Untitled - The Family Bath

Michael Goldberg
Untitled - The
Family Bath
Mixed media
Ht: 200cm
Collection: Johannesburg
Art Gallery


From: Michael Goldberg

Subject: Greetings from Australia

Hi Sue

What a great surprise to find this site!

Actually, I'd contacted ZA@Play and Sophie Perryer recommended ArtThrob.

It seems that many light/heavy years have passed since I boarded the 747 and flew off into what I was convinced would be my last African sunset. Now after 10 years in Australia I'm really craving to make contact with some old comrades again. Strange though, after contacting Irwin Manoim (Electronic Mail & Guardian), it was suggested that not too many of my "contemporaries" were still around! Where have they gone, I wonder...?

Congratulations on your extremely welcome and very good site. I'll be scanning it regularly from now on, although it's quite alienating not recognising the names of many of the artists I am looking at. GREAT work though.

I'm in the initial phases of trying to bring some SA work to Sydney in the near future, so perhaps I might prevail upon your advice at some stage... and perhaps let you know what I'm doing down here...

All the best

Michael Goldberg

- Michael Goldberg was a leading artist in South Africa in the 1970s and 80s, and was director of the Market Art Gallery.


From: Mark Giles, Atlanta Journal & Constitution

Subject: Nice site

Hi Sue

I just had a look around your site. Beautiful pages. You don't know me, but Paul Jorgensen is a close as family. My daughter calls him "uncle Paul" and I've been responsible for the One People web site. Anyway, enough rambling. This is just a note to congratulate you on a really great web site and we look forward to getting the One People site back up and linked to you soon. At the moment we are redesigning the site from scratch, so this morning I was looking around for inspiration.

We'll let you know as soon as the site is back up, which may well be this weekend. Paul and Charity are negotiating today with an internet provider.


Mark Giles

- Paul and Charity recently made a trip through South Africa interviewing artists for a future CD-Rom. We look forward to linking to the One People site as soon as it is up.

  From: Jennie Gunnarsen, Copenhagen

Subject: Subscription

I am interested in a subscription to ArtThrob starting as soon as possible. Please send me information about subscription rates.

- ArtThrob exists only on the internet, and as such is free to all who connect.


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