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William Kentridge
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Phillip Miller and William Kentridge at Cape Town City Hall

From 26 to 27 February 2015 the Cape Town City Hall auditorium will become the backdrop to the South African premiere of William Kentridge’s multimedia performance 'Refuse The Hour'.

Described as “an aesthetic and philosophical stage dream” this engrossing performance allows the viewer to experience Kentridge’s art, thinking and process in a singular, evocative way.

He interweaves an astonishing range of visual and sound languages into an engrossing 80-minute performance with a discourse from the artist himself at its centre. The chamber opera is a multi-layered experience that includes dance, performed and choreographed by Dada Masilo, an original score by Philip Miller, video by Catherine Meyburgh, mechanical sculptures, vocal performance and narration.

The artist delivers a narrative that begins with the ancient Greek myth of Perseus and ends with Einstein amidst a Dadaist pandemonium of sounds and images. An international cast of twelve including dancers, musicians, performers and vocalists accompany him on his journey to the limits of science, ontology and cosmology, combining performance, theatre, opera, contemporary dance, visual installations and video projections in an evocative and unforgettable experience.

'Refuse the Hour' is a theatrical accompaniment to a 5-channel video installation, 'The Refusal of Time' (made in collaboration with Philip Miller, Catherine Meyburgh and Peter Galison), presented by the Goodman Gallery at the Iziko National Gallery in Cape Town from February to June 2015.

26 February 2015 - 27 February 2015

Various Participants at Cape Town City Hall

From 30 October – 10 December 2014, the African Centre for Cities (ACC), in collaboration with the City of Cape Town and various partners, will mount a wide- ranging exhibition on the very soul of Cape Town and South African cities in general. This exhibition will offer Cape Town residents and visitors a penetrating insight into the challenges and possibilities facing South African cities; dynamics that echo in cities across the world as they contemplate their purpose in this urban century. This is a first of its kind exhibition ever put up on any African city.

The exhibition is titled ‘City Desired’. The title cues the inescapable contradictions and tensions that typify Cape Town (and most South African cities) dominating the form and dynamics of the city’s built environment. Poor residents are confined to mono-class residential areas labelled townships and informal settlements. Lower middle-class suburbs have de-racialised to a considerable extent but this is less evident in upper middle-class areas. Residential divisions are further mirrored in the education and health systems whereby the middle-classes can afford to buy excellent services whereas the poor are forced to rely on over-stretched and under-resourced public systems, further reproducing the class, race and cultural divides of the city.

Yet, there are so much more to Cape Town and other South African cities than just a story of inequity and divisions. Across all walks of life and places of residence and work, ordinary people are getting on with the business of life, love and aspiration. Even though it impossible to ignore the blatant divides in the city, most routine interactions are characterized by openness, generosity, goodwill, humour, and a willingness to experience new ways of being together in the city. In this we see a shared desire for an alternate future. This desire is most actively activated with regard to the prospects of children as parents invest every possible penny into attaining quality education; but it is also evident in the investment residents make into other attachments – be they religious, communal or familial, cultural or institutional. There is also a genuine interest in how they can access and activate the city.

Confronting and using the tension between what divides people and the shared desire for alternatives is at the heart of the exhibition. The city’s story will be unveiled through well- crafted biographical narratives that offer powerful insights into the minutia of daily life, points of convergence and interaction. Mapping and visualisation will allow the participant to contextualize the narratives while other mediums that include photography, video, and tactile models will be utilised to make this learning journey as compelling and moving as possible.

Leading up to the exhibition, a variety of creative projects will be undertaken. Three ‘Density Syndicates’ hosted by ACC and theInternational New Town Institute (INTI) to tackle the issue of density, exploring the viability of audacious and grounded visions for how we can re-think settlement and neighbourhoods in Cape Town. Another initiative is an interactive programme titled ‘Serious Fun’ to engage different age groups through various form of play in exploring what they think about their neighbourhoods and how they can be transformed to resemble their desires for the future. In these ways, the formal exhibition will be animated with the desires of residents who are willing to act on hope and activism.

30 October 2014 - 10 December 2014

Various Participants at Cape Town City Hall

What are the different forms of public art and what does it mean to bring these into being? These are some of the questions the 2013 Ways To Do Public Art exhibition hosted by the City of Cape Town in partnership with the Visual Arts Network of South Africa at the Cape Town City Hall hopes to answer.

The exhibition runs from 17 June to 6 July, 10h00 – 17h00 daily (except Sundays) and showcases emerging trends in creative work in the public realm from across the country. The exhibition, coupled with a public programme of events, aims to provide a meaningful and innovative context for public discussion and debate regarding the future of public art practice and policy in both Cape Town and the country more generally. The event opens on 15 June at 18h00.

The Mayco Member for the Directorate of Tourism Events and Marketing, Grant Pascoe says: “The City of Cape Town is proud to host this important exhibition and dialogue forum. We are committed to public art and creative expression in the city. World Design Capital 2014 will, in addition, bring many opportunities for beautifying our city. For this reason, the City is embarking on the development of a Public Art Regulatory Framework (PARF) which will create an enabling environment for public art promotion.”

While the project will feature work developed through VANSA’s Two Thousand and Ten Reasons To Live in a Small Town project, this exhibition also includes parallel work being done by other individuals and organisations that seek to extend the parameters for public arts; experimenting with new forms of process and outcomes that can change the way people think about the role of art in public life. The public programme of workshops and discussions running alongside the exhibition will bring together citizens, artists, curators, urban planners, architects, development practitioners and public officials. In addition public art professionals from around the country will share experience and lessons learnt in engaging with policies and practice around the commissioning of public art through local government. This dialogue will be fed into discussions on the development of the Public Art Regulatory Framework being developed by the City of Cape Town.

The project has been commissioned by the City of Cape Town from the Visual Arts Network of South Africa, working in collaboration with the Durban-based creative collective dala, the African Centre for Cities (University of Cape Town), the Contemporary Art Development Trust (Cape Town). 

The Public Programme:

Exhibition Open
17 June - 6 July 2013, 6pm, Cape Town City Hall, 2nd Floor.

Details: Go here.

Africa Centre for Cities Walkabout and Seminar on Public Culture/Practice
18th of June 2013, 15h00 – 16h30

Details: Go here.

Public Panel Discussion: Public Art meet the Public
22nd June 2013, 13h00 Cape Town City Hall, 2nd Floor

Details: Go here. 




17 June 2013 - 02 July 2013

Various Participants at Cape Town City Hall

The City of Cape Town’s Arts and Culture Department, in collaboration with Rhodes University will host a series of female empowerment exhibitions and workshops which coincide with the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children. The programmes will run from 4 to 6 December 2012 at the City Hall, Darling Street Cape Town.
The 'My Body, My Choice', is an exhibition highlighting a women’s autonomy and their right to choose. The exhibition creates a space where women can respond to the victim-blaming, secondary victimisation and social stigma they face when they speak out about the violence they have experienced.
The message of 'My Body, My Choice' is that women are more than just the sum of their parts and their autonomy and choice is not diminished by what they wear, or do not wear. Nobody has control over your body except for you. Your body, your choice.

Exhibition Opens: 6.30

To book for seminars/workshops, please RSVP to Nikita Campbell:

04 December 2012 - 06 December 2012

Various Participants at Cape Town City Hall

Toffie Pop Culture Festival is three day event that includes exhibitions, workshops, presentations and partying. Curated by Peet Pienaar’s design agency The President and hosted in both Cape Town and Buenos Aires, this annual event returns with talks and presentations by twenty four talented South African creatives including Andrew Putter, Brandt Botes, Frauke Stegmann, Francois Burger, Tumi Molekane and more, as well as a selection of international guests such as Argentinean filmmaker Javier Lourenco and designer Michael Spahr, an artist, filmmaker and storyteller from Switzerland.

The festival will also include daily boxing matches and “inspiration tables” by Kobus van der Merwe, Dokter & Misses, David West, Barend de Wet, Sangoma & Photon Foundation, Iziko Museums and more. A Word Of Art features “Adidas Originals Exhibition” with live painting by Boamistura. Food, beer and music also feature in a comprehensive line up. Programme available at:

24 March 2011 - 26 March 2011