Archive: Issue No. 103, March 2006

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Bridget Baker

Bridget Baker
The Maiden Perfect 2005
Lambda print. 180 X 180 cm


Pablo Picasso

Woman in an armchair, 22 July 1938
Pen and India ink on pencil strokes. 27 x 20
Musée Picasso, Paris


Lola Frost

Lola Frost
Inscribed in Rhetoric
Oil on canvas
Collection: Durban Art Gallery



   [02.03.06] Bridget Baker at João Ferreira Gallery
Bridget Baker's wordily titled 'But being a sensible woman, she subdued her terrors and turned over and went to sleep again' at João Ferreira features large scale photographs examining, amongst other things, the enduring role of woman as victim in contemporary film and storytelling. Linda Stupart concludes that 'Baker has created multifaceted personae and a witty narrative using the props of nostalgic cinema without falling into the trap of being too cool to be meaningful.'

   [02.03.06] Pieter Hugo at Michael Stevenson Contemporary
Fresh from his 2006 World Press Photo portrait prize, Pieter Hugo shows 'Presence' at Michael Stevenson. Linda Stupart finds that although she is torn between her own fascination with the exotic, the unknown and the brutally masculine and 'photographers' blatant exoticising and romanticising of the black African citizen and his traditions', she is in no doubt that she is in the presence of a world class photographer.

   [02.03.06] Michael Taylor at the US Gallery and Jeanne Hoffman at blank projects
Adrienne van Eeden reviews shows by Michael Taylor and Jeanne Hoffman, both of whom have recently completed their Master's in Illustration at the University of Stellenosch. The shows, she argues, both offer a challenge to conventional illustrative narrative, but also an alternative to our often compartmentalised understanding of artworks.

   [07.03.06] Lauren Palte at the Rust en Vrede Gallery
Student Renszske Scholtz reviews Lauren Palte's show, 'When I grow up', finding a series of paintings which expose 'the fictions and fractures that exist within the treasured family album and its white picket ideals of childhood'.


   [02.03.06] 'Picasso and Africa' at the Standard Bank Gallery
'Picasso and Africa' opens at the Stanard Bank Gallery. The show, Michael Smith argues, cements the the reputation of Picasso as the first great artist of the 20th Century, contextualising his appropriation of African forms and artefacts with a selection of just such objects, staging the debate on African soil. The only flaw in the curatorial process here, he claims, is a sidestepping of the ethics of Picasso's adoption of African conventions for his own ends.


   [02.03.06] 'Never Again' at the Durban Art Gallery
Francesca Verga reviews 'Never Again' at the Durban Art Gallery. This large exhibition, which includes works from a number of private and public collections, celebrates Diakonia's 30th anniversary and documents a broad range of artists' campaigns for democracy and equality in South Africa.