Terry Kurgan

Left Detail: De boys from Sheikh Anti-Diop, Right Detail: Untitled (waits)

Left Detail: De boys from Sheikh Anti-Diop, Right Detail: Untitled (waits) 2013, 2011, Digital print, Charcoal, pencil on Fabriano paper primed with rabbit-skin glue and gouache,


'Public Art/Private Lives'

Terry Kurgan at Gallery AOP

'Terry Kurgan's solo exhibition, 'Public Art/Private Lives', is an act of reflection, and of re-looking at aspects of a career's work to date. An endeavor to rearticulate through revised collation and reconsidered pairing some key bodies of her work that continue to speak, both intimately and more overtly, to themes that have defined her interests and creative practice over many years.'

'In this review exhibition, Kurgan reassembles older bodies of work in relation to new ones, and the more 'public' images of her practice are explored against her own archive of private or intimate reflections on self and family. The process reveals striking parallels in her work across these divides - not simply at a formal level of composition and staging, or in their echoing aesthetics, but in how the space between public and private can so easily blur, and the questions of family or public find their confluence in how they resonate at the level of being human.' (Extracts from an essay by Tracy Murinik for the brochure accompanying the exhibition)

The opening of the exhibition will coincide with the launch of Hotel Yeoville, the book on Terry Kurgan's participatory public art project, published by Fourthwall Books

The exhibition will be opened by photographer Jo Ractliffe, and Bronwyn-Law Viljoen, editor and co-founder of Fourthwall Books, will talk about the book project.

A conversation between Terry Kurgan and Sarah Nuttall will take place on Saturday 2 March at 12:00 at GALLERY AOP. (Sarah Nuttall is Professor of Literary and Cultural Studies and Director of WISER at the University of the Witwatersrand).

21 February 2013 - 23 March 2013

Public lectures: 'Checking in to Hotel Yeoville' and 'Tales of the Metric System'

Alex Dodd, Terry Kurgan and Imraan Coovadia at AVA

Terry Kurgan and Alex Dodd’s highly visual presentation 'Checking in to Hotel Yeoville' begins by looking at contemporary South African representations of alienation (including Rian Malan’s essay collection, Resident Alien, and Neil Blomkamp’s science fiction blockbuster film, District 9); reflect on the making of Hotel Yeoville as a collaboration with a hybrid mix of professionals from across the African continent and the globe; and conclude with a quest that seeks to “establish bonds of care across boundaries”.
Imraan Coovadia's reading from his forthcoming novel 'Tales of the Metric System' (to be published by Umuzi in 2015) will provide a special insight into the unfolding of the novelist’s working method and explore, in literary form, the theme of how friendships are formed across borders that exist in the mind and the body.

24 May 2014 - 24 May 2014