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The Ache of Marriage

Matthew Hindley
The Ache of Marriage, Oil on Linen , 300 x 200 cm

SEE LISTING Hippocampus

Beth Armstrong
Hippocampus, Wire ,


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Matthew Hindley at iArt Gallery

In An Everlasting Once, Hindley continues his ongoing meditation on the studio as testing ground for a potential creative utopia or, on the other hand, the breakdown of such ideals. Subject matter for the paintings is gathered via a series of shoots, for which Hindley directs scenes much like in the theater, creating tableaus of people, animals and props.

The title of the exhibition refers to Hindley’s desire to capture what Cartier-Bresson has described as the ‘defining moment’ - a moment frozen in time. Lloyd Pollack, in his recent essay on the exhibition suggests that Hindley’s work “is not just a return to figuration [but] something far deeper and more profound, a new concept of painting as a synthesis of photography, cinema, theatre and performance deployed in discontinuous and fragmented narratives.”

23 February 2011 - 23 March 2011

Beth Armstrong at iArt Gallery

The word 'hippocampus' is the scientific name for a seahorse. It is also the name of a brain structure responsible for human beings' capacity to create cognitive maps of space. Although existing in space, Armstrong's welded wire sculptures resist a stable visual and conceptual representation and suggest ideas of other spaces, in between spaces, non-spaces and dream spaces. Beginning with the precarious image of a man-sized seahorse and growing out of the two denotations of the word, the works suggest some possibilities, instabilities and limitations inherent in representation and visual perception.

28 April 2010 - 22 May 2010