Riaan Vosloo


'Gauge', 'The Birds', 'Storietyd' and 'Other Works Other'

Riaan Vosloo, Barend de Wet, Desrae Saacks, Janice Rabie, Vernon Williams, Wessel Snyman, Christian Nerf and Andre Serfontein at AVA

Four painters from Spencer Street Studios, Janice Rabie, Desrae Saacks, Andre Serfontein and Vernon Williams occupy the Main gallery along with ‘Gauge’, an exhibition of selected works by Julia Teale.  Wessel Snyman exhibits ‘The Birds’, an installation of paper birds made from ATM slips suspended on mass from the gallery ceiling.  Riaan Vosloo exhibits ‘Storietyd’ in the Artstrip, a simplification of the urban environment.  Christian Nerf and Barend de Wet exhibit artwork from their ongoing collaboration in the New Media Room. The artists have swapped identities and have been experimenting with each other's signatures since 2003, to an extent which ‘may never be known.’

06 July 2009 - 24 July 2009