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Moshekwa Langa
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Moshekwa Langa at Kunsthalle Bern

Not confined to one particular medium, Langa's work consists of gouaches, collages, photographs, expansive installations, and videos. They all reference the larger worlds of art, politics, and popular culture: just like Langa layers diverse materials, he piles up meanings and references that are often cryptic and ambivalent, yet resonant. With his drawings and gouaches, he demonstrates his definition of creativity as the freedom to make links, the freedom to connect heterogeneous elements. Using methods of abstract expression, free association and stream of consciousness, the artist allows work to be created, as it were. The viewing experience of Moshekwa Langa's untranslatable visualisations is sensuous and seductive.

The project Moshekwa Langa developed for Kunsthalle Bern deals with loss. It features reworked drawings, gouaches and collages originally created in South Africa. The works on exhibition are suffused with memories of Langa's loved ones and they index the experience and subsequent coming to terms with an accident — they are manifestations of 'Trauerarbeit', to use Freud's term. 

05 February 2011 - 27 March 2011