Out of The Cube

UCA Gallery

The Blues 08

Ricky Burnett
The Blues 08, Mixed media , 65 x 50 cm

SEE LISTING Winner Takes All

Richard Chauke
Winner Takes All, Polyhromed Jacaranda wood ,

SEE LISTING Light, Virtual Reality, the Atom and Chakra, series no4

Nicholas Hales
Light, Virtual Reality, the Atom and Chakra, series no4, acrylic tempera and silkscreen on gesha on wood , 37 x 50 cm

SEE LISTING Voight-Kampff

Exhibition Invitation
Voight-Kampff, group exhibtion ,




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Various Artists at UCA Gallery

UCA gallery presents a fresh young line up for their end of year summer show, introducing new work by Bronwyn Lace, Colleen Alborough, Lauren Palte, Liezel Prins, Michael Taylor, Rat Western, Ricky Burnett, Trasi Henen, Vaughn Sadie and Wonder.


14 December 2009 - 30 January 2010

Greg Streak, Ricky Burnett, Trasi Henen, Bronwyn Lace and Righard Kapp at UCA Gallery

Linking together a group of artists, this exhibition explores notions of emptiness within emotional, psychological and physical spaces. The work on show is definitively minimalist in character, and is positioned as a reaction to the production of artwork with superfluous and often meaningless content. It includes installation, wall pieces and a once-off sound-art performance by Righard Kapp starting at 7pm on the opening night.

18 November 2009 - 12 December 2009

Alan Taylor, Gavin Younge, Maria van Rooyen, Wayne Barker, Lauren Palte, Charles Maggs, Richard Chauke and Catherine Ocholla at UCA Gallery

The word ‘history’ is sometimes broken into the terms history(n) and history(e) by historical theorists to differentiate history as a written narrative and history as an unfolding series of events. This exhibition will explore how artists construct the story of history through their art, frequently, but not always, drawing on archives and sources. Artists on the show include Wayne Barker, Richard Chauke, Charles Maggs, Catherine Ocholla, Lauren Palte, Alan Taylor, Maria van Rooyen and Gavin Younge.

The show is curated by Andrew Lamprecht, who lectures in Fine Art at University of Cape Town

23 September 2009 - 16 October 2009

Rat Western, Liezel Prins, Colleen Alborough, Marlise Keith, Nicholas Hales and Katharine Jacobs at UCA Gallery

Elysian Fields as a term and concept has its roots in Greek Mythology and refers to the section of the underworld that is the final resting place of souls of the heroic, virtuous or mortals related to the gods. It is drawn from the Greek word Elysium. Elysium refers to the designation place of a person struck to death by lightning, thought to be struck by the gods and therefore implying the person’s soul as blessed.

Elysian Fields has continually been morphed into its contemporary environment, yet however many times its context has changed, it always supposes a plane of paradise and immortality where death is not tasted. Art shares the same possibility of immortality and when inspired, the artists mind, produces a residue of that distilled moment of the Elysian Field.

The show approaches the artist’s starting point, the moment of inspiration, as the Elysian Fields. A group show, Elysian Fields seeks to define or capture that divine field of an artist’s initial movement or area of contemplation. Participating artists include Nicholas Hales, Katharine Jacobs, Liezel Prins and Marlise Keith.

26 August 2009 - 18 September 2009

David Scadden, Linda Stupart, Shani Nel, Andrew Lamprecht, Justin Allart, Niklas Wittenberg and Catherine Ocholla at UCA Gallery

Philip K. Dick introduced the Voight-Kampff[ii] Empathy Test to the environs of post-World War Terminus in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (the book behind Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner). The test would measure involuntary responses in subjects (blushing, respiration, eye tension) to emotionally evocative questions to detect whether they were human or android. Curatorially, Catherine Ocholla has opted to explore the concept behind the test (real/fake; fantasy/fiction; empathy; violence or its potential, etc.) through a selection of works in various media that use visual cues that ‘normally’ elicit certain kinds of reactions. From butterflies to bullets, seeming opposites masquerade and provoke new responses or narratives from the viewer, some expected and easily conveyed and some less so.

Participating artists include Shani Nel, David Scadden, Justin Allart, Niklas Wittenberg, Catherine Ocholla, Linda Stupart and Andrew Lamprecht

29 July 2009 - 21 August 2009