printed media, T.V. etc. (If artist does not wish to give this a signed declaration stating this should be enclosed)
All proceeds from auction will be used for the purchase of acquisitions for the Durban Art Gallery.
All postcards should bear the artist's name, address & contact nos.

Send postcards from now - the final date for submission is 1st November 1999 (postcards may be sent on this date but should not bear a later postmark)

Post-it to:
Post-it Durban Art Gallery
P.O. Box 4085

Enquiries: Carol Brown - Director
Tel: 31-27-3006230


A South African artist who lives and works in Cape Town is offering other artists a unique experience of South African art and culture. The offer is open to students and professionals alike. You might like to take up residence here if you are working on a particular project.

You would be accommodated in a house with all the necessary comforts. An old Victorian house, that was originally a student house, has been refurbished to cater for overseas visitors. Fully furnished double or single rooms are available. You can stay as long as you like, and our exchange rate makes your accommodation very affordable. It will cost you the equivalent of �50 per week, or �40 pounds self-catering. There are many good restaurants, bars and a supermarket within walking distance of the house. Justin, who owns the house, is also a great chef and prepares delicious food.
Transportation to and from airports, studios and galleries can be made available. The house is centrally situated and convenient for rail commuting into Cape Town central.

This offer allows an unusual experience of art and culture in Cape Town, and may be of special interest to people producing work for an exhibition here.

Contact Justin at +27-21-447-8105
Postal / Street address:
2 Lynton Road
Observatory 7925
Cape Town
South Africa


Hi, My name is Anagha Neelakantan and I work for a company called Oxygen Media ( in New York, which is a women-oriented internet start-up. The project I work on is a site called "womenshands" which will be launched in February 2000. Basically we're looking to retail high-quality utilitarian crafts made by women around the world. We're looking for a lot of crafts that are rooted in "ethnic traditions", but at the same time we're also looking for cutting edge, late 20th century design from women.

The site is underpinned by an emphasis on not separating the artisan from the product. We're as interested in telling the artisan's story as we are in selling her product. We are also trying to work as much as possible with non-profit and fair trade organizations that work to empower women artisans.

The site will also feature short essays on various aspects of the regions from which the artisans hail, such as literature, music, food, landscape and so forth. We have a lot of products from South Africa, and we're on the lookout for interesting young South African women to write for us. It would be very worthwhile to have someone write one of those "what it's like to live in XXX, SA, at this point in time" pieces. It would be great to have an up-and-coming writer do it. Recommendations for other possible essays would also be most welcome. We are, of course, paying our writers. At the moment, I'm trying to build a small database of possible writers and possible subjects, and I'd greatly appreciate any help you could give me.

Thank you very much indeed for your time. Please feel free to email me or 'phone if you have any questions.

From: Anagha Neelakantan, womenshands, a project of Oxygen Media, Inc.
Tel: 212 651-5154




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