Bank Gallery

untitled (folly in failing)

Vaughn Sadie
untitled (folly in failing), metal tripod, theodolite stand, 40 w clear incandescent lamp, 7 w compact golf ball globe w/wht and 10m of 0.5 mmsq x 2 co black twin flex , dimensions variable


217 Florida Road, Morningside


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Ledelle Moe at Bank Gallery

'Erosion' is a solo show by US-based South African artist Ledelle Moe. The exhibition consists of a single colossal figure constructed from concrete and steel and represents an element in Moe’s ongoing 'Erosion' series. Inspired in part by her recent study of graveyard statuary, the work is a sculptural enquiry into what the artist calls the 'inflated and deflated' nature of the human form. In critiquing the monumental, Moe's work resonates with excesses of capitalism, in the process redefining what it is to be heroic.

11 June 2009 - 11 July 2009

Vaughn Sadie at Bank Gallery

Vaughn Sadie presents a show of works that explore how light determines our social reality.

23 April 2009 - 28 May 2009