SMAC Art Gallery 02

Schwartz Gallery

You say one, I say forty. Everyone is happy

Carla Busuttil
You say one, I say forty. Everyone is happy, oil on canvas ,


White Post Quay, 92 White Post Lane, London, E9 5EN

Hours: Fri-Sun 12pm-5pm (during exhibitions)


Unknown Artist at Schwartz Gallery

'Between my Finger and my Thumb' is a group show of 15 artists curated by curatorial collective kobetsvasey at Schwartz Gallery, London. This exhibition explores ideas of curatorial responsibility. kobetsvasey use the submitted works as instructions to produce an intervention into the gallery space. This intervention is intended to simultaneously present the show as an autonomous installation whilst also retaining the singularity of each individual piece.

Artists include South African painting’s bright young thing, Carla Busuttil as well as Alan Stanners, Ben Cove, Camilla Wills, Laura White, Laura Zilionyte and Ocean Mims amongst others.

10 July 2009 - 02 August 2009