Fay Jackson


FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY! Rhodes Fine Art Graduate Exhibitions.

Fay Jackson, Lucy Stuart-Clark, Lulu Seanego, Mark Farmer, Bronwyn Salton, Jennifer Bam and Stephanie Hull at Rhodes University, School of Fine Art

Rhodes University final year B.Fine Art students of 2009 graduate exhibitions open for viewing at 5pm on Friday 20 November.

Taking the form of a gallery walkabout this vibrant event will commence at the Art School Gallery in Somerset Street and then visit exhibition venues nearby.

This is the first time that the Fine Art Department is showcasing the graduate submissions in their entirety thereby maintaining the integrity of the work, along with the resonance of exhibition sites and site-specific installation spaces.  The graduating students have worked across a range of media.  While some have chosen to master traditional studio practices such as drawing, painting and etching others have opted to push boundaries by working with unusual materials, subject matter or final location. 

The work explores a diversity of subjects including crime and violence, scarred and sustainable landscapes, mediated domestic interiors, contested urban space, and ever present security and surveillance.  

The exhibiting students are Kelly Hull, Lulu Seanego, Mark Farmer, Colin Groenewald, Sarah Gilbert, Stephanie Hull, Michelle Mountain, Amy Darlow, Carmen Koekemoer, Claire Zinn, Fay Jackson, Genna Chorn, Heather Roth, Heidi Salzwedel, Jennifer Bam, Rachel Baasch, Cassey Delissen, Emma Honiball, Lucy Stuart-Clark, Bronwyn Salton and Alex van Besouw.

The showing is accompanied by a catalogue of the student submissions.

20 November 2009 - 20 November 2009