University of Johannesburg Art Gallery

2014 UJ FADA Exhibition

Various Artists
2014 UJ FADA Exhibition, Invitation ,

SEE LISTING God's away on business

Steven Bosch
God's away on business, Photographic print ,

SEE LISTING King of Fools

Christiaan Diedericks
King of Fools, mixed media drawing , 138 x 162cm

SEE LISTING Wearing where you are

Rina Stutzer
Wearing where you are, oil and patina on canvas ,

SEE LISTING House 38: Hazardous Objects

Jacki McInnes and John Hodgkiss
House 38: Hazardous Objects, digital photographs and beaten lead ,


Corner of Kingsway and University Roads, Auckland Park, Johannesburg


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Various Artists at University of Johannesburg Art Gallery

Join the UJ Department of Graphic design for the 2014 UJ FADA Exhibition and 2014 Prize-giving for top students. View work from all four years, specifically the graduating Third year and Honours classes of 2014
FADA Building, 1 Bunting Road, University of Johannesburg

25 November 2014 - 05 December 2014

Various Artists at University of Johannesburg Art Gallery

UJ Arts and Culture presents an exhibition entitled 'Tom Waits for No Man …' curated by Gordon Froud and with works by more than 100 South African artists that pays homage to one of the great visual storytellers of our time.

American singer, songwriter, composer and actor, Thomas Alan Waits (1949 - ), has been a major inspiration to artists, musicians, poets, writers and thinkers for more than four decades and his work still sets the bar for great writing that serves as a rich source of  imagery. Waits launched his career and persona in 1973 with the release of Closing Time; and a 2011 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, 24 albums (including his most recent Bad As Me album) and countless characters later, he is still making us smile, cry and sing along to his songs.

Following on the success of the Leonard Cohen altarpiece exhibition, entitled 'Altered Pieces' that travelled the country and 2011 and 2012, Froud decided to extend his curative activities in the direction of the life and lyrics of this acclaimed songwriter, poet and musician. Artists have worked on LP sized disks or circular format to produce a remarkable variety of works.

08 May 2013 - 29 May 2013

Christiaan Diedericks at University of Johannesburg Art Gallery

Christiaan Diedericks’s new show ‘Balancing Heaven and Earth’ takes in influences as disparate as painter Francis Bacon, writer Robert A. Johnston and the groundbreaking films of Dali and Bunuel. His latest body of mixed media drawings and paintings concerns itself with ‘the almost erotic territory of majestic sacrifice and sacrament', touching on the ongoing war in Iraq, atrocities in Sudan and the public hangings of gay men in Arab countries. A walkabout with the artist will be held on Saturday 10 September.

07 September 2011 - 28 September 2011

Rina Stutzer and Angus Taylor at University of Johannesburg Art Gallery

Well-known South African sculptor, Angus Taylor, and painter, Rina Stutzer, deconstruct postmodern concerns and delve into aspects of this philosophy in their quest for answers to complex questions. This artist couple will present their first serious collaborative exhibition, which includes installations, sculpture and paintings at the UJ Art Gallery during July 2011.

The title of their most recent collaborative exhibition - 'Dislodge (Loswikkel)' - refers to a purposeful shifting from the safe haven of that which is known, and the need to escape from the stagnant to the uncomfortable head space where revitalisation can occur.

06 July 2011 - 27 July 2011

Various Artists at University of Johannesburg Art Gallery

'Ecotopian States' is a group exhibition curated by Jacki McInnes and featuring established and emerging artists working to the theme of the degradation of the environment. Exhibiting artists include Willem Boshoff, Strydom van der Merwe, Maja Marx, Marcus Neustetter, Marco Cianfanelli, Jacki McInnes and John Hodgkiss, Mario Marischella and Marianne Halter, and Lee-At Meyerov.

Visit the website www.ecotopianstates.net for exhibition information and updates.

08 September 2010 - 29 September 2010