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Chris Swift
SunStar, . Various views of the work .

SunStar and Sunglasses

By Chad Rossouw on 04 December

Michael Elion and Chris Swift almost broke FaceBook this month. Between ‘SunStar’ and ‘Perceiving Freedom’, the conversations about public art, public space, corporate interests, funding, aesthetics, censorship and the city flooded into most people’s social media. If you haven’t been following closely, there are articles here, here and here. I would also highly encourage you to read the petition t...


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  • Monologue: 1.648 Untitled

    Okay. Stop right there. I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking that I am a turd on a canvas. But you are wrong. I’m 1.648 Untitled. I’m a Zander Blom, made by his own hand. Step a little closer. You see this weave. This is Belgian linen. I b


  • Cape Town's Art of Short Sightedness

    Public art in South Africa is a contested notion. It is, of course, contested everywhere to a greater or lesser extent. In some countries, policy frameworks have been established – the same cannot be said of South Africa since the end of aparth


  • Brett Murray by Brett Murray (Jacana, 2014)

    The black and white poster for Brett Murray’s first solo exhibition ‘Satirical Sculptures’ in Johannesburg, held at the Market Theatre Gallery in 1989 and long a fixture on my bedroom walls afterwards: presented a sculpture of a pol


  • Whose whose Michael Taylor and Dana Shutz

    Michael Taylor also does paintings and also Dana Schutz does paintings as well. These are them. 


  • Artists Studios Gerda Scheepers

    Born in Tzaneen, schooled in Dusseldorf, Gerda Scheepers now lives and works between Cape Town and Berlin. Her next exhibition will be at blank projects opening on the 30 October 2014.


  • Whose whose: Georgina Gratrix & Paul Housley

    To my mind Georgina Gratrix and Paul Housley are two of the best and most entertaining painters working today. Their work contains some stark similarities with their multi-ocular figures - which seem to intimate at a visually obsessed society - and t


  • Whose whose: Jared Ginsburg & Urs Fischer

    Urs Fischer and Jared Ginsburg are distortionists, enlarging, twisting and severing out of shape the human form. Although working in their own distinctive media their interests and modes have at times a interesting cross-over. Whimsically grotesque


  • At Play in the Fields of the Lord

    In an era when many artists project a posture of insouciance and self-absorption, and where monitoring market share trumps critical engagement with social issues, a creative soul who is tightly integrated into his community and actively wrestles with


  • Whose whose: Chad Rossouw & Matthew Benedict

    Chad Rossouw and Matthew Benedict's work operate on very similar aesthetic and intellectual levels. Both artists are interested in the representation of history and how its aesthetics both inform and rub against contemporary visual culture. Benedict'


  • The Dakar Biennale 2014

    At the Global Black Consciousness conference in the Hotel Soukhamon, Dakar, the philosopher Souleymane Bachir Diagne concluded his paper by quoting poet Aimé Césaire: 'at the end of individual singularity…' he suggested, 'at the end of difference, is


  • Michael Smith in conversation with Teresa Lizamore and Paul Bayliss

    The gallery scene is in a constant state of flux, especially in Johannesburg, where the savvy curators and ‘ideas-people’ seek to capitalise on the growing appetite for contemporary art. I spoke to two gallerists at different points on their career t


  • Redebating the Spear: A review of 'Spearheading Debate' by Steven C. Dubin

    'Jacob Zuma is not to be trifled with. He is wily, strategic, scheming and, most importantly, he is acutely aware that he must preserve and protect himself at all times.' This was Justice Malala’s verdict on why Kgalema Motlanthe failed in his attemp


  • Obituary: Pam Warne

      Pam Warne made a remarkable contribution to arts and culture in South Africa and more specifically to her chosen field of photography and new media. Over 36 years in the museum profession, she participated actively in the transformation of local m


  • Artist's Studios: Dan Halter

    Dan Halter is a Cape Town-based artist with a studio in the city bowl. Hailing from Zimbabwe his work is deeply influenced by notions of displacement. His use of the 'Zimbabwe' or 'refugee' bag in his work is a recurring motif.  Next up for Halter is


  • Thomas Heatherwick and the new MOCAA

    The huge international reputation of British designer Thomas Heatherwick lent a particular edge of excitement to the recent unveiling of his architectural plans for the new Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfro


  • The Cape Town Art Fair's curator Andrew Lamprecht talks to ArtThrob

    Our editor Matthew Blackman, in the week of the Cape Town Art Fair, catches up with curator and academic Andrew Lamprecht.  Lamprecht, who amongst many other things is a lecturer at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, is the curator of this year's


  • Okwui Enwezor talks with our editor Matthew Blackman about the exhibition 'Rise and Fall of Apartheid'

    World-renowned curator Okwui Enwezor talks to our editor about the exhibition he curated with Rory Bester, ‘Rise and Fall of Apartheid: Photography and the Bureaucracy of Everyday Life’, which is now showing at Museum Africa in Newtown Johannesburg.


  • Representing Mandela

    The image of Nelson Mandela is arguably one of the most reproduced, painted, muralled and t-shirted in the world. As numerous commentators have said recently in the wake of his illness and death, in an increasingly secular local society, Mandela has


  • The Best Event of 2013 - Jo Ractliffe's The Borderlands

    ArtThrob's staff have been asked to reflect on the most interesting event of 2013. This is the deputy editor Chad Rossouw's choice: Photography is good at recording traces, but it is more tricky to imbue those traces with a sense of their origin, h


  • The Best Event of 2013 - The 2014 Cape Town Art Fair

    ArtThrob's staff have been asked to reflect on the most interesting event of 2013.  This is the managing editor Matthew Blackman's choice: The novelist Damon Galgut, in an essay on Cape Town, imagined the city without the mountain. It would be a ci


  • We Have Lost an Artist

    It's common practice at the turn of the year to contemplate the past 12 months in review, and having spent last Sunday afternoon at the memorial for Unathi Sigenu, I found myself reflecting on those who have left us in this time - and on what it mean


  • The Best Event of 2013 - Sue Williamson Chooses Two

    ArtThrob's staff have been asked to reflect on the most interesting event of 2013.  These are founding editor Sue Williamson's choices:


  • The Best Event of 2013 - The Sale of Tretchikoff's Chinese Girl

    ArtThrob's staff have been asked to reflect on the most interesting event of 2013.  This is copy editor Amy Halliday's choice: When Tretchikoff’s Chinese Girl went on exhibition at Bonhams in London prior to auction, a cabaret singer and u


  • Art Born Free of Politics?

    An edited version of the article was originally published in the Weekend Argus Making predictions is a fruitless exercise; even economists who are paid to do it are, rather predictably, bad at it. But after walking through the Michaelis School of Fi


  • Artist's Studios: Rowan Smith

    Rowan Smith is a Cape Town-based artist with a studio in the light industrial area of Paarden Eiland, just outside the city. Smith has recently returned from doing a Masters at CalArts in the States. Look out for his show early next year at Whatifthe


  • Trouble With T-shirts: Mkhize and the art of Manoeuvring

    Is it even worth talking about KwaZulu-Natal’s ANC Provincial spokesperson Senzo Mkhize’s idiotic pronouncements on the occasion of Westville Boys’ High art students exhibiting satirical, culture-jamming-style t-shirts at a market i


  • The Concept of Criticism in the Dark

    Here I am trying to reply to the plastic sword duel between Gerhard Schoeman’s 'The Concept of Criticism at Twilight' and Chad Rossouw’s 'The Concept of Criticism at Breaking Dawn'. In our era of lamentable sexual freedoms, what could go


  • Artists' Studios: Jake Aikman

    Jake Aikman is a Cape Town based artist with a studio on the outskirts of the city center. His most recent exhibition, At the Quiet Limit, took place at SMAC Gallery in 2013. Art Throb: When did you move into your studio? Jake Aikman: 3 years ago. A


  • Obituary: Arthur C. Danto

    Arthur C. Danto, perhaps the most important philosopher of art of the last fifty years, died on Friday at the age of 89.  Danto was for many years a professor of philosophy at Columbia University in New York and an art critic for The Nation. His


  • Minister Mashatile's 'Teapot' Will Not Save Us!

    An edited version of this article originally appeared in the Weekend Argus.During the Cuban missile crisis President Kennedy was sent two contradictory telegrams from Moscow.  One stated that a solution could be negotiated, the other that, if Kennedy


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