Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo

Pan's Opticon Studies (detail)

Robin Rhode
Pan's Opticon Studies (detail), Gravure , 54 x 78 cm


Bankplassen 4 Oslo, Norway


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Penny Siopis, Robin Rhode and William Kentridge at Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo

Rather than exhibiting drawings in a classical sense, the exhibition 'Prism', curated by Gavin Jantjes, presents drawings as understood and defined by a select group of important contemporary artists. The discipline has expanded and evolved over the past two decades and currently includes several creative forms of expression that were previously not defined as drawing.

The exhibition’s name, 'Prism', evokes a tool that enables a variety of approaches, akin to how a glass prism disperses light into a multicoloured spectrum. In order for drawing and its new forms and variants to survive as an autonomous art form, it is essential that we take a closer look at the ongoing experimentation.

The exhibition features everything from digital drawings to drawing as performance, from sculptural paperwork to pictures made with needlework on fabric. We are also presented with works that reveal a more conceptual approach to the medium: What is a drawing? And what is a copy of a drawing? Or what is reality, and what is a representation of reality? The artists thereby problematise and experiment with different levels and aspects of the age-old discipline.

02 March 2012 - 05 August 2012