The Concourse, Park Station

1000 Drawings Jozi, Park Station

1000 Drawings Jozi, Park Station, ,


Corner of Rissik and De Villiers Streets, Johannesburg.



Unknown Artist at The Concourse, Park Station

The Johannesburg annual 1000 Drawings exhibition takes place this year in the Park Station Concourse. Drawings by artists, designers, bothe professional and amateur, will be sold for R100 each to raise money for For the Princess Alice Adoption Centre and Paballo Ya Batho, a homeless care organisation that operates in the inner city. The event is for one night only and begins at 6pm.

There will be a live "doodle battle" between designers and design collectives including Legion, Team Uncool, Joh Del, Johnny Neon, Infiltrate (Jason Bronkhorst), Maja, Steven Tu, Chinxx, Murderface and Bison.

To top it all off there is an impressive line-up of DJs and bands including The Death Valley Blues Band, Ms Buttons, Tidal Waves and The Rambling Bones.

26 November 2009 - 26 November 2009