Durban University of Technology Art Gallery

I am Lonely

Hedwig Du Toit
I am Lonely, lightjet print on photographic paper , 60 x 85cm


51 Mansfield (Steve Biko) Road 1st Floor Cecil Renuad Theatre Steve Biko Campus


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Hedwig Du Toit at Durban University of Technology Art Gallery


Hedwig du Toit’s exhibition 'Expose' forms part of the artist’s studio practice from the past year. The works prompt a complex consideration of memory, secrecy and confession; what is hidden and revealed; what is remembered and what is imagined. 

The artist requested fellow peers to anonymously post personal secrets into a box, with the intention of constructing a photograph, which sought to visually represent every secret that was received. Du Toit explains the challenging and complex nature of constructing such representation, ‘The process was complex and often several versions of each secret were produced before I arrived at what I believed was an appropriate image, both in terms of the tone and content of the secret shared, and what emerged as a strong image in its own right’.


The exhibition will be travelling to Potchefstroom Museum as part of the Aardklop festival in early October 2011.

15 September 2011 - 30 September 2011