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Artist's Studios: Dan Halter

By ArtThrob on 19 March

Dan Halter's Studio

Dan Halter
Dan Halter's Studio, 2014. Photograph

Dan Halter is a Cape Town-based artist with a studio in the city bowl. Hailing from Zimbabwe his work is deeply influenced by notions of displacement. His use of the 'Zimbabwe' or 'refugee' bag in his work is a recurring motif.  Next up for Halter is a residency in Turin.

ArtThrob: When did you move into your studio?

Dan Halter: I moved here in June last year.

AT: In what way have you changed it since you arrived?

DH: I had the walls and floor repainted which were covered in paint from the previous tenant (Georgina). And also put in blinds because it gets a lot of sun, and tables to work on.

AT: What is its best feature?

DH: The location has to be the best thing about it. It's just over the road from my apartment.

AT: What is the most utilized non-art object in it?

DH: The stereo.

AT: How many hours a day on average to you spend in it?

DH: 6,5 hours.

AT: If you had to share it, who would you want to share it with?

I would like to share it with my previous studio mates from Atlantic House, I miss them, but it's too small. Unfortunately the distance to Atlantic House in Maitland lost out to my current position.

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