No 1. August 1997
On show now at the
Cape Town Castle:


Achtung! Cabra!
Attention! Goats!

Artist: Gavin Younge
Medium: Vellum, linen thread


Artist: Fernando Alvim
Mixed Media


Welcome to the first issue of Artthrob, the only internet magazine devoted to contemporary visual art in South Africa. At the end of the millennium, artists here and all over the world are challenging museum professionals and the public alike to reformulate their expectations of the 'art experience'. It's not that painting or sculpture as techniques are outmoded, or ever will be, but just that art today is so much more all-encompassing than the old narrow categories. Contemporary artists are working more closely than ever with their own life experiences, and the materials they use can be anything that comes to hand.

Check Artthrob each month for a chosen selection of images from the most cutting-edge shows, occasional project pages by invited artists, extracts from reviews, reports on artists and their work, listings of upcoming gallery events and stimulating netsites to visit world wide, news of South Africans exhibiting internationally, and the airing of contentious issues. Each month's pages will be archived, so you can go back and visit past months.

The internet is about the sharing of information, and if you are interested in contemporary art, we hope you will make this your site, too, and pass on anything about art you feel should be piped into cyberspace. E-mail us your responses, news, views. The most interesting of these submissions will appear next month. So, let's go!
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