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Adrian Hermanides

Cuntish questions

Cuntish questions 2010, printed poster, 200 x 300 cm

Self Portrait as a woman in a black Sash (Mrs A. Bolton)

Self Portrait as a woman in a black Sash (Mrs A. Bolton) 2007, single drop of ink on paper, 29 x 21 cm

Prosthesis II

Prosthesis II 2010, stretched vinyl, 55 x 50 cm

Judith Oscillation 2

Judith Oscillation 2 2010, photograph, 45 x 30 cm

Current Review(s)

'Judith Oscillations'

Adrian Hermanides at KZNSA Gallery

Adrian Hermanide's exhibition 'Judith Oscillations', currently on show at the KZNSA, flirts with the sublime and the banal. The sublime wins hands down, funnily enough, which may or may not irk this young South African artist currently resident in Berlin.

Hermanides' mother suffers from an abberation in her brain waves, and the resulting condition is referred to as an essential tremor. Rooted in the electromagnetic systems of the brain, the disorder manifests as an uncontrollable shaking of the head, hands, arms, and tongue. The body of work entitled 'Judith Oscillations', of which this show represents a fragment, explores the altered consciousness of the artist's mother. But this is not a conventional documentation of her condition. Instead, Hermanides explores her altered states conceptually. The bulk of the show takes place in the KZNSA's Park Gallery with several other pieces dotted around the larger gallery space.

The Park Gallery work includes two grainy black and white photographs of the artist taken by his mother. The photographs, which are nudes, present Hermanides' body as femine, his male genitals tucked away (or at least that is the presumption). The construction of these images, supplemented by the supplied information that his mother took the photographs, is resonantly strange and much of Hermanides work on display here exists in the liminal space of slight transgression. The pieces Prosthesis I-V offer a visual example of this. Hermanides has stretched some found vinyl over frames. The vinyl has perforations in its surface, like that of a vinyl plaster (and much '70s furniture), suggesting some essence of medicarna or hospitalia, and is repeated in layers over the frame. The overlapping perforations play tricks with one's vision, disturbing the spatial arrangements within the brain and suggesting the essential fragility of our minds. On one of the canvases, a tear at the edges invites meaning and narrative but I'm sure it's just a tear in the found vinyl. These minimalist arrangements echo avant garde art history but have a delicate beauty to them that is entirely their own.

26 January 2010 - 20 February 2010


'Judith Oscillations'

Adrian Hermanides at KZNSA Gallery

Adrian Hermanides presents 'Judith Oscillations', a body of work consisting of prints, photographs, sculptures and text inspired by an aberration in his mother’s brain waves known as an essential tremor, and which manifests as an uncontrollable shake of the head, hands, arms, and tongue. Rooted in the electromagnetic systems of the brain, this tremor oscillates in the range known as the 'twilight state'  which we normally only experience fleetingly upon waking, or drifting off to sleep. Hermanides uses this unusual wave formation as a metaphor to connect such diverse phenomena as rastafarianism, El nino, interference deformations, gender indentity, subjectivity and otherness.

26 January 2010 - 20 February 2010