Marlise Keith


Elysian Fields

Rat Western, Liezel Prins, Colleen Alborough, Marlise Keith, Nicholas Hales and Katharine Jacobs at UCA Gallery

Elysian Fields as a term and concept has its roots in Greek Mythology and refers to the section of the underworld that is the final resting place of souls of the heroic, virtuous or mortals related to the gods. It is drawn from the Greek word Elysium. Elysium refers to the designation place of a person struck to death by lightning, thought to be struck by the gods and therefore implying the person’s soul as blessed.

Elysian Fields has continually been morphed into its contemporary environment, yet however many times its context has changed, it always supposes a plane of paradise and immortality where death is not tasted. Art shares the same possibility of immortality and when inspired, the artists mind, produces a residue of that distilled moment of the Elysian Field.

The show approaches the artist’s starting point, the moment of inspiration, as the Elysian Fields. A group show, Elysian Fields seeks to define or capture that divine field of an artist’s initial movement or area of contemplation. Participating artists include Nicholas Hales, Katharine Jacobs, Liezel Prins and Marlise Keith.

26 August 2009 - 18 September 2009