Archive: Issue No. 25, September 1999

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Zayd Minty Malcolm Payne and Sjoerd at inecaf chatting at the conference on 19th Sept.


Isle Chin organiser of ON(E)LINE in foreground with Sebastian Lopez the director of the Gate Foundation in background.


Sjoerd owner of Intec and digital whiz.


Zayd Minty at the controls


Robert Weinek co-ordinator of Public Eye and South African Host of ON(E)LINE conference on realplayer

On(e)line in Amsterdam

On September 19 between 4 p.m. and 7.p.m. S.A.Time (3 p.m. to 6 p.m. GMT) click on to to witness the online discussions and exchange of visual material between the world wide participants in On(e)line. The actual venue in South Africa is the InteCaf in Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town, and it is from here that curators Robert Weinek and Zayd Minty and artist Malcolm Payne will be answering questions and chatting to all the other countries. Technical support will be provided by Sjoerd, Johnny and Allen.Observers are welcome. On(e)Line is a part of the 17th World Wide Video Festival, and has been developed in co-operation with the "Digital City" in Amsterdam. The presentation in that city will be hosted by the Gate Foundation, in their galleries on the Keizersgracht. There, visitors can browse through six computers with work by artists from each of the centres. South African artists whose work will be shown are Robin Rhode and Minnette Vari.

The emphasis of On(e)line is on globalisation and the regional in the art and culture of Zimbabwe, South Africa, Indonesia, Chile, Costa Rica, the U.K. and the Netherlands. In recent years, attempts are made within the art world to seriously open up towards other cultures. The Internet is one of the new tools in the exchange of knowledge and thoughts and images. The participating centres in On(e)lin are independent art institutes or artists initiatives, that are closely involved in the region and add considerable contributions to the discussions and developments in international contemporary visual art.

Participants to On(e)Line:
Gate Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Margret Wibmer, Ademir Arapovic, Debra Solomon
Delta Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe: David Brazier, Berry Bickle, Chas Maviyane, Luis Basto
Cemeti Art Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Heri Dono, Bintang Hanggono, Pius Sigit Kuncoro
Public Eye, Cape Town, South Africa: Minnette Vari, Robin Rhode, Zayd Minty, Robert Weinek, Malcolm Payne

Virtual Presentation from 15 till 29 September.

Website address:

Cultural exchange and dialogues from 15 till 18 September
15 September 4pm -6pm (GMT): Gate Foundation - InIVA
16 September 4pm - 6pm (GMT): Public Eye - Delta Gallery
17 September 1pm - 3pm (GMT): Cemeti Art Foundation
18 September 5pm - 7pm (GMT): Museo de Arte y Dise´┐Żo Contemporáneo

Video Conference 19 September from 3pm to 6pm (GMT)
The Conference will take place from 3pm to 6pm (GMT) with each of the centres in this project.




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