Common Task (Mali)

Pawel Althamer
Common Task (Mali), Film still ,


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Neill Blomkamp and Various Artists at Arnolfini

'Superpower: Africa in Science Fiction' surveys the recent tendency for artists and filmmakers to apply the forms and concerns of science fiction to narratives situated in the African continent. It considers the complex undercurrents for this occurrence in art today, and posits other and possible realities existing simultaneously, via careful re-orientations of tense; elevating the need for vigilance towards the present and future over a concern for the past.

Africa has had a rare yet distinct place in popular science-fiction, from the opening scenes of Stanley Kubrick's iconic 2001: A Space Odyssey, depicting the mysterious appearance of a black monolith in the cradle of civilization, to the recent success of Neill Blomkamp's debut movie District 9, a multi-layered allegory on South Africa's recent internal and external tensions. Imagining a new space-time to the typical 'third worldist' representations of the African continent, caught in a perpetual state of crisis, the works in Superpower project an alternative landscape of possibilities.

05 May 2012 - 01 July 2012