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Ed Young
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1sr Floor, B Wing See Strasse 395 Zurich


Hours: Tuesday - Friday 14.00 - 17.00


Ed Young and Others at AiR Studios Rote Fabrik

Ever wondered why certain artists make it onto exhibitions and some don't? 

Special Ed and Friends Only explores ways in which the artworld functions - through personal relations, networks, friendships, special interests and the like. Illustrative of this, curator Olga Stefan invited close friends to participate and by means of social networking, auctioned off a spot to an artist that made the strongest proposal for friendship. The winner’s identity is not revealed. 

In addition to this, the curator’s relationship to artist-in-residence, Ed Young, is based on a mutual interest to expand professional networks. Just in time for Christmas, the commodification of relationships within the artworld is placed in discussion through a playful yet realistic process. 

Join us on Thursday, December 19, 19-22 for the vernissage and drink with us. 

Navid Tschopp will be doing a live portrait drawing session for his ongoing Facebook project. http://www.navid.ch/archive.html

It's B.Y.O.F. - Bring your own friends. 

Featuring Cat Tuong Nguyen, Navid Tschopp, Pascal Häusermann, Susanne Sauter, Ed Young, and Zama Kubu.

Opening hours:
Friday, 12-18
Saturday, Family Fun Day, 12-18

19 December 2013 - 21 December 2013